Outcomes of Masturbation Addiction

Masturbation addiction is something that can make your life miserable if you fail to stop it in time. Like any addiction, masturbation addiction tends to mount up day by day and eventually you will find yourself a slave to it. There are several negative outcomes of masturbation addiction that include:

1. Social withdrawal: To masturbate, you will need only one thing and that is you. Masturbation addicts tend to spend plenty of time alone locked in their rooms. They are found to be excessively shy and have poor self confidence. Masturbation addiction lowers your self esteem and may cause you to lessen interactions with people around you.

2. Personality impairment: How would you feel facing people after you have committed some sort of crime? Definitely, you will feel guilty, shy and low in confidence. The same feelings exist in a masturbation addict whose degree may vary from person to person. Thus, masturbation addiction ultimately starts casting negative effects on your professional as well as family life.

3. Rejection: Would you like to have sex with a person who is much happier in self pleasuring? Lack of intimacy from a normal sexual relationship is also a common feature of masturbation addiction. Women do not like partners who masturbate by themselves all the time.

4. Mood swings: Hormones have strong effects on your physical and emotional health. Frequent masturbation disturbs the normal balance in your body hormones and makes mood swings pretty common in masturbation addicts. Anxiety, depression and loss of interest in daily activities are common signs of this condition.

4 Reasons to Quit Masturbation Today

Masturbation is a social disease which everyone probably has their own opinion about. Some people like to justify their acts of masturbation by giving lame excuses while there are others desperately trying to get rid of their habit. Many people go to their physicians and psychologists to ask why should they quit masturbating. For those who need answers, here are the top 4 reasons that should motivate anyone to quit masturbation:

1. Masturbating on a regular basis is closely associated with low energy levels and tiredness. If you are lethargic all the time, then you should seriously consider quitting your habit of masturbation.

2. Masturbation is often linked with the sensation of guilt. People who masturbate chronically usually think for a while that they should not be doing this so often.

3. Memory impairment, slow judgment and decreased IQ are some of the main reasons that usually motivate a person to quit masturbation. This might be associated with lack of sleep due to late hours watching pornography that is common in frequent masturbators.

4. Persistent masturbation can lead to changes in your reproductive tract. The number of sperm may decrease and an inflammation of the prostate gland may occur. This is why frequent masturbators may feel burning sensations after masturbating that may last for 10-15 minutes after the act.

If you want to feel more fresh and energetic, and you long for a better memory and happier life, you should consider taking steps to quit masturbation. The ideal time to quit masturbation is when you first realize that you should quit it.

Should I Be Worry About Being a Porn Addict?

The pornography industry has made it nearly impossible for a person NOT to encounter any pornography at some point or another. The porn industry is a multi-billion industry and they cater to people from all walks of society, whether regular Joe or full on porn addict.

But how do you determine whether a person is watching a regular amount of pornography or whether it is something to be worried about? The definition of porn addiction is when the excessive use of pornography has begun to disrupt the user’s life, including his personal relationships and occupation.

Usually the porn addict develops a dependence on pornography that is so intense that he seeks several forms of it at even inopportune moments. A porn addict is likely to watch, read or think about pornography even at work, or while in the vicinity of friends and families.

Oftentimes, pornography is used to replace sex with their partners or they begin to stop seeking out partners, preferring instead to indulge their sexual fantasies in pornography. Others may continue to seek out sexual relationships with others, but may have trouble performing sexually without pornographic stimulation. This is because they have become so accustomed to being aroused by some of the unusual fantasies in pornography, that normal sex no longer stimulates them. A porn addict with this type of problem is usually forced to involve himself in deviant sex acts to maintain arousal, but these deviances can become more and more intense, sometimes to the point of being unsavoury to their partners.

Major Drawbacks of Pornography Addiction

Pornography addiction is just one of the many vices that a lot of people have today. Not only do men have this addiction but they also share this with women as well. There is also no age limit for people who have this vice, which is very indeed immoral. Having this pornography addiction does not give you any advantage at all, but you will surely get a lot of disadvantages.

If ever you might have this addiction, then it would be a great time to stop it and efficiently get rid of it before you hurt yourself as well as your family. However, it might not be that easy to stay away from your old habits. It will certainly need a lot of motivation and time before you can make yourself pornography addiction free. Pornography addiction is something we should clearly stay away from. A person who has pornography addiction is someone who is clearly obsessed with sex. This can lead to abuse or even overuse of one’s body just to experience a certain sensation of relief. Often, this can also lead to an unhealthy lifestyle which can affect the people around you as well. If you are a parent who is obsessed with this addiction to pornography, then you are slowly neglecting your family obligations enclosing yourself with the fantasies of sex. This will often lead to the destruction of families in which the children will suffer for the actions of their parents.

Problems like depression and loneliness can also occur which bring a lot of unwanted problems as well. These are just some of the disadvantages of pornography addiction that people must know. It is better to live a life full of happiness than waste it on an addiction that can cause a lot of problems in the end.

A Quick Guide to Overcoming Pornography

Overcoming pornography is not the responsibility of the society as a whole, but every individual suffering from it has to play a keen role in saving society from this problem. Increased prevalence of pornography in any society casts long term effects on the wellbeing of its people. Porn addiction has been associated with increased incidence of cases of rapes, child abuse and sexual humiliation of women. Similarly, sexual harassment is also directly linked to watching porn either online or on non-digital sources.

The fight against pornography should start at the government level. A governing body should be founded that keenly observes the availability of online pornographic materials. Screening and blocking the culprit websites can markedly decrease access to pornography. Unfortunately this sole method of overcoming pornography is not that effective as hundreds of pornographic websites get registered on World Wide Web on daily basis.

The next level of the fight against pornography should be done by the society. Different sexual education providers and organizations can play an important role in help in overcoming pornography. They can start awareness programs, advertise the adverse effects of watching porn, and help people learn different ways of quitting pornography addiction.

The role of religious organizations in this regards can be very useful as people who regularly pray to the God are more likely to stay away from porn.

The last and most basic level of fighting against pornography should be established at home. Every responsible individual has to make sure that no one has free access to porn in his house. Use of screening software and software for parental guidance can be of great help in this regard. Remember, there is no replacement for self motivation and determination in the context of overcoming pornography.

How to Quit Porn for Beginners

Many people have been addicted to porn for several years already. There are also those who are just on the verge of starting or have already started watching porn. This might come as a shock to many people, but mere humans as we are, we also make mistakes during our life. This mistake can be watching porn and being addicted to sex.

If you are just a beginner and have no plan of watching porn again, then it is a great choice for you to stop. Dealing with problems that you do not need is one of the greatest downsides of porn addiction. Quitting porn can be very easy if you have just started. Simply ask yourself what benefits did porn watching give to you as well as the disadvantages it can bring. By the time you understand the answer to these questions, then you can figure out for yourself what you clearly need to do. By then, you should know recognize the need to quit immediately. Quitting porn can be just as easy as avoiding it as well as stop thinking about. A person who has just started can also change his or her habits to make life more positive. A life full of negativity can only bring you problems and destroy your future.

Another great tip to quit porn addiction would be to inform yourself more about pornography. A lot of internet websites and resources can give you the wisdom to think clearly and solve your problems in the right way. Learning is one of the best weapons you can have to overcome any problem you will encounter. This is also true for people who want to quit porn in an effective and well-informed manner. Quitting porn while you still have the chance is a great opportunity you need to grab before the risk of getting hooked intensifies.

Extinguishing the Masturbation Urge Completely

One of the many vices of men today is masturbation. This is one big problem that many people also need to stop but do not know how to do. This may cause a lot of problems if not solved immediately. Before you start the process of eliminating your masturbation vice, one must first learn what it is and what it can do to you. This will help you weigh the pros and cons of masturbation as a whole.

The internet is one of the best places to learn about masturbation. Here you can see the advantages and disadvantages it gives to a person. Familiarizing yourself on the matter maybe one of the best things you can do. After you have learned an adequate amount of information about masturbating, then you might want to start changing your daily habits. Masturbating as a vice can cause a lot of problems to you physically, as well as mentally, that is why it should be resolved quickly. You might want to make yourself preoccupied with your daily chores and work to stop thinking about sex all the time. If ever you might be tempted again, then you should have the will power to reject any temptation that might arise. This will be a great test if you can help yourself from masturbating.

Having a great inspiration and source of motivation also helps. Family members and circle of friends can also give you the urge to stop this vice of yours. This could be a great self-esteem booster, enabling you to conquer any obstacle. Lastly, you might want to seek God’s blessing. Praying to God for help is one of the greatest things you can do. With his eternal guidance, you will certainly achieve your goal of stopping your masturbating problems.

Stop Porn Addiction and Focus on More Important Things

Nowadays, people often engage themselves in watching porn and doing nonsense things besides their obligations and responsibilities in life. They neglect the important things they need to do and just waste their time on things that do not matter. These people soon turn into pornography addicts because they cannot stop watching porn, as well as turning into wanderers, which can prove to be a big problem to people who care about them. If you are becoming one of these persons or this is happening to someone you know, then the time has certainly come for you to change your life around.

Controlling yourself from watching porn is very easy to do, but it will need some considerable time and effort. This cannot be done quickly for no one can change just in an instant. A person will need to dedicate a portion of his life just to change the habits he has loved to do each day.

Engaging one’s self in pornography is not important. Pornography will just bring you problems as well as immerse your life in sin. As we all know, pornography is an immoral thing to do because it is purely negative in nature. The bottom line is people should stop watching pornography and concentrate on more important things that really matter in their lives. Unlike food, which is a basic necessity, pornography is just a want and a luxury. It can give temporary pleasure and sexual gratification, but it can also give us an infatuation and lust for sex. There are just a few things that pornography is good for while there are numerous bad things that can be attained from it. It would be somewhat better to live a life without pornography than live a life with it.