Overcome Pornography Addiction

In the words of Napoleon Hill, “Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything.” If you really want to get free from pornography addiction then you must have the will to do it. Overcoming pornography will usually need a self-help plan, but sometimes for some people and for certain degrees of porn addiction, special coaching or counseling might be required from a third person.

You have to make a decision before you start working on overcoming pornography addiction. If you want to change your habits, first you have to change yourself. You need to become a new person who is well motivated and interested in getting rid of his habit of pornography addiction.

The main purpose of quitting porn should be the restoration of your self-esteem and getting back your confidence. The other benefits of overcoming pornography like happier family life and improved performance at work will automatically find its way once you have gained back your self-esteem. Once you are more confident in yourself and have nothing to hide, you will start to notice that life is indeed a blessing.

Many a times, those who quit pornography start feeling that something is missing from their lives. If you too are going through the same situation then you need to handle this critical period very confidently. This is the time when someone is most likely to revert back to pornography addiction. The best way to go through this tough time is to engage in other healthy activities. Finding a hobby, taking part in sports, and starting some exercises remain the best options for that.

The Progressive Effects of Pornography

The effects of pornography are progressive and addictive. Watching too much porn or being addicted to porn leaves some heinous effects which you may eventually dislike as a porn addict.

The first effect that porn manifests is the unquenchable thirst for sex. As you watch sexual activities all the time, it will definitely make you crave for sex too. It will drive you to have sexual relations with anyone and just have sex at any circumstance. You won’t even find it unusual to sleep with anybody just to satisfy your sexual craving.

If you are addicted to porn, you view women to have only one value and that is as a sex partner. You will be consumed with nude women making sex or inviting you to have sex. You will totally forget the image of a woman as a mother, as a sister, as a friend, or as a wife. To you, a woman loses her identity and just becomes another faceless person whom you can have sex with anytime, anywhere. As you deny any other role of a woman other than just a sex partner, you will certainly dislike the idea of getting married and having children. These two things are obstacles to your happiness.

Since you seem to view that all individuals are involved in promiscuous sexual activity, you won’t consider infidelity and premarital sex as immoral. In this same view, you will also consider pornography as a norm in society.

Purging Yourself Clear of the Masturbation Addiction

Drug and alcohol addictions are very common and accepted socially, and there are even treatments available to get rid of these dangerous cravings. Regrettably, sexual addictions, though quite widespread and very intense in their nature, are very difficult and dangerous obsessions to prevail over. Lack of knowledge about powerfully repulsive disorders like pornography and masturbation is mainly the cause of its widespread. Many people facing this dilemma do not usually know where to turn or who to confide in as these are deemed to be intolerable by society.

If you are suffering from this disorder, and want to overcome it, below are some of the steps which will assist in you in stopping your masturbation addiction:

– Exercise regularly and strenuously to burn excess energy before going to bed. Fatigue and exhaustion will stop you from masturbating before going to bed.

– Change your habits. Do not lie in bed until sleep is tugging at your eyes, and you are unable to keep your eyelids open.

– Try to find an alternative to releasing the sexual tension rather than choosing to masturbate. Take a bath or go out and interact with people. Do not spend your time sitting alone in your bedroom watching pornography to stop masturbation.

– Think positive, and redirect your thoughts when you have the urge to indulge in this addiction. Have control over your feelings and thoughts. Try to find out the reason why and when you have the urge to masturbate most, and then work towards modifying your routine so that you are less inclined to do it.

Never give up hope. If you believe that you can stop masturbation, you have the power to achieve your goal.

Defeating Pornography Effectively

Defeating the green serpent of pornography and overcoming pornography addiction requires very strong will power and the fullest ability to realize and accept your addiction. The most basic step is to admit that you are under the pornography spell and the next step is banishing it out of your life forever.

But when it comes to the stage of implementation your will power weakens and the lure of seduction has a strong hold upon you. Breaking porn addiction is not as easy as it is very compelling to keep returning to the different websites listing illicit sexual pictures. To overcome pornography you need to find a source of light which will brighten up your path and combat the darkness. There is no better source than the Bible itself. The more you read the Bible and the more you activate yourself in religious gathering the better you will be able to break the porn hold over you.

Parents need to be open and talk to their teens about the scorns of pornography as the temptations of the body are at their heights. Parents should have open discussions regarding porn addiction and suggest methods that can be undertaken to break the pornography chain. Church leaders should talk about moral and ethical issues and educate the public on the fate of the sinners.

Individuals trying to overcome pornography should destroy all porn material and any possession which reminds them of the addiction. Seeking help from a religious person is also a constructive step as it helps to sort the battle they are fighting with their souls. A word of consolation and constant motivation for improvement are also positive factors that help overcome pornography addiction.

A Person’s Perception on Porn

A person’s priorities will depend on how he or she perceives aspects in his/her life. This is one thing that will always differ from one person to another. A person’s perception of one thing as something good may be perceived as something bad by the other. In the end you will begin to ask yourself whose perception is right? This will then depend on how you defend the principles you base your perceptions on. The reasons behind one’s perception will determine the rightness or wrongness of a perceived thought. There may be people out there who look at porn as something good or something that should be accepted by the majority as part of daily life. But if you begin to let these people justify such beliefs, you will notice the inconsistency and incorrectly weighed justifications that they will be saying.

In cases where you begin to see porn as either something good or bad, you simply need to look back and look deep into yourself. Look into who you are and what you are as a person. This will help you draw your conclusion if your perception is right or not. This is not about letting the means justify the end or vice versa. This is about being able to know what humanity and righteousness have in you that can be used to justify your perception of porn. I don’t need to tell you if porn is right or wrong, you can answer this question without having to take so much time in weighing your answer.

Tools to Help Recover from Masturbation Addiction

Masturbating is a common habit that men and women do to please themselves. This is a very simple problem that tends to be very addictive, but one that causes a lot of complications if not stopped immediately. Learning how to stop masturbation takes a little time and effort. This should be done at the soonest time possible before masturbation addiction will take over your freedom and desires.

Several techniques and tools to help stop your masturbation cravings are available nowadays. With the help of new technology, it can be quite easy to live a normal life without these masturbation urges. Some of the tools widely available now are the programs and systems that promote a masturbation-free life. An example of this program is the Overcome Pornography System. This system is a very helpful tool for someone who wants to quit masturbation as well as other pornography problems. In this case, this program will guide you to being masturbation free in a span of several months. While you’re in the process of overcoming your addiction, you won’t feel pressured and stressed. Instead, you will feel contented, thus making the recovery process more relaxed and less hectic. Not only will this program help you but they can also lead you to a brighter future free from masturbation and sin.

Another important tool to use for someone who wants to be free from masturbation is the internet. The internet holds a lot of information, and what it did to contribute to your masturbation addiction, it can also undo with the help of educational websites and vast resources about combating pornography and masturbation addiction. This will help you be informed about the pros and cons of masturbation which will be the deciding factors for someone who knows little or nothing about masturbation.

Frequent Masturbation Across All Ages

Masturbation is a very common act in today’s society. Almost every person has masturbated at one time of his life or another. Increased frequency of masturbation, usually regarded as masturbation addiction, is a problem for both genders. In addition, this problem is not only limited to young people, rather it has come out as a compulsive problem affecting middle-aged and old-aged people equally.

Frequent masturbation is also linked with some psychological disorder. In most of these disorders, the patient loses his or her interest in sexual gratification through normal intercourse. The patient starts preferring self-exploration and self-sex thus, casting severe negative affects on his relationship. Frequent masturbation is a common form of compulsive sexual disorder. Psychological problems like

Domestic Effects of Pornography

Pornography has changed the views of human beings towards passionate love and sex. This great shift on the mentality has impacted on the way married couples perceive life. Almost all countries around the world are industrialized and have felt the booming influence of technology. No matter what age you are, the impact of the internet has made an indelible mark in your life. This escalating power of media and the internet has associated the growth of this industry-the pornography industry.

The internet has made the growing experience for the younger generations a different one. It also alters the way parents and guardians guide their children. In other words, the Internet has brought the world many advantages as well as disadvantages. The internet allows us to connect to our loved ones from countries apart, but it also brought the availability of erotic and sexual materials to people of all ages, anywhere you are in the globe.

Many questions on how one should act if they find out that their partner or a family member has used pornography frequently. This boils down into the issue of pornography’s influence on the marriage and family life. The dehumanizing acts depicted on pornographic contents against women would definitely influence the mentality and views of the males towards the opposite sex.

One of the earliest researches towards the adverse effects of pornography was conducted by Zillman and Jennings Bryant on 1984 and 1988, and they found out that frequent exposure to pornography can cause: callousness toward women; distorted perceptions about sexuality; devaluation of the importance of monogamy; decreased satisfaction with partner’s sexual performance, affection, and appearance; doubts about the value of marriage; and decreased desire to have children.

Porn Addictions and Perverts

People are considered perverts when they have abnormally high levels of lust that cause them to engage in deviant sexual behavior or unethical sexual activities. A 15-year old in Chicago once claimed she found her soul mate over the internet. They were speaking for months before they planned a meeting. She was asked to come to his motel and to her surprise, what she thought was her soul mate was actually a 35-year old married man. She tried to escape but it was much too late. She was raped and videotapes, then the man disappeared completely.

Further investigations found that it was the same pervert who had raped 3 other girls prior to that time. His url was traced and he was taken into custody, along with his computer to see who else he was talking to. It was found that he had a lot of pornographic material and that he spent an unusually high amount of time watching them. The 15-year old girl and the 3 other girls were actually victims of the criminal desires of a porn addict.

Pornography addiction is considered one of the most common factors in perverts. Perverts are frequently involved in criminal activities such as child abuse, pedophilia, and sexual assaults. In addition, gang rapes have also been found to be linked to pornography. It does not necessarily mean that a porn addict will become a pervert, but it increases the likelihood of someone requiring a more drastic stimulus to excite him erotically because regular sexual stimulus no longer works. This and several other negative side effects are why porn addiction should be avoided at all costs.