Overcoming Pornography

How to Put an End to Pornography

Today the media and the Internet have gone all the way to promote sexuality to such extent that the pornography poison is devouring more and more people every day. It is very easy for people to fall in the snare of pornography but fleeing away from it is no straightforward job as most people have no intention to break the porn chain in their hearts.

The action movies displaying seductive heroines on the arms of a suave action hero creates a tempting scene in the minds of men today. They find it impossible to resist the temptation of the skin and are unable from stopping themselves. Breaking the pornography addiction is not an individual’s job but also societies. Everyone is responsible for keeping this sin under control.

Teens need to be educated about abusive and offensive impacts of pornography addiction. Early religious studies need to be instilled in homes and schools to instruct children on the moral and ethical issues facing the world today. Prayers should be pronounced daily at homes and family values inculcated. At a very early stage children should be taught importance of human respect and the difference between man and animal.

Those who have already fallen under the pornography curse can rectify their sins by participating in social events, helping the poor and needy, giving moral support to rape victims and going beyond the human level to understand the purpose for which the God created man. Interacting more with pornography addicts who are trying to recover is also a healthy way to mutually come to terms with the curse and coming ahead towards a better and purer future.

Treatment for Sexual Addiction

Sexual addicts wishing to get rid of their persistent behavioral problem can embark on sexual addiction counseling to help them. Sexual addiction treatment is not a light matter and never an easy one, but if the addict is equipped with the will power and motivation to succeed then the treatment program will not pose any obstacle to him.

A sexual addiction treatment therapy can be conducted in two ways. It can either be individual counseling or group counseling. At first, a patient may be usually very hesitant to discuss his private problem with a therapist, but if he undertakes individual counseling he is provided with complete privacy to voice out his problems, worries, and urges. This is very helpful for the patient to realize the root cause and the reasons that trigger this obsessive behavior in him. The therapist will also suggest certain helpful pointers to try out in the first few days to control the addiction little by little.

All addictions are usually long term until the addict does not seek specialized therapy to help him rise over his addiction. Group counseling involves therapy sessions in groups where each individual is allowed to share his story and experiences with other addicts. These sessions can be eye opening and provide great relief as the patient suddenly feels that he is not the only one in the world facing this problem. He can see others facing the same predicament he has been facing and this can uplift his spirits. He feels supported in his aim and can help others get rid of their addiction as well.

After suggesting some pointers, the counselor helps the patient by devising a long-term battle plan for him. This plan strategizes on the most effective ways to fight any obstacle that comes his way. The counselor also helps the patient to remain persistently focused in his goal and also carry out follow-up therapies to assure that the patient is following the right track even after sessions of sexual addiction treatment have been completed.

The Powerful Grip of Porn Addiction

Millions of people around the world have a pornography addiction they all hide. This addiction, unlike any other addiction, corresponds to a person having a secret life dominated by masturbation habits and pornography viewing.

Research and studies show that porn addiction has some similarities when compared to cocaine and alcohol abuse. This is due to the fact that it can affect our control of our body physically and mentally. A person who has pornography addiction does not have the utmost control over this problem. This addiction can be very hard to overcome and very stressful.

Most of the time, people who have this addiction develop depression that can certainly cause stress in all aspects of their lives. This addiction can be a contributing factor into a person’s downfall and breakdown rendering him or her hopeless. Pornography is really a very powerful vice to overcome, which will need a lot of time and determination to find a solution to.

If ever you or someone you know has this problem, it will certainly be very helpful to start finding the solution to this problem. If you do not change for the better at the soonest time, this addiction will certainly affect your life, your relationships, and mostly everything you do from this moment on. There is nothing more important than living a life that is filled with happiness and laughter with the people you love. It can be very rewarding to have a pornography addiction-free life, rather than having an addiction that can destroy everything you have worked hard for. A person who can overcome the struggles of pornography addiction will certainly be one of the happiest people alive.

How to Overcome Pornography Effectively

Pornography has become viral in almost every part of the world. Many people have become dependent on pornography and are trying to get rid of this habit. Unfortunately, getting rid of pornography addiction has never been easy. A significant number of people who once get addicted to pornography eventually revert back to their old habit. Overcoming pornography demands strong determination and proper planning. Moreover, the selection of right methods of overcoming pornography addiction is as important as the will power.

The top 4 methods of overcoming pornography addiction include:

1. Deleting all pornographic materials from your system and eliminating access to porn. With the help of certain filtering software and peer monitoring you can virtually eliminate porn from your life.

2. Replace porn with better activities. Starting a new hobby, doing exercise, playing games and keeping yourself busy in other healthy activities will stop you from watching porn.

3. Most of the people who are addicted to porn watch it at night. The simple solution to this problem is to make a habit to sleep early. This will act in a dual way to relieve your stress. When porn will be eliminated from your life, you will find yourself more comfortable and stress free.

4. Spend time with your family. Porn addiction usually results in emotional parting with your family members. Once you have decided to quit porn, your family should stay up in on your priority chart. After having a tiring day at work, try to spend some good time with your family.

Understanding Porn Addiction

Porn addiction is defined as the abuse of pornography to the extent that it interferes with the sufferer’s life. As yet, it has not been included in the DSM (the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) as an official mental disorder but recent studies are in the works to have it included because several of its symptoms are quite like those of any other mental addiction.

A pioneer in sex addiction research named Dr. Patrick Carnes, was able to come up with the 4 core beliefs that are common in addicts. Here are the 4 core beliefs that porn addicts may think to themselves:

1. Porn addicts often believe that they are terrible people with deep feelings of low self worth.

2. They believe that they are not deserving of love.

3. They believe that they will never get their needs met when they depend on others.

4. They believe that sex is their most important need.

Due to these beliefs, they resort to pornography and sex to relieve these deep feelings of low self worth and isolation. They seek solace in pornography to deal with these feelings.

It’s been found that porn addiction often begins in childhood. Children who grow up as porn addicts are often raised in dysfunctional families such as those raised by authoritarian parents who provide little warmth, those suffering from emotional abuse, or those abandoned at a young age.

Knowing these core beliefs and causes can help many porn addicts understand why they behave the way they do so that they can seek ways to improve it.

Porn Addiction and Ways To Deal With It

Porn addiction, just like substance abuse, requires expert help for proper management. It can be of many types but broadly it can be classified as online and non-online. Non-online porn addiction is usually limited to adult book stores and strip clubs and is considered to have deeper social effects than online porn addiction. Online porn addiction is purely based on anonymous accessibility to internet porn and is directly proportional to the time spent on the internet. This type of porn addiction is associated with less severe side effects like excessive masturbation and disturbed sleep hours.

Recovering from porn addiction is totally dependant on honesty and determination. The willpower to get rid oneself of self-embarrassment and the feeling of guilt is the main driving force for it. Porn addiction can be a really tough thing to alleviate. This is why it is recommended to find the help of professional organizations and systematized informational content. Many a time, a psychologist or a friend can be of equal help in the process of recovering from porn addiction. Many countries have some special sexual recovery centers that treat people according to the severity and nature of the porn and the psychological stage and age of the porn addict.

Recovering from porn addiction is not an overnight process. Just like any addiction that develops gradually, porn addiction is alleviated slowly and gradually. This is why many scientists believe that recovering from porn addiction is basically changing your whole lifestyle and even the replacing some of the people around you with those who can facilitate an active and healthy lifestyle.

Reasons to Stop Watching Porn

Pornography is something everyone giggles a little about. Let’s be real! It’s a reality that almost everyone has experienced one way or another. However, pornography becomes a big deal when you make it a big deal. An addiction to pornography is clearly unhealthy. Like all addictions, a porn addiction will destroy you if left at that. Addictions work in a downward spiral. Once you start, there is no other direction you will go but down. Think of it like this: when you spend all your time and lots of effort just to see porn, won’t that put strains on your life somehow? The answer is yes!

As a grown man, watching porn raises both eyebrows and questions. At this juncture, your priorities should revolve around your family, your job, and probably even hobbies like sports or something. Not watching pornography! There’s something about wasting time-and not to mention money-on self-serving things like pornography. Times are hard now, no one can deny that. Everyone’s focus should be on getting some food on the table.

Don’t be disheartened though! Actually, stay positive. There is no point in beating this obsession when you start it half-heartedly. Since you spend so much time on getting your porn, and since you have already tried stopping before, you know how much effort and willpower you need to stop this addiction. Check out the communities online who support each other like an Alcoholics Anonymous for porn. Don’t be shy; you’ve done much worse things online.

Symptoms and Behavioral Problems of a Sex Addict

Sexual addiction is a destructive form of addiction where the victim is continually bothered by sexual images and thoughts and uses sex as a means to console himself from other troublesome issues, which they do not have the willingness to face. Sexual addiction drives out all other means of interest from the person’s life and consumes his entire thoughts towards it. The addict is entrapped in thoughts of intercourse or masturbation all day long and this greatly disrupts his work and lifestyle.

This addiction gives immense pleasure in the beginning, but the person is guilt-ridden and ashamed after committing it. The addict is always miserable, ashamed and a feeling of emptiness seems to engulf him. He feels a perpetual desire to delve into sexual activity or sex no matter the consequences. His priorities shift to only anything related to his sexual longings and urges, and he tends to put all his relationships at jeopardy. The addict is unable to stop acting on his compulsions and has repeated failures.

Sex addiction devours the life of an addict completely. Indulging in sexual relationships with multiple partners puts him at a daringly high risk of AIDS and HIV. Sexual addiction is interlinked with other mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. A sexual addict never experiences the happiness of small occasions and simple things. It is a bitter sweet experience for him, which is very enjoyable at first but never seems to satisfy his sexual drive. Sexual addiction can be nerve wracking and tormenting as it is usually hidden from the family members and is mortifying because the addict is forced to keep this skeletons in the closet.

How to Tell If You’re Addicted to Porn

With the advent of internet in the last three decades, the accessibility of porn has become a lot easier. This is one of the main reasons that a good percentage of the teenage population and adults are addicted to porn these days. Porn addiction is something whose level can be assessed though. Actually scientists have done plenty of research on pornography and on people who are addicted to porn. They have come up with some sure signs of porn addiction that include:

1. Acting out sexually without bothering about results of such acts. Many incidents of sexual abuse are just consequence of porn addiction.

2. Relapsing back to porn after quitting it. This means that you are addicted to porn and this is a sure sign of that.

3. Sacrificing important social, occupational and familial life activities. If you feel that you are disconnected with your family and unable to work according to your abilities at your workplace, then you can blame nothing but your habit of watching porn.

4. Taking grave measures to satisfy your sexual desires. People who are addicted to porn may watch porn or act out sexually even when all family members are at home.

5. Having a persistent feeling of guilt, disgrace and of being worthless. If you are addicted to porn you might experience an invariable violation of your religious or social value system that will ultimately grow a sensation of shame and guilt.

The Negative Beliefs Created by Pornography

When you begin to rest your life on something unacceptable and unorthodox such as porn, the way you see things begins to change. Your priorities and responsibilities change. You begin to grow expectations that are based on the wrong principles of life. Imagine that you have a girlfriend or wife. The more you indulge on pornographic activities such as watching porn, you begin to change the way you see your girlfriend or wife as well. You begin to compare and see things differently but incorrectly. You begin to have your standards too high for your girlfriend or wife to reach. You can never have a wife or girlfriend that can do everything that you see on porn, unless you actually get in a relationship or marry a porn star.

Don’t you think you are being unfair? Don’t you think that you are already forgetting and losing the reason why you ever entered the relationship? What about if it involves your daughter, sister, or mother? Do you think that you still get to have the same level of respect for them after getting entangled with porn? If yes, then what about your thoughts and the way you let things and images run in your mind? The point of doing something bad does not rest only on what is done but also on what is being said and thought of. You can’t expect the real life to be the same as what you see or experience in your pornographic acts. The harsh reality is that porn will never be part of life’s vital aspects.