Some Tips to Battle Porn Addiction

Overcoming pornography is a hard journey to take. Yet you do not have to journey the recovery process alone, there are many agencies and groups that are willing to help you get back your life. The church could be the helping hand you need. The church could be one of your pillars in this time of crisis because it greatly equates pre-marital sex and other improper sex as sin.

There are many ways to view the concept of sex and pornography. Some consider pornography watching as a habit, in some cases, they consider it an addiction. Just like any other addiction, pornography addiction is definitely harmful. Some analyzes that pornography addiction arises because of having too much idle time. Usually, when a person has a lot of free time, he spends it surfing the Net. Whether by accident or on purpose, he can find tons of porn websites, prompting him to return to it again and again.

On the other hand, a busy person never has the time to browse all these porn materials, keeping them away from porn temptation. The key to become busy and avoid pornography is to do other healthy indoor and/or outdoor activities.

Watching pornography and doing masturbation are truly addicting acts. That is why many are facing these types of problems than gambling and alcohol addiction. This difficult-to-overcome issue can definitely ruin one’s relationship and social life if no proper action is taken. Resist these addictions now before it’s too late for you!

Marital Problems Involved in Pornography

It is not an uncommon scene that a wife is waiting for her husband in bed, but he is watching porn. He has the chance to make, love but he is wasting time just by watching sex. Why does this happen?

There are some reasons behind this. The first may be that the man is addicted to porn from an early age and his relationship is not so strong to break the addiction. Most often porn is watched to avoid solitude. Sex is not the only reason for a man and a woman to marry. Both of them need a partner who will love and support them. But finding such a partner is not as easy as it sounds to be. So, having a wife does not automatically mean that the man is not into porn watching. In this case, the woman needs to get closer to her husband, love him and try to share his feelings.

Besides psychological problem, there are some physical problems too. The problem may be found in both the man and the woman. The man may be sexually weak and so he may not have the ability to please his wife fully. It makes him embarrassed, so he wants to avoid making sex. Most men like to watch beautiful figures and nice boobs. If the wife lacks it, the husband tries to quench his thirst for this through pornographic materials.

To solve these problems, only love can help. If the husband and wife both love each other, these problems cannot impede their relationship any longer.

Pornography and Violating the Body

It is rare that watching or viewing pornography can hurt anyone. When one watches pornography in the privacy of their homes, does it incur damage? Well, what’s the big deal when we try to secretly masturbate or access pornography?

These are the questions that would just pop out in our minds when we talk about the issue of pornography and masturbation.

As what the church taught us, our body is a gift and a blessing. Thus, we should give due respect and care to it. Our bodies are made to accept information that helps us to enhance our relationship with our family, friends and the Lord. We are created by God with love and with love we shall dominate the earth. That is why as much as possible we should be natural in the way we act and interact. Meaning, we should be able to appreciate the beauty of our emotions, passions, and feelings with the people surrounding us.

Pornography, on the other hand, instills a fallacy and a make-believe world. Plus, it gives more value to the sexual needs and physical desires of one person. Most of the time, the real meaning of sex and marriage is forgotten since sex becomes a medicine to overcome desires and sexual urges.

Though controlling our body implies a very great challenge, we have the greater power to overcome and be in control of ourselves. In our everyday lives, the challenges in our physical, emotional, and spiritual system come and go. We need to be strong and be resistant to all the temptations that come along our way and learn how to overcome pornography.

How to Be Free from Porn Addiction

Life as we know it is full of ups and downs. Yet is it up to us all to act on it and live a life as best as we all can. Many of us have problems on how to stop watching porn. We definitely need to change our life for the better and be free from pornography as soon as possible. If not, we might end up living a life full of sin and eventually, destroy our future.

Watching porn does not give us anything good. At some point it might give us pleasure and relief, yet it can also give us an addiction. This will end up to be a habit that is very immoral and wicked. There’s more to life than living it will full of evil and sin when we engage in pornography. In time, we might get obsessed to it wherein we cannot stop, making things worse for us and the people around us. Most of the time, we might be living a lie and we might not even know it. Unless we change our lives and stop watching porn, we can never be free from the evils of pornography. It is always better to live a life free from porn. It will make us happier and more engaged in making a good life for ourselves. The people around us will also be changed because of the positive energy we reflect upon them. It might not be easy to change for the better, yet it is very much achievable if we give it a little effort and a little time.

The Mental and Emotional Aspects of Overcoming Porn

There are quite a large number of ways that people with porn addiction can overcome it. Many people are now searching for ways on how to quit porn that they can certainly benefit from.

Pornography is more influenced by the state of mind rather than the physical aspects. What we see and hear influence us more than the things we feel. This is also true in overcoming a pornography problem. If we can learn how to control our thoughts then we can certainly know how to stop pornography from influencing our mental state of mind. Using mental techniques, we can block out certain thoughts of porn. This might be a tough task to do but it is certainly doable because our mind is the most powerful tool to combat porn addiction. It is just like thinking of other things aside from porn and concentrating on it until you totally forget about pornography. It is one great way to stop and quit porn with little or no stress at all.

Another thing that goes with the power of the mind is learning how to control our emotions. This is one of the contributing factors that can lead us to think of porn and return to our nasty vices. We need to take control of our emotions and not let it get the best of us.

Most of all, we need to believe in ourselves and be convinced that we can do this. It might be a great step to control our thoughts and emotions but it is certainly one great way to quit porn. Always make an effort to free your mind from negative feelings and thoughts, and instead fill it with happy thoughts. You can be sure that your emotions will certainly follow.

Child Pornography Issues Explained

At first, the term “child pornography” may surprise you. What is it? Children are angels, and pornography is the devil. So, why are these two contrary words uttered together? Actually, it is us who make this happens. We use children in pornography to get devilish pleasure.

Child pornography refers to images, films and writings that depict the sexual abuse of children. Children of all ages are abused in the production of pornography. It is estimated that pornographers have recorded the abuse of more than one million children in the USA only. According to an NCMEC research, in 2003, about 20% of all pornography that was found in the internet was child pornography. It has increased 1500% than the average in 1997. The internet has increased the availability, accessibility, and volume of child pornography massively. It is not limited to pedophiles only; rather, viewers of child pornography have increased radically. For its demand, it has become highly profitable.

Most child pornography has pornographic images of prepubescent children. It is about 81% of all child pornography. More than 79% of child pornography includes images of nude or semi-nude children. About 21% of porn images show the pictures depicting violence such as bondage, rape, or torture. “These guys are raping infants and toddlers. You can hear the child crying, pleading for help in the video. It is horrendous.” This statement is from a federal Internet Crimes against Children Task Force, describing child pornography. This is really hard to imagine, how these men can have fun seeing such heinous videos, how sexual desires arise by seeing a picture or a rape video of a nude child, who may be at the age of his own baby.

The Many Benefits of Breaking Masturbation Addiction

Masturbation is something that almost everyone has experienced in his/her life at least once. Masturbating a few times a week might not cast any long-lasting adverse effects on your body, but it becomes a huge issue when one becomes addicted to masturbation. In this situation, one cannot help himself from masturbating. This might result in embarrassing situations when one starts masturbating in a classroom, in the rest rooms of an office, or even at home when family members are present. Sexual education recommends breaking masturbation addiction before such complications arise, bringing long-term damage to you.

Masturbation addiction is frequently associated with many side effects that include: premature ejaculation, decreased number of sperm per ejaculation, penile and urethral injuries, fatigue, loss of self-esteem, back pains, dragging sensation in the testes, brittle and fragile hair, and loss of apatite. This is why breaking masturbation addiction is advised by all physicians.

Masturbation addiction is one of the most common enemies of healthy relationships with your partner. Breaking masturbation addiction will result in improvement in your relationships with your partner. Furthermore, you will also notice an improvement in your sexual performance. You partner will start enjoying your company and will find you a better man with enhanced confidence and composed personality.

Breaking masturbation addiction will save you from many embarrassing moments, multiple side effects, poor performance with your partner and permanent feeling of guilt. If you too are thinking about breaking masturbation addiction, the best time for it is the first time you think about it. Good luck.

Reasons for Porn Addiction Explained

Being an adult, a man as well as a woman can indulge in pornography. In this stage, the main reason of addiction to pornography in this age is the discontentment in sexual relations. Everyone wants to be satisfied when he or she involves in sexual acts. But naturally, the sex partner may be the reason for not satisfying the partner’s needs. If they are married, then the unsatisfied partner may turn to pornography in order to indulge in ones sexual deviances.

People can enjoy sex in two ways: sex with love and sex simply for getting pleasure. Many people do not like to have sex without love. They only have sex with their wives or girlfriends because this makes them feel that they can share an very intimate act with someone they trust. However, sometimes there is a lack of sexual communication in relationships, this may lead to sexual repression and in turn may lead to the use of pornography or solicitation of prostitution.

Sexual frustration may be another reason of involving oneself in pornography. For women, verbally expressing their frustrations works greatly for relief of their problems. But it doesn’t work the same way for men. An orgasm works best for a man to relieve his frustration. There may be many reasons for frustration for a man in the modern society. To be totally alienated from all the frustration, a man makes his Crusoe’s island based on pornography.

Another reason may be being too introverted and feelings of cowardice to communicate with people of different genders. Finding no other way to get sexual pleasure he or she has to take the path of pornography.

Everything You Know About Pornography

Pornography has now become the most common buzzword and may be the worst side effect of the developed communication system. The word pornography refers to the extreme outburst of sexual feelings by image, video, magazine, painting, sound, sculpture, animation or anything which can overwhelm one’s thinking. The purpose of pornography may be the arousal of sex or erotic satisfaction. The culture of pornography is as ancient as the human civilization. Before the Victorian period the term Pornography, as in the modern sense, was not used in such drawing or forms of drama or anything which involves sex. Perhaps, then it was known only to a few people. But nowadays, there is hardly anyone who is not familiar with pornography.

Some may ask if pornography is wrong or what’s wrong with pornography. Everyone has the freedom to choose his own way and so, according to one’s test, he or she can enjoy pornography. But that isn’t the case. The bad effects of pornography are not a personal affair. All people know about sex. To most people, sex is the most enjoyable thing in the world. So naturally, most people have sex on their minds. But -being civilized- you have to set limits, this is where the bridle of the horse should be pulled. When a man is involved and enjoys pornography, he may lose this sense and that may bring a lot of catastrophe to the civilization. History has proved this many times.

Revelations to Stop Pornography Addiction in Men

Pornography is a very big problem that mostly men cannot control. Their pornography addiction is far worse than for women. This is because men are more vulnerable to thoughts of sex, watching pornographic films, as well as reading pornographic material. Men naturally have a weakness when it comes to women. From the time of Adam and Eve, men were certainly the first ones to feel the temptation and this is prevalent in today’s society. However, not all men have a pornographic addiction which is also good. Yet, for those who have this problem they certainly need to change for the best. Pornography is just one factor that changes the relationship of a father and mother as well as their relationship with their offspring. This is not for the best but for the worst which definitely needs to be stopped immediately to save their family. Most of the time men disregard pornography and its effects due to the happiness they feel when they do these acts. What they do not know is that they are slowly pulled away into the darkness that comes along with pornography and that is sin. While some men see the effects of pornography and try to stay away from it. They often see themselves coming back to the same problems again. This might be because of some certain bad influences or their lack of self-motivation. What they might just need is to seek help from certain professionals as well as help from their family and to pray to God for them to be led to the right path in life. With good intentions in mind, a man can certainly be free of pornography and live a more proactive and positive life with his family.