Don’t let porn get in the way of rational thought

Women tend to be more emotional than men. In other words, women directly express their feelings. Unlike women, most men are indirect in expressing what they really feel.

This phenomenon, where men are discrete with their actions and expressions leads to an issue that is already widespread. This issue is called pornography addiction. Addiction is a thing that is very difficult to overcome especially without putting any effort and zero inspiration.

It is obvious that pornography has made de-womanized women in general. This means that pornographic material treat women as objects thus displaying a dehumanizing act against women. This immoral perception against women has become a social issue that comprises a lot of crimes these days.

Bottom-line is that pornography provides a gap between the people who are actively involved and the ones who are not. This is unhealthy in a relationship and would definitely ruin the social activity of the person addicted to pornography. Aside from that, pornography promotes physical and emotional isolation. The essence of love and passion has somehow tarnished with this phenomenon of pornography addiction.

In order to prevent oneself to access pornography, he or she must be able to direct his or her attention to some other healthy activities like sports. It is important for one to minimize this addiction at least by controlling one’s self to watch these erotic materials.

Though this process of prevention is difficult once you have easy access to pornographic sources like the internet or through television, all of us are gifted with a mind and body to be rational and strong with our decisions.

Pornography’s Billion Dollar Industry

The vast expense and profit of the pornography business have made them a running and unstoppable industry in our planet. Their discretely great demand has turned the porn business into a billion dollar industry. Recently, the world annual sales of porn reached to $57 million. This great number is not a question because almost 800 million copies of sexual and erotic materials are distributed, either through purchases or rentals.

The far-reaching influence of the internet has garnered a staggering number of new porn addicts because it openly promotes pornography. Statistics show that about 12 percent of all the websites in the internet are pornographic websites. More and more individuals are using the internet to view porn materials. Now, the most important question is, would you allow yourself to be part of this great number who will somehow become addicts?

Society has repeatedly witnessed the myriad issues and problems brought about by pornography addiction. Violence towards women and children became rampant these days because of the influence of pornography towards perverts and criminal-minded individuals. The raise in rape and harassment cases is traced back to pornography and the immoral sexual acts that it portrays in photos and videos. Violence, especially in marital relationships, becomes more enhanced because of pornography. It also eliminates the value of emotions and feelings and focuses more on the pleasure brought by the sexual act.

These myriad problems are the reason why countries like Russia are forbidding the distribution of these explicit materials. Many groups and agencies are providing programs and services dealing with overcoming pornography. Start overcoming pornography within yourself by learning to control one’s action before you seek outside help.

How to Kill the Porn Addiction

Whatever the reason may be of involving in pornography, if abused then it becomes unhealthy. It may relive you from your pain, anxieties or suffering for some moments, but it cannot remove them totally from your life. Today you might be interested in pornography but the day will come that you will realize that this world of isolation is not the right path for you or anyone for that matter. Consciousness may arise in you and you will experience the negative effects of pornography. However, if you are thinking that that everything is going wrong and that you are suddenly aware of your pornography addiction then your mind is ready for the change. This is the beginning of your new life. Actually, a real man cannot indulge in pornography for a long time. It is obvious that with the rising consciousness he must try to avoid pornography.

There are some weapons for you if you are going to break the slavery of pornography. The first and perhaps the most powerful weapon is your determination to free yourself from the shackles of the disease. You have to be determined in your decision that whatever may happen, you will not walk through the path of pornography again. To sharpen this weapon you can practice other things like discipline, courage and self-confidence. These may help you to stay away with pornography. Delete all porn videos and burn all porn magazines that you have. Don’t think twice after deciding to quit porn, just do it. Don’t try to try, you have to do. Put your mind and your heart together and say, ” I am free from porn, I am a mentally healthy man.” This is the secret to your freedom from the addiction.

Four Steps to Get Rid of Pornography Addiction

Getting rid of pornography addiction is a difficult task. You will find several people around you who have had multiple attempts to get rid of pornography addiction but all landed back in the same place watching porn after a little break. There are four basic steps that can help you in getting rid of pornography addiction. You must set these four steps as your benchmark for your pornography addiction cure.

1. Acknowledge that you are addicted: The first reaction to pornography addiction that most people pose that they deny the fact that they are addicted to porn. If you want to tackle a problem first you will have to acknowledge the nature and severity of the problem.

2. Considering it wrong: If you want to get rid of pornography addiction then you will have to stop reasoning and recognize it as a wrong act. You can never get the required motivation unless you believe that what you are doing is ethically and socially wrong.

3. Stop blaming others: You can not say that this pornography addiction is because

Sam’s Story: The Tale of a Masturbation Addict

This is a story of Sam. He started masturbating when he was only eight. His elder brother left his pc turned on for him to play a game. One day incidentally he found some porn videos. He watched them and was compelled to masturbate. From then on, whenever he felt stressed and worried, he took shelter in masturbation. Back then, he was not yet conscious of what he was doing. At the age of 14, he came to know the term “masturbation” but it did not stop him from to continuing it. He’d never imagined that masturbation would ever be considered an addiction. It was just something that made him feel good and he just wanted to experience the fun of it. After a while though, it became an addiction which his body constantly asked for. Upon reaching the age of 19, he realized that it was starting to destroy him. It often made him feel tired, it was affecting his relationship with his girlfriend, Angela, and most importantly it was destroying himself.

He never imagined that so many people could be suffering from the same addiction. Like other people, it also distracts him from his studies because the time he’s supposed to use for studying, he uses instead for masturbating. After masturbation, he claims he feels so tired that he does not have the energy to study anymore. He has now made the decision to stop masturbation and concentrate more on his studies. He wants to re-establish his relationship with Angela. To do this, he has been undergoing therapy with a psychologist and he is doing much better now.

Effective Ways to Break Porn Addiction

Having a porn addiction really takes its toll on a lot of people making them suffer from the bad things that this addiction gives them. If you have a porn addiction, then it would be wise for you to stop this immediately before it destroys your life. There are many effective ways to break porn addiction for people who are willing to be porn fee.

A person suffering from porn addiction can start breaking the habit by removing all the pornographic materials that can tempt him into thinking and doing porno acts. This will help you become positive minded rather than being negative minded, which does not bring anything good in your life. Another effective way can be asking for help from the people you trust and love. You can also pray for the guidance and help of God. With this, you can feel refreshed and blessed to live your life in a fulfilling way. The love of the people around you can also be a great motivational tool to make the process of eliminating pornography much easier. If at some point you might feel down and tempted again, never give up and give in. This will surely be a test for you as you go into the process of being porn free. These are just some of the effective ways that can certainly make a good point in your life. This will help you grow as a person and be happy indeed, giving you the freedom from pornography which you truly deserve.

Sex and Porn Addiction

Have you ever felt excited when watching pornographic films? Have you ever thought of counting how many times a week you watch erotic materials like pornographic websites and videos? Well, these are just two of the few questions an individual would ask in order to determine if he or she is a porn addict or not. Are you a porn addict?

Decades ago, pornography was a hidden, but lucrative part of the business industry. It started in nude magazines, erotic pictures and videos. Sexually active individuals and sex addicts grab these kinds of materials from adult shops and specialty stores. Nowadays, pornography has escalated into a different level, though. The World Wide Web has made access to all sorts of porn materials so easy.

In worst cases, porn addiction leads into another issue namely sex addiction. These two things correlate with each other, and most porn addicts are sex addicts too. Porn addicts feast on erotic videos and explicit contents available to them, and this consumes majority of their time. The Internet fills up the void left by unfulfilled sexual cravings and desires through various websites showing all sorts of pornography. Pornography superficially substitutes actual sexual intercourse thus increasing the risk of one to engage in real sex desperately.

It is necessary for one to control and overcome porn addiction in the earliest time. This uncontrolled addiction would surely lead to sex addiction, and worst, sexual abuses. A lot of researches and studies already proved the interconnection between these two issues. Sex addicts tend to become violent and aggressive in terms of treating relationships with the opposite sex.

My Porn Problem

I have a problem. I know everyone does, but mine is something I am not particularly proud of. I have a pornography problem. It’s sad and humiliating but also provides me the satisfaction I crave for. It’s crazy! I want to stop it but I can’t. I’ve tried before and I have always failed. What in the world do I do now? Is there any real way I can kick this god-awful habit?

The fantastic answer to this is yes! There is a way to kick a porn habit. It will be hard, that is for sure. But it is doable. In our case, we probably need some sort of support group. Or at the very least, we have to learn about what is up with us. The Internet has endless possibilities in it. You know that already since you’ve searched up a lot of stuff too. My advice is to use this amazing device for good. Read up a little bit on how to kick this habit.

You will be surprised with the amount of information just stacked up in the Net. All you have to do is click on the links that will help you. Once you start this decision, it will hopefully turn into a habit-a good habit. Sites that help in dealing with too much masturbation, pornography addiction and even self-confidence issues related with porn use do exist. Try to read them and watch the videos available. If you are serious about kicking your habit, you will do everything in your power to do away with it.

Tell-tale Signs of Student Pornography Addiction

Every day, billions of students log on to the Internet for various purposes, out of which a certain number stumble upon pornographic images either by accident or by intention. Those visiting these websites by intention are already categorized in the addicts list, but those who visited it by accident have yet to decide their fate. They can choose from two paths; they can either close these dirty images instinctively or promise never to look back at them, while others can go on looking at more porn images and slowly climb the mountain to pornography addiction.

Teenage pornography addiction is the worst of all as it targets the young, growing and tender minds. They are enthusiastic to explore all areas which are forbidden to them. This ignorant and raw age needs to be sheltered instead of being exposed. However, many students are now embracing pornography addiction out of peer pressure and media exposure. Becoming a prey for this predator can have negative impacts on the inexperienced minds of the teenage students.

Falling grades are the first indicators. Tailing these are constant complaints from the schools or colleges for lack of concentration in the classroom, zero energy and faltering attention from all other extracurricular activities, nervousness, lack of confidence and short-term memory. All these are the symptoms of youth pornography addiction.

Porn addicts find it hard to concentrate on anything substantial. Teenage porn addicts can no longer participate in fun activities and games. They exist in their own private shell where no one can break them free until, and unless, they choose their freedom themselves. Their minds keep drifting to porn images, and they yearn for more until their craving is satisfied. This indefinite dependency and reliance on a forbidden source make the person an introvert.

Asking for Help

“Although there are many health experts who approve of masturbation addiction as being beneficial to health, many parents support masturbation to teenage sex, masturbation addiction is a vice that gives rise to innumerable negative consequences. It causes havoc in the lives of the addicts, destroys their inner peace and usurps the control of their thoughts and feelings. A masturbator becomes utterly selfish, having no interest in any kind of relationship, thus leading a lonely and miserable life. His vice may give him pleasure but it cannot match the subtlety of natural pleasure that is granted by the intimacy and companionship of a loving spouse.

To overcome masturbation addiction is a challenge that has continued to harass many addicts by its supreme complexity. But giving up the habit is worth all the hassle. If you want to rule over your weakness, one of the best strategies to adopt is getting involved in other hobbies like taking part in doing social work and rendering a helping hand to people who need it. Service causes a therapeutic effect and instills a sense of selflessness and kindness and banishes the loneliness and misery that has become your constant companion. Visiting a hospital and talking with poor and sick patients and giving them company not only give a sense of inner peace but it also causes a diversion from your obsession. You can even visit websites and do take part in social activities online. Doing service to others will help redeem your self-respect and confidence and will abet in triumphing over your addiction.