Conquering the Immoral Addiction of Pornography

Tackling the issue of porn addiction is a serious business because if not taken charge of, it spirals quickly out of control. Resolution to overcome pornography addiction requires a plan of action.

Success depends on the elimination of the addiction and its effects completely. It requires deleting and destroying the complete pornographic cache, which includes computer files, pictures, games, emails and videos. It also means getting rid of movies, pornographic videos, DVDs and books, and all other materials related to porn. A porn addict can also get a good filter or an ISP that completely blocks all sites related to pornography to overcome and handle the challenge of porn addiction.

All kinds of addictions flourish in the dark, be it lust, sex or masturbation addiction. To break the habit, a porn addict needs to move his computer or television in an area where his activities are under the scrutiny of a family member. This can impose limitation on the addict’s temptation to view porn materials and will give him the opportunity to resist temptation. Additionally, disclosing his secret to someone and having an accountability partner can be of great assistance. Having someone checking up on his actions like his spouse whom he should report to daily will gradually break his habit.

Therapists have recommended that the addict give the responsible person a large sum of money that should be returned back in 100 days if the addict is able to battle against his addiction otherwise this large sum will be donated to charity. Usually, this acts as a great stimulant in overcoming pornography addiction.