Overcoming Pornography

How Family Guidance Prevents Pornography Addiction

There are many individuals who get to become the best that they could be with the help of their family. One’s family plays a vital role in ensuring that they get the support they need to get through the challenges that life throw at them, especially at a young age. But not all people are blessed with the chance of having a family that can provide them with what they need. Some are not even blessed with a family at all. This is one of the reasons why most people go astray.

If you get into a conversation with these people who end up wasting their lives with nonsense, you will find out that majority of them would use the reason of “not having a family” to justify their current situation. But this is one misconception that they all have in common. When we say “family,” it does not only mean father, mother, brother, sister, and/or grandparents. If you look into the true definition of family, you will find out that these are a group of individuals that support, accept, and love you for who you are. This definition is not only limited to your kin. This could even be your neighbor or friend who is always concerned about your whereabouts. Even your teacher or the school janitor can be your family. You simply have to see past the surface of how a family is being defined.

Taking our focus into people who have drowned in pornographic activities to take away their minds from the inadequacies that they are experiencing in terms of having a descent family, you will see that they simply took for granted the individuals who could have been their family. If you look at prostitutes, sons who masturbate often when they don’t feel the love of their mother, and sex maniacs who unleash their longing on to their unaware victims; you will see that beyond their experiences, there were people who were willing to lend a hand. There were actually people who could have stood up and be their family. They simply did not see them in that manner.

Porn Addiction Fact Sheet

Porn addiction and nicotine addiction are two of the most common addictions we face today. The consequences of substance abuse are widely discussed in different circles, but porn and masturbation addiction is still a sensitive issue, mainly because talking about sex, porn and masturbation is a little bit more sensitive and is considered taboo in many societies.

Availability of pornographic material on the internet is the major reason for the increase of porn addicts around the globe. Recent studies have shown that around 12% of all websites are actually related to pornography and out of these only 3% require age verification. Accessibility of pornographic material, gives way to porn addiction.

Porn addiction is more common among men than women. Stats say that 1 in every 3 porn addict is a woman. So, this is an issue that has stirred both genders although men are more likely to be involved. 70% of American men between the ages of 18 and 24 years visit porn websites at least once a month.

Porn addiction is also becoming very common with teens. Different studies have shown that young boys and girls start watching porn in their teenage years. 11 years is the average age during which a child in America starts watching porn online. Of all the porn users, 10% acknowledged that they cannot help but watch porn. On the contrary, the actual percentage of porn addicts is likely to be very high because many people are unaware of the signs of porn addiction. Porn addiction is a serious issue and it must be tackled from the root to get long lasting results.

Reasons to Quit Pornography

Everyone knows that lust can turn harmful but the question that is most frequently asked by chronic porn addicts is: why is porn so bad? Here are the top 4 reasons that dictate why pornography is a bad thing and how it can ruin your practical as well as social life.

The Ultimate Freedom Plan for Porn Addicts

Achieving freedom from pornography addiction is one of the best things you can give yourself. Having pornography addition does not only destroy your future but your life as well. If you are suffering from pornography addiction or someone you know is, it would be time for you to immediately stop.

First of all, you might want to make a plan. Your freedom plan would be your guide. A step-by-step process you can follow to become free from porn. Researching and informing yourself about pornography, as well as its pros and cons can also be very helpful. This will help you choose the right decisions to be on your way to freedom. Second, you might want to ask for professional help.

There are also many guides and books available on the internet for people who are suffering from pornography addiction. These materials will point you to the right direction in overcoming porn addiction. However, you might want to choose the right program that fits you. It should also be relatively easy to follow. There is no point in following a program that you cannot even understand. It would be best to follow a program that you can manage on your own with little or no supervision at all. Lastly, you might want to open up to your family and loved ones. It is better for you to be open-minded and share your experiences with pornography rather than hide them. This will give you the motivation and clarity of mind to conquer your problems. Best of all, the people you love can offer their support and love to help you overcome porn addiction.

Symptoms of Compulsive Sex Addiction

Highly prevalent in our society, sex addiction can be described as a compulsive disorder that is characterized by excessive sexual thoughts or acts. These acts can be classified into three categories: shameful, illegal and abusive. Like all addictions, sex addiction also has a harmful effect on all those connected with the sex addict, especially the spouse or significant other.

A few known symptoms of sex addiction are:

Manifest your Hidden Talents and Give Up on Immorality

Overcoming your porn addiction is a task that takes sheer effort and lots of time. For some people, surmounting over their failings is quite effortless, and for some, changing the desires of the heart is the hardest and full of intricate challenges. The time that will elapse before you are able to overcome your obsession will depend on the intensity and stage that your addiction has progressed to.

To replace your previous routine with a new one, it is essential that you discover novel and innovative ideas to keep yourself occupied, because an empty mind is a devil’s workshop. You can join a gym class and start a rigid exercise program that will keep your mind off pornography and also benefit your physical and mental health. Boredom will not possess you, and it is also a perfect way to keep indolence from affecting your brain.

Keep away from the internet as much as possible, and if your job doesn’t permit you to do that then instead of spending all your time viewing porn, you can invest your mental capability and utilize your talent in doing something creative like making a blog or a productive website.

If the correct methods are employed, success is guaranteed to come your way. All you need to do is persist in your resolution, and instead of giving in to your weakness and getting discouraged, pick yourself up quickly every time you fall prey to temptation. That is the only way you will be able to gain resistance.

Dad’s Change Yourself for the Better!

Self-change is one of the best things you can do if you want to know how to stop porn on your own. Even with all the help and guidance of other people, they will never really matter to us if we do not accept them and change on our own. It will all just be neglected and forgotten. However, if we are motivated enough and up to the task, we can change our life for the better and stop our porn cravings single-handedly. One more thing we can do alone is to educate ourselves more about pornography. With the availability of many medical and health books, as well as the internet, we will certainly be informed well about all the pros and cons that pornography can bring to us.

Information is the key to success and it is certainly true for stopping porn individually. Another thing you can do on your own is to be positive minded and optimistic enough that you can totally recover from your addiction. Shy away from negative thoughts and negative influences to ensure your quick recovery. This will be a great help to stop pornography as you will have lesser doubts on yourself.

Freeing yourself from pornography materials is also a good thing to do. If you can stop watching, reading, and thinking of porn then you are certainly on the right track. The only problem now is for you to go on life without ever entwining yourself with any pornography materials down the road again. All of these can be done individually, which is very innovative. Quitting and stopping porn can be done all by individually with the right attitude and positive outlook.

Stop Porn By Avoiding Triggers And Teasers

Imagine yourself trying your best to stop porn addiction. You have limited the use of internet. You have deleted every bit of pornographic material from your personal computer. It has been two weeks that you literally have been disconnected from every form of porn and now all of a sudden while watching a Hollywood movie, a romantic scene turns out to be quite erotic. You suddenly feel all the memories associated with pornographic material that you have watched over last few years spring back into your mind. This is the time when you are most likely to relapse into the older state of pornography addiction.

Such teasers that can put oil to the already burning fire in your mind can be disastrous in your quest of getting rid of pornography addiction. It doesn’t matter whether these are small bits of erotic film scenes or an accidental gaze on a partially dressed girl; you have to show adequate determination and emotional maturity to make sure that you are not failing in ridding yourself of pornography addiction.

The other most common cause of relapses in treatment of pornography addiction is a trigger. The most common triggers include feeling lonely, depressed and anxious. So if you are alone in your room at around midnight during tough times in your academic career, you may try to justify reverting back into watching pornography by saying that it will be helpful in relieving your stress. But the truth is that the pornography will always drop you into a deeper ditch with the emotional excitement and satisfaction it provides. If you really want to get rid of pornography addiction, it’s best to avoid these triggers and teasers for good.

The Factors Of Overcoming Pornography Revealed

Men, more so than women, are often the more common culprits when it comes to pornography. For men overcoming pornography is more problematic rather than for women who are less sexually active than men. Nowadays, most men from the younger generations through the old have been more victimized by pornography. This is because of the high sexual activities of men that are influenced by various adult magazines as well as adult movies that have surfaced in the past years.

Pornography is very bad for everyone’s health as well as state of mind. These pornographic problems might escalate and in time become the source of vices and even bad deeds. Nevertheless, it is a great struggle to rid ourselves of any pornographic lust when we have created a long term habit of it. There are certain factors that solve the problems we have with pornography. These are just easy and simple steps that can definitely change our lives for the better.

One would be to change our daily habits by becoming more proactive in doing good things. Another factor can be hanging out with the right crowd being influenced with righteous things rather than watching and thinking of pornographic movies all day long. Most of all, we need to give ourselves the chance to come closer to God and be guided by his ways. With this, we can certainly live a happier and healthier life away from the bad instances that we can have with pornography indeed. This will be the right start for us to overcome any problems we have with pornography.

Why pornography is not good for marriage

All throughout history, marriages have been broken. Most are destroyed by adultery or concubinage, some are devastated by wars or plagues, while others are separated by death, family issues or cultural problems. Today, marriage has a new enemy: Pornography. And this enemy can easily and deceivingly destroy a couple’s relationship.

When a husband uses pornographic materials, he exposes himself to misleading ideas that porn will instill into his mind. Example is the notion that women, like her wife, is always ready and hungry for sex. This is not true. Women are biologically wired to have various changing moods, especially when it comes to sexual intercourse. The husband will also think that women like to do what porn actresses do: extreme sex positions, exaggerated oral sex, loud false whining, etc. So when he goes to bed with his wife, he will expect her to be as hardcore and as dirty as the women in porn. Unfortunately, most wives are not. Soon the husband will compare his wife’s actual performance to the unreal ones in porn. And sometimes, physical comparisons are included. Of course, the women in porn will always have the edge during physical comparison because real women age. They gain weight, their skin wrinkles and their curves go out of proportion. On the other hand, women in porn videos or magazines will look the same, no matter how many times you watch them over and over again. These misconceptions will result into dissatisfaction. And husbands who are not sexually satisfied with their wives tend to find satisfaction outside of marriage. This is where the real danger starts. This is the stepping stone to the destruction of a sacred bond that is never meant to be broken.

Marriage is a long, difficult journey accompanied with challenging hardships, financial problems, emotional arguments and earthly temptations like pornography. Spouses should make sure they can overcome all these elements of marriage.