A Highly Recommended Treatment for Porn Addiction

Do you want to become a sexual predator? A sexual predator is someone who is deeply influenced with pornography addiction. This is the worst case scenario for someone who is obsessed with sex. If you do not want to become one, it is certainly recommended for you to stop any vice you have with pornography and become free of it immediately.

There are countless, effective treatments for pornography addiction. These treatments are available in the internet as well as other books that talk about pornography addiction. The only thing deterring people who have this addiction is its effectiveness. But what else have you got to lose, this might just turn your life around and leave you pornography free for the rest of your days.

One of the highly recommended treatments to fight pornography addiction is the Overcome Pornography System. This program includes an all-around guide into quitting and stopping pornography from destroying your life and the people you care about. This program works effectively for people who have just started with pornography as well as those who have been addicted to it for a long time. If you want to overcome your addiction, then this might just be your ticket out if it. Most of all, this program makes you feel comfortable and stress free as you start your process of becoming a hundred percent porn free. Using this program will certainly make your life be more productive and bring you a positive future. This program will also lead you to the right path, giving you support for each step you make until your recovery from pornography.

Controlling Yourself

Control! This is a strong word that is plaguing every addict who wants to overcome their addiction. In order to overcome your addiction, you must be able to control and let go of your bad habits. Do not be possessed by these pleasures. Just like breaking a horse, you need to gain control of your emotions and actions, especially with regard to your sexual urges.

Diabetes is a disease suffered by many people, but up to date, it still has no cure. We must compare porn addiction to this illness. Like diabetes, porn addiction has no cure but it is a disease you can control.

Controlling implies effort, energy, and time. It might not be fair for us to think that the addiction won’t go away but it’s the reality. Overcoming pornography means controlling one’s self from watching and seeking erotic and sexual materials. As much as possible, stop it!

Most porn addicts admitted that they were not able to survive this overcoming process without the use of outside help. Many groups and agencies provide counseling and support for these types of addiction. Pornography is not a thing to be ashamed of. Yet you should be proud because you were brave enough to face your addiction and take action on it. Unlike most of the people who are secretly living a double life, one that is a fa

A biblical view of porn

According to the book of Genesis, God created man in His own image and likeness. From this verse, we can concur that the image of every man and woman is pure and holy. Contrastingly, in pornographic materials, men and women are portrayed as sexually craved immoral beings with no regards to emotions or spirituality. This is one demonic deception. This is an entirely wicked portrayal of sex because it does not depict any of God’s purposes for sex.

It is made clear in the Holy Bible that sex is a gift from God to be shared only within the sanctity of marriage. As described from the book of Ephesians, this is God’s way of combining a man and a woman into a single flesh, establishing mutual intimacy and pleasure between each other. Another of God’s primary purpose for sex is pro-creation. As He said in Genesis, “Be fruitful. Go forth and multiply. Fill the earth with your kind and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves.” These things are the basic principles of sex yet these are being disregarded by pornography, where men and women are being explicitly illustrated as lustful creatures who engage in various sexual activities outside of marriage and outside of the norms.

In the gospel of Matthew, God said that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart. Isn’t lustful intent to a woman everything we gain in pornography?!? Unfortunately, it is. Watching pornography will increase our dirty desires to have sex with women, not just to one but to many. This leads us to a life of sexual immorality. Therefore, in the eyes of God, watching pornography is a sin we commit in our hearts, contaminating the very foundations of our faith.

But as God always reminds us, all evil are conquerable and all temptations are resistible. We just have to surrender our hearts to the might of His hand. So if you are being tempted by the sinfulness of pornography, do not easily give in. Lift your soul to God through prayer and He will guide you through. Read the Scriptures and go to churches or congregations near you. Approach your priests or pastors or ministry members and be humble enough to share to them the temptation battle happening inside of you. God and His community of workers will surely welcome you with open arms. And finally, embrace what God has destined for you and your sexuality. Embrace the idea that sex is sacred, a clean and pure act for marriage intimacy and pro-creation.

What is Masturbation Addiction?

Masturbation is one of the most addictive habits that have affected a large number of people all around the world. Both men and women can indulge in this habit and eventually might end up in loss of mental peace and a persistent effort of guilt. Masturbation addiction is usually associated with pure physical pleasure but sometimes people intentionally or unintentionally link it with the mental rest. According to different scientists all around the world this interpretation of masturbation addiction is not true. Associating the masturbation with relied of mental stress is considered lame. In the long run this inculcates the sense of guilt, restlessness and dissatisfaction.

Though many studies have proved that limited number of masturbation cycles may not result in major physical changes in your body but still the social and psychological effects of masturbation addiction are under-reported. This is considered taboo in most of the social circles and almost every religion discourages such indulgences. This is the main reason that masturbation addiction is usually associated with feeling of guilt and disgrace.

There is not a definite number of how many times one will masturbate to be included in the category of masturbation addiction. It would be wise to say that whenever the feelings of sexual arousal that subsequently lead to act of masturbation become uncontrollable by will and start to interfere with your daily performance and social life this should be considered as masturbation addiction. Proper psychological treatment must be considered for such problems to improve the psychological status of the person and enhance the self esteem and composure.

Story of a porn addict

I can’t recall exactly when or where was my first hand experience of a pornographic material, but I know for sure it happened in the early days of my puberty. Of course, puberty is the time when a kid is so eager to be a man and so curious to know what manlihood has to offer. And one important subject matter men have and kids don’t is sex. So when I was around 13 years old, I was so eager to know anything about sex: how the intercourse actually happens, how will it feel, how does the female genitalia look like, etc. My mind acted like one big sponge, absorbing any information I get about sex and saving them in my brain’s hard drive. Of course, one easy way to learn about sexual intercourse is through pornography. So I watched a lot of porn movies and collected bundles of magazines containing explicit materials. Back then, pornography meant nothing more to me than entertainment materials for temporary pleasures and educational resources for future references. Unfortunately, there came a time in my life when watching pornographic materials became rampantly customary to me until I was no longer watching it for temporary pleasure or educational experience. I was watching it because it somehow became a need. Pornography became a part of me, a habit I cannot go through without. I became a porn addict. It was sad. I felt sorry for myself. I was trapped in a world that wasn’t real and I was finding pleasure through virtual women in television screens and magazine covers. So I decided this has to stop. I had to free myself from the trap encaged by pornography. Luckily, I was able to obtain reading materials that suggested various ways on how to break my porn habits. I followed them diligently and I mentally persevered to control myself, resisting every temptation that came my way. Finally, I realized physical control and mental toughness wouldn’t be enough to battle my problem so I resorted to strengthening my Christian faith. I made it a habit to attend Holy Mass every Sunday and joined a religious organization where we read and internalized the Holy Bible and shared our reflections to each other. The improvement of my spiritual strength became the nail to the coffin, the dagger to the heart of pornography. Now I am free from its trap. I am free from porn slavery. And just after I obtained my freedom, I met a very beautiful girl. Her name is Johanna. Last year, she became my wife. Last week, she gave birth to our first baby. The journey to overcoming pornographic addiction is long and winding, but the destination will surely be worth the hardship.

Seeking Professional Help to Stop Porn Addiction

There are many problems in life that we could deal with by ourselves. Sometimes, it takes our own determination and will in order to get things done. But when things seem to be a little out of hand, it does not make us a lesser person to seek for assistance. Having the right support and getting it from the right source are great ways of dealing with trenches in our life that would make a great impact if not given much attention.

We may easily think of seeking counseling for people who are in to drugs or alcoholism such as group therapies or a professional psychologist to deal with emotional and psychological wounds of people who are hooked to such vices. Pornography is nothing different from such problems. For some families, this could even become a dilemma. People who get so hooked to pornography change the way they see other people around them, even people who should be seen as important parts of their life and existence. They begin to lose the respect for such people and even themselves.

This is when matters become too much to handle by one person. In cases like these, you can always ask for professional assistance. Try to surf the internet for services that provide advice and counseling. These professionals can help you deal with achieving a new beginning for you and the people you have hurt. But what matters most at this time is to heal your own wounds first-the wounds that pornography has inflicted to you-wounds that you never noticed. Pornography eats you inside out. It first destroys you then moves on to destroying your ties with the people around you. Don’t allow this to happen. Don’t allow yourself to end up in the list of people who could do nothing more but regret. Seek professional help.

Social Service: An Effective Step to Curbing Porn Addiction

With the advent of the internet and the easy accessibility to all kinds of affairs, it is simply no wonder that more and more people are becoming prey to porn addiction. And the brutal reality is that the number of people falling into this dark pit of immorality is increasing day by day, and perhaps, they have no idea how to let light and clarity pierce this dark abyss.

If you are a porn addict and need support and guidance as to how to prevail over your weakness then it’s time you begin to establish some new habits to replace the corrupt ones. Substituting debauchery with morality is not as simple as it sounds. It is a prerequisite that instead of loitering around the house to fill the void and pass the time you need to get out of it and engage yourself in social work or new hobbies to keep your thoughts from returning back to lustful temptation.

If social work is your option then you have surely chosen a wonderful and fulfilling activity. It is proven to be very therapeutic and restorative for the person. Your thoughts will obtain the distraction they need and you will get a break from your addiction by letting your mind ponder on other people’s predicaments and setbacks in life. Your time is the most precious entity that you can render to others when doing service. You can visit a retirement home or an orphanage and lend an attentive ear or a laughing smile to express your care.

Social service knows no bounds and the options are plentiful. You will be able overcome your immoral deeds by doing acts of kindness and compassion.

Pornography And Masturbation: The Connection

The word “pornography” refers to the extreme outburst of sexual feelings by image, video, magazine, painting, sound, sculpture, animation or anything which can overwhelm one’s thinking. The purpose of pornography may be the arousal of sex, then masturbation.

Masturbation and pornography go together, hand in hand. By watching porn, you masturbate and to continue the habit, you keep porn materials. Masturbation may come to you holding the hand of pornography. You may watch some sort to pornography, and then you need to release through ejaculation. After that comes “masturbation”. The contrary can also happen. You are planning to masturbate. Consequently, you will watch some porn video or read any porn magazine and ultimately masturbate. So, pornography and masturbation cannot go without the other.

These two relatively private, silent dependencies are growing throughout the world and ruining many glorious careers. It is high time we should fight them back. If you are thinking to stop one, you have to stop the other also. Your first step must be to delete all your porn videos and burn all porn magazines. Try to make some good friends who will remove your loneliness. Solitude and boredom may lead you to have these two heinous friends. Change your view of the world. Have the strong determination to avoid both masturbation and pornography. Some people think that watching porn removes their stress, stop thinking like this. While porn itself is a problem, how can it assure you to have a peaceful life? Find other positive ways to relieve your stress.

Breaking the Porn Addiction Habit

Porn addiction like any other addiction is a compulsive psychological disorder, but many authorities are still hesitant to believe that this addiction exists. This might be because of the fact that in all other types of addiction for example alcohol addiction, the people around you come to know about your addiction at a pretty early stage.

On the other hand, porn addiction is a secret habit. People do not talk about it, and they even feel embarrassed discussing it. In the case of alcohol addiction, one may go out to different alcohol addiction support centers to get treatment. But in porn addiction, your visit to a sexual education and rehabilitation center to break your bad habit can be very embarrassing. Your family will look down upon you. Your colleagues will mock you, and eventually, you will have no social life.

If you really want to break porn addiction you first have to understand that porn addiction is like a chronic disease. You may never get rid of it, but you can always have control over it to eliminate all adverse signs and symptoms. Breaking porn addiction is just like breaking a horse and taming it in a way that you can control it.

Breaking porn addiction will return peace back to your life. You will start feeling much lighter and satisfied with life. This is because of the fact that a porn addict usually has the pressure to keep on hiding all his or her pornographic materials and activities associated with it. Once you are free of porn addiction, this pressure will automatically be lifted off.

Short- and Long-term Effects of Masturbation

Masturbation to porn could be one accepted fact nowadays. In this generation where rampant pornography is observed around us, masturbation became a libido regardless of what age bracket you belong. The pleasure it can provide to an individual is somehow becoming equal to a person undergoing sexual intercourse.

The recent news that has surfaced in the medical field today has brought a lot of questions to the people practicing masturbation. Studies showed that excessive masturbation brings up a lot of disorders physiologically and psychologically. When masturbating, a chemical imbalance happens within the person’s body, which in turn, results to connecting side effects.

Excessive masturbation causes fatigue, and thus, one feels weak all the time. Aside from that, stress and anxiety are being promoted with these kinds of acts. Body pains specifically at the lower back could be a main burden for people practicing addictive ejaculation or masturbation. Pain in the reproductive area is also felt for people who perform excessive masturbation, usually at a frequency of 4 to 5 times a week. Due to the chemical imbalance, gradual hair loss or thinning also starts to occur. In the long run, a weak erection or sexual response is observed because of muscles loosening up. Additionally, blurry vision or “eye floaters” usually occur. Although this health condition does not manifest until age thirty, a lot of younger people who masturbate will suffer from this at an earlier age.