5 Steps for Overcoming Masturbation

Determination is the first step in overcoming masturbation. This is the start of any healing and if you really want to meet your destination then you need to realize that a good start is always very important. You need to decide once and for all that this is something you do not want in your life and then you have to start working on it step by step.

This is a little step-by-step guide in overcoming masturbation that will help you out in getting rid of it in less than 1 week.

Step 1: Stop touching your genitals except during normal toilet processes. Every time you notice your hand consciously or unconsciously heading towards your genitals, stop yourself and find an activity to distract you.

Step 2: Don’t allow yourself a lot of time by yourself. Try to engage yourself in healthy activities with other people as loneliness and easy access to pornographic material is one of the major causes of persistent masturbation. Try to find good friends in your circle which you can hang out with. If you haven’t already found some, try to make new friends and spend more time hanging out with them and doing good things.

Step 3: Get rid of bad influences. In terms of overcoming masturbation, the bad influences are your friends that are even more deeply involved in this activity than you are and who share pornographic material with you. You will have a difficult time overcoming masturbation while hanging out with influences like that. Similarly, people who provoke lust in or encourage perversion should not be a part of your life.

Step 4: Limit the time you usually use for masturbation. Six to eight minutes should be more than enough time to take a bath and dry yourself. Never try to stay in baths longer than required as this is the most common time for dirty thoughts to enter your mind that lead you to masturbate. Similarly, go to bed earlier and find distractions for the times you usually use for watching porn and masturbating.

Step 5: Last but not the least, praying to God to help you overcome masturbation may be helpful for many. Not everyone is religious but those with serious problems such as this which may spring from deeper problems can often find solace in praying and seeking God. Consider praying for strength and determination. Perhaps the simple act can help you eliminate the habit better than all the other steps.