The Ultimate Answer to Masturbation Addiction

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If you are still wondering on what steps to make, do not worry as this program will guide you every step of your way until your recovery. This will be your best friend as you turn your life around for the better. This program will not only make you become free from your pornography problems for a short period of time, but it helps you to be free from the addiction forever. If you will just follow the program down to the last step, it will surely make you be fulfilled and free from pornography until the end. Many people have attested to the validity and effectiveness of this program. Now it is time for you to transform your life and see its worth.

Why you should quit watching porn

One might approach pornography addiction in a very casual way. I have often heard people say, ‘What’s wrong if you cheer up yourself everyday by watching porn for a few minutes?’ Do you agree? If your answer is yes then you must go through the following facts. There is a gradual and persistent increase in the cases of incest especially in US, Europe and Africa and pornography addiction has been declared as the main reason behind this increase. Similarly, it is said that seven percent of all men in the world are homosexual while only three percent of women are lesbians. This fact is also closely linked with the pornography addiction as the number of men addicted to porn is three times greater than that of women.

Pornography is said to increase or modify your sexual desires. The pornography can infuriate your sexual desires to the level that you won’t even bother about the gender or the relation of the other people with whom you are having or intending to have sex with. Many times a porn addict doesn’t have a partner to express his or her sexual urges. This brings porn addicts to also be addicted to masturbation which sometimes result in hurting themselves by trying different weird methods of self pleasuring.

Pornography addiction is the main factor that has increased the incidence of homosexual couples. A porn addict with increased sexual desires fails to acknowledge the importance of a family system. He just wants the fulfillment of his or her sexual desires. It’s doesn’t matter if it’s from a partner of the same gender or the opposite. Similarly, this hike of lust secondary to porn addiction can also incite a person to abuse a child or his wife that leading to complications that are almost impossible to treat.

Porn Addiction in Adolescents

Pornography addiction is something that usually has its basis founded during adolescent years. This is not only because the growing sexuality among adolescents leads to a lot of sexual curiosity which gives way to pornography addiction. On average, a child from the US starts watching online pornographic material at the age of 11. You can well imagine that those kids whom we think na

Porn Addict or Not: How Do You See Yourself

Different people will always have their own say on how they see you as a person. It may be based on the way you act, the way you choose your priorities in life, your education, your status in life, the car parked in your garage, or even by the clothes you wear. This is the same manner of how people get to see you as a person in relation to porn. Others may say that your acts are justifiable or acceptable. Others may say that you were or are still too young to know what was or is right. There are even some who would say that it’s normal for your age group to do such things.

However, all these different reactions will just create an even more confusing situation for you. This will then lead you to doubt your needs for porn or your cravings for porn as acceptable or not. Our environment plays a vital role in determining who we become in the future. This is why what others say to us, show to us, or let us experience are important.

As important as they may be for us, we cannot deny the fact that the Johari window has one window that only ourselves can see. This is a part of us that no one else is aware of. This is why with regard to a matter as controversial as porn, we need to evaluate who we are in order to determine if what we are doing reflects the kind of person that we really are.

Child Pornography Problems And Issues

Child pornography is a very broad perspective and multiple offenses can be classified under this heading. A pedophile can commit sexual abuse of a child or can prepare a child for sexual training to incite sexual arousal for future production of child pornographic material.

Child pornography is a prevalent crime which is getting out of hand and has become an international concern. Children exposed to pornography under the age of fourteen are at a critical risk of committing deviant crimes such as rape, child molestation and sexual violence. These young minds visualize these crimes as something normal and everyday practice. They cease to perceive their crimes as a matter of concern or guilt, and the wide range of pornography data available worldwide is making it one of the most lucrative businesses to invest in.

Child pornography is exchanged by pedophiles over the Internet for the purpose of establishing trust and gaining further information about child pornography market and victim localization. It is a prevalent crime bent on establishing the concept of child sexual partners as legitimate and legal.

Pedophiles commit child pornography over the Internet. They frequently visit children chat rooms and harass them or traumatize them by sending them sexually explicit images or texts. They delve into their curiosity and convince them that participating in sexual acts is okay and fun and has no harm in it. They molest these young minds and encourage them to try out these acts.

The magnitude of child pornography cannot be defined in a few words, and the exploiters are spread over in such a wide number that it is practically impossible to apprehend them. Nevertheless, governments need to take proper action against these predators to enforce law and action and protect innocent lives.

The Effect of Pornography in a Normal Relationship

Porn plays an important factor in a man