The Devastating Effects of Pornography

Pornography has tremendous devastating effects on those who continuously engage in it. It distorts one’s concept of sexual relation.

Through time, married individuals who engage in pornography are not satisfied with the intimate relationship with their spouses anymore. Hence, a relationship gap occurs between the husband and the wife. The spouse may not be aware of her partner’s pornography addiction, but he/she will eventually notice the changes in their relationship.

A porn-addicted person feels little or sometimes, no interest in family relations. He/she has only one thing to think, that is how to fulfill the sexual cravings and urges. Think of a man who is currently a porn addict. Seeing pornography again and again, he begins to fantasize different sexual acts. When he gets married, he will certainly apply his sexual fantasies with his new wife. Since porn addicts usually engage in bizarre sexual acts, the wife may not be able to perform these with him, and this creates a conflict in their new relationship. The ultimate results of this marriage will be extra-marital relation, distrust, betrayal, devastation, and anger. Eventually, these differences will result to the dissolution of the marriage.

If you are married with kids already, another problem can arise if your child happens to find your porn instruments, images, videos or magazines. It will definitely reshape his/her feeling of sex. The worst scenario will be when your child sees you masturbating while watching pornographic materials. Think of your child’s reaction to your actions. Will you be able to talk and explain to him what you have been doing?

How to Put an End to the Pornography Habit

Pornography addiction needs to be abolished before any problems arise that will not only destroy oneself but ones family ties as well. Pornography is one of the highly influential sins that people do each day which mostly happens to men. They can either engage themselves in pornography by watching adult movies as well as reading pornographic material or engage in malicious acts themselves. It is very important to stop pornography before it sucks us in completely. There are many people who engage in pornography that want to stop and be free from it. However, they sometimes lose their path and end up doing it over and over again. This is a big problem that many people certainly encounter when they want to change their life for the better. If this is happening to you or to someone you love, then it might be best to abolish it before it becomes worse. It is very easy to understand what pornography is and what it does. Yet it is very hard to turn our lives around to something that we have already adapted to but it is still possible to change. Among the best things that we can do to stop pornography is to become closer to God. A person who fears God lives a life in righteousness and goodness. This will lead a person to the right path which will result in living a good life. Another factor to help get rid of pornography would be to dedicate ourselves in doing good deeds. We can engage ourselves in good things that will keep us busy and forget about pornography. This might be a hard task but it is certainly doable with the right frame of mind. If, for an instance, we might feel tempted then we can just simply weigh the advantages of pornography from its disadvantages which in turn will surely point us to the right direction. These are just some of the factors that will help us decide the importance of solving any pornography problems we might encounter every day.

Options to Combat and Stop Watching Porn

Watching porn is one of the common immoralities that millions of people do each day. At some point, people can watch porn and at the same time, masturbate more than one time each day. This can be done frequently until it becomes a daily routine for many people.

If you are suffering from porn addiction as well as masturbation, there are many options that you can use to help combat this addiction. They are widely available in the internet on certain blogs and websites that talk about pornography and masturbation as a whole. These options can include going to therapy sessions under the care of a psychiatrist. In this case, you can gain professional care as well as insight on your problems with porn and masturbation. Another option you can utilize is to get a life-changing program that can help you get rid of your pornography cravings. This can also serve as your guide and lifeline as you change your life for the better. Most of all, you might need to get rid of any pornographic materials you possess, as well as controlling yourself in engaging from any other sexual desires that can just influence in your addiction.

With many options at hand, there are also some things that do not work in your favor to be porn free. These things include making yourself feel bad as well as blaming yourself on having this addiction. This will just be a deterring factor to make you move on with your addiction. Pretending and letting this addiction grow will also not favor you. This will only make matters worse for you and take away your chance to be porn free.

Stopping Masturbation

Masturbation works like a slow poison, if you practice it frequently you may suffer for it. So, it is essential for you to stop it right now if you are addicted to it. The reasons for masturbating may be a physical need or a mental disturbance. However, to stop masturbating, you need to go through some steps.

The first step to stop masturbation is to find out the reason for masturbating. Masturbation may be done for the purpose of relieving stress, mental pressure, irritation, or loneliness, to deal with sexual disappointments, or simply to have sexual pleasure. Whatever the reason may be, you need to find it out so you can begin to figure out how to solve the problem.

Masturbation is not a solution for removing boredom or loneliness. To solve the problem properly, you need to change your point of view and learn to have a good time elsewhere. You can choose to look for company with whom you enjoy hanging out with.

Try to figure out the time when you’re likely to masturbate the most. Maybe it is the night before going to bed because you want to fall asleep faster. If this is your reason, then physical exercise may be another option you can choose instead of masturbation. It is both healthy and can help you fall asleep faster. If you masturbate at other times, then you should try to narrow down the time you have for masturbation by keeping yourself occupied with other tasks.

You cannot overcome masturbation if you have a habit of watching pornography. As long as you spend a lot of time alone watching pornography or just idling, you may not be successful in stopping masturbation. You simply have to learn to change your habits. Don’t give yourself too much time alone where you can be tempted to masturbate. Go out and mix with others. Follow these simple tips so that you can stop chronic masturbation.

Is Porn Addiction a Mental Disease?

Some experts argue that porn addiction is more likely a psychological addiction rather than a physical one like sex addiction is. It’s been thought to fall under obsessive compulsive disorder because the porn addict feels an inability to control their compulsion to watch pornography.

Although it is not considered an actual disease by many, porn addiction does have symptoms that are similar to most mental sicknesses such as:

Prevalence of Pornography in Society

Pornography is widespread and is continuously hitting every community around the globe. It has become a contagious disease that surely destroys the lives of both the youth and married couples. Because pornography is a billion industry, it would be a challenge to hinder the spread of this epidemic. The easy accessibility and availability of different porn materials through the Internet and various media allied the pornography industry to raise their revenue to as much as 57 billion dollars. Its instant availability has blurred the image of morality.

Pornography is a big issue as well as a problem in our society. Surveys from the Family Safe Media proved that most porn viewers are men. Additionally, a poll conducted by ChristiaNet reported that 50% of Christian men are somehow addicted to pornography, while 20 % of Christian women were affected with it too. This just goes to show that even Christians suffer from this debilitating epidemic. There has also been an increase in child pornography, which generates a 3 billion dollar yearly revenue as reported by Family Safe Media.

Many countries, like the United States, have somehow accepted this nude and explicit content in the mainstream of entertainment. Moreover, according to a poll conducted by the Barna Group in 2003, more or less 50 percent of survey participants said that there is no immorality in watching pornography. The latter survey questioned people with ages ranging from 18 to 38 years old.

The Perils of Masturbation Addiction in Teens

Many young people today are experiencing the problems associated with having a masturbation addiction. They might be suffering from depression, excessive experimentation or be masturbating even more than they would as a result of peer pressure. As young children mature into teenagers, they tend to experiment and explore their bodies both physically and emotionally. At times, this physical and emotional exploration may lead the teenager to seek out pornographic material in the form of literature and film. They may do this alone or in the company of their peers, making it very difficult to look out for. While they explore, there might come a time when they are happy and pleased with what they feel. This is one way the

addiction to masturbation begins: because the teenager likes what he sees, what it does to him and what he can do with it, he will surely seek out that pleasure more and more. Indeed, if the teenager enjoys pornography, then it is more than likely that he will very soon enjoy sex. As youths, they will most certainly masturbate and experiment sexually with their peers. This is therefore a crucial time in their lives during which they can do more harm to themselves than good. As they grow, their urges and desires will also grow and the addiction to masturbation and sex will become a very difficult problem to control. Parents should be aware of this common vice in young adults which can become highly addictive if not stopped immediately. A young mind is so fragile that anything that happens around it will surely mark it forever. Masturbation addiction is a very bad thing to have. This is why young adults should avoid this type of addiction before it swallows them whole and leads them to a path of lust and sexual desire. The right time for them to experience sex should come when they have found the right partner in life and are married to that partner.

The Numerous Advantages of a Pornography Addiction Free Life

Quitting pornography addiction is not without benefits. Here is a list of top benefits of quitting porn that can motivate any person to stop watching porn.

1. The main advantage of quitting pornography is regaining of self respect. Once you are clear of this stigma you will feel the confidence in your soul and your conscience will be much lighter and you will feel content.

2. You do not have to hide anything. You are a clean person now. You are not afraid of anyone using your computer and only to find your secret stash of porn. Your secret life has ended and your burden is lifted.

3. Attaining composure in personality. Quitting pornography might make you sharper and more attractive. You will come up as a fearless and a confident man.

5. Better time management. Many pornography addicts stay awake till the wee hours of the morning watching porn. Once you are rid of this habit you will start having adequate sleep. You will find yourself light and easy and it would become a lot easier to give time to focus on your family and career.

6. Decreased frequency of masturbation. Porn is definitely the main agent for masturbation. By quitting pornography you will have less frequent lustful intervals and this will ultimately help you in reducing the frequency of masturbation as well?

7. Healthy family life. Your spouse will appreciate your act of quitting pornography. The understanding between couple is likely to get better and better thus in due course you will have an ideal family life.

The Influences of Porn Addiction

A pornography addiction can have many influences. This addiction can come from watching adult films, and reading adult magazines. This addiction can also come from the influence of your peers, which can give you the idea of pornography. Worst of all, this addiction can be influenced by the people in your family, which is one of the worst things that can happen to you.

Having a pornographic addiction does not give you any benefit at all because it only gives you problems physically as well as mentally. This will ruin your chances of having a bright future and a life full of happiness. One physical problem in pornography addiction is an unhealthy body. You will experience frequent back pains due to excessive masturbation. Porn addicts also encounter serious health risks like premature ejaculation, blurry vision, and hair loss. Mentally, problems like depression and excessive thinking of porn occur. This will sometimes lead to a person doing immoral acts, which can lead him to become a sexual predator. As an individual, you will have low self-esteem and constantly feel shame after masturbating. Since this is how you feel about yourself, you will withdraw from the people around you and become a loner. You’ll be good at hiding your true self from people around you, and you won’t feel comfortable being in a relationship. Of course, you will find solace in the Internet, where you can view all types of porn materials and lose touch with the realities of life.

Having a pornography addiction is really a bad thing all of us should avoid. This can just give us problems we cannot imagine to happen to us. We should quit pornography before we become addicted and acquire problems.

The Dark Side of Masturbation

By nature, masturbation is a selfish process. When you are masturbating, you need to stimulate yourself. You just need to think about yourself and what pleases you. There is nobody else who can participate in the process. When you are addicted to masturbation, you may become selfish in your social and familial life. If you have a spouse and are still addicted to masturbation, this may have a negative effect on your relationship. In those cases, you do not need your spouse to get sexual pleasure. It makes you avoid your partner. When you avoid sexual intercourse with your partner, obviously it creates a space between you and your partner. Gradually, the room becomes larger and the final result will be separation.

On the surface, masturbation may not seem very harmful as it is nothing but having some sexual pleasure by yourself. But if you think deeper, the black sides of masturbation will come out. It is the root of all kinds of sexual addiction like multiple affairs, sex with prostitutes, deviant sex, sexual abuse, and even rape.

A masturbation addict usually masturbates whenever he or she is alone. Random ejaculation is common to them and it makes them feel tired. They always feel drowsy at work or school because of this. Along with the body, masturbation also affects the soul and mind of the addicted person. An addicted person always looks for something which may arouse him or her. The addicted creates his or her own world and tries to live avoiding others. This mental disturbance gradually overwhelms the entire mind of the addicted. Masturbation addiction needs a proper treatment to remove the disturbance.