Why is Pornography an Addiction

When you label porn viewers as addicts you will be surprised to discover that they do not like to be tagged that way. Most people won’t even admit succumbing to this addiction, and many will just turn away if you tell them that porn addiction is harmful. No one likes to be told negative points about the things which they desire and have no intention of leaving. Many will just wave the entire issue by calling it enjoyment or just pastime. Those who actually come forward and admit that they are in the chains of this addiction are actually the ones facing guilt and shame and have the desire to overcome their compulsion.

Pornography viewing is labeled as an addictive behavior because of its compulsive nature. The person tends to go back over and over again to visit porn sites. This addiction is so obsessive in its character that it has the tendency to break all kinds of relationships. The person’s brain demands constant porn feed to maintain its hormonal levels. The addict resorts to nervous behavior and experiences withdrawal symptoms in case he decides to overcome his addiction. The person’s brain refuses to work at the same capacity if the porn feed is stopped. This shows that pornography viewing is one of the strongest addiction and one of the most challenging to rise above from.

Pornography viewing is termed as addiction because of its life-changing effects. The person no longer remains normal. Enjoyable activities and hobbies cease to interest him. Social peers do not hold any importance for him. He can put his work, spouse, children and relationships at jeopardy without the slightest hesitation. All these are strong points to term pornography viewing as the most dangerous addiction reigning today.

An Informative Guide on Masturbation

Masturbation means touching and rubbing different sexual limbs of the body to get sexual pleasure. It is quite common for all types of people though the frequency varies.

Frequency of masturbation depends on certain things such as sexual habit, arousal of sex, attitude towards masturbation, resistance of sex, health etc. Statistics show that in USA about 92% of men and 62% of women have masturbated in one point or more in life. In a 2007 British survey, among people at the age of 16-44, 95% of men and 71% of women masturbate from time to time. In 2009 The European Nations encourage their teens to masturbate daily. This was done to reduce the rate of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Individuals of both sexes who do not have a sex partner are thought to be frequent masturbators. Everybody who requires sex in their lives also requires a partner to share it with, but in the absence of a partner, one cannot remain without sex. In this situation, the only option is masturbation. The frequency of masturbation differs from individual to individual. One can masturbate 10 to 12 times a day for being extremely horny to a couple times a month if he/she does not feel all that horny. Frequency of masturbation depends on how often you choose to enjoy it. Some people don’t like masturbation, and obviously in that case the frequency may be very low, sometimes even none. The strength of health also plays a vital role in the frequency of masturbation.

Pornography Addiction

Addiction refers to a strong desire to do any particular job, though it is regarded in the negative sense. The American Society of Addiction Medicine has defined addiction as “Addiction is a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry.” The definition also includes sexual addiction.

It is natural that different people have different psychological issues, a different kind of mindset. Hence, it is natural to find addiction of pornography in someone. When someone engages in the overuse or abuse of pornography, his or her act is most commonly attributed to pornography addiction.

A pornography addicted person creates a different world of his/ her own and tries to live in the world he/she has created. Obviously, this creates disturbance in his social life, in his married life and also in his professional life. He starts to live in a virtual world which in reality does not exist. The effect of porn on a human brain is regarded toxic and is compared with cocaine. Psychologists claim that prolonged exposure to pornography stimulates a preference for depictions of group sex, sadomasochistic practices, and sexual contact with animals.

In the past, when someone wanted to watch pornographic films and read pornographic material, one had to go to the shop and buy porn magazines or rented videos. But, given that we live in an Internet based world, it takes only a click of a mouse and you are in the world of pornography. Whenever they want to enjoy pornography, they can do it only by some clicks in YouTube or Google image. Via Bluetooth they can share it to anyone and thus pornography spread everywhere.

The Sad Consequences of Porn Addiction Among the Youth

The ghost of pornography addiction has taken over the whole world over the last couple of decades. Where internet has connected each and every home on the surface of planet, pornography has become equally accessible on every computer connected to the internet. This is an era of digital technology and young kids in their early teen and even preteen years are addicted to digital appliances. Whether they use laptops, cell phones or iPads, pornography is equally accessible by all these appliances. This is why pornography addiction among kids is becoming more and more common with each passing day.

Porn addiction in kids has come with some grim consequences. Today we see kids talking in a very slang style of language. They have seen the unseen and have heard what should not be heard at their age. This is why the incidence of precocious puberty is increasing significantly. Their behavior is not what is expected of them and their performance in sports and academics is falling below average.

We live in troubled times wherein it is no longer a surprise to hear about some teenage student trying to rape his fellow classmate. Such sad incidents often find their roots in watching porn and seeing situations wherein the female says “no” but seems to want to engage in sexual activity anyway.

The teenage years are a curious time which is why many young boys and girls take interest in watching porn. However at this tender and impressionable age, seeing certain scenarios depicted in pornography can change the way they view sex and may create deviant sexual tendencies in them that can last a lifetime.

Breaking the Hold of Pornography Addiction

More often than not, personal issues and excuses concerning one’s addiction have been an accepted fa

Find an Emergency Exit From Masturbation

When a house or building is caught in a fire or any other terrible thing happens, people living in that house use the emergency exit to escape. Every modern building has an emergency exit to save lives. Similarly, when the wave of temptations to masturbate comes, you need to have an emergency exit to escape masturbating.

If you are a regular masturbator, it may seem only natural for you to be constantly compelled to masturbate. This may happen for some reason or another. If you haven’t ejaculated for one to two weeks, it becomes a physical demand to ejaculate. As your body gets accustomed to constant masturbation, it will certainly begin to remind you about it more often than normal. You may watch any type of titillating content and be sexually aroused. Being so accustomed to getting release, you may then find yourself having to masturbate.

If it is tough for you to avoid masturbation in such cases, it is better to prepare yourself so as to avoid it better. Have sex with your spouse or loved one regularly. It will provide you with the regular release that your body craves for.

Try to turn the flow of your thinking in different direction when you think you are going to masturbate again. You may listen to some songs, read a thriller book, and think about a hobby or anything else which will make you forget about masturbation. Having a hobby like gardening, fishing, playing games, or hiking will help you to avoid masturbation when the cravings strike.

It is your duty to find an emergency exit if you really want to avoid masturbation. Before you are placed in a situation that compels you to masturbate, find a way out.

The Good and Bad Effects of Masturbation on a Relationship

The effect of masturbation on a relationship is a controversial issue. Some specialists think masturbation helps make a good and healthy relationship while others find it harms a healthy relationship if you are a regular masturbator.

One side holds the view of the positive side of masturbation. They think masturbation is a natural part of a sexual relationship. Masturbation is a great way to find out what arouses your partner. Sometimes, your sex partner may not be in the mood for sexual intercourse when you are. In cases such as those, masturbation may be a good way to relieve your sexual tension. Generally, not everyone has similar sexual drives. One partner often has a stronger drive than the other. To deal with a stronger sexual drive, masturbation can help level the couple. Mutual masturbation is also practiced by couples to prevent pregnancies or the passage of sexually transmitted diseases. It’s also a great way to spice up the sex life of a couple.

On the other side of the spectrum, other experts view masturbation as harmful and also for good reason. Masturbation is a rather selfish process. It does not require a partner. You can just imagine a sexual partner and stimulate yourself even without having a partner present. Thus, some people find that they resort to masturbation rather than looking for a partner. Men also cannot usually ejaculate too many times in a day and when they masturbate too often, they may not be as into the actual sex with their partner as they should be.

So, masturbation in some cases can help build a good relationship with a partner while other times, it can destroy a relationship and maybe even prevent a person from looking for a relationship altogether.

Life Beyond Pornography

As men, there has always been this unavoidable display of machismo that has to be expressed. Boys like to have fun, just as girls do. But since there is a very profound difference with the ways both sexes have fun, conflict is expected. As kids, watching pornography was not a big deal. Well, maybe it was, but only to a certain point. Trading stories with friends, sharing each others’ stashes of porn, etc-these things were the stuff of teen years. As a grown man, however, viewing porn is questionable.

As the years went by, things in your life have changed. Maybe at this point you already have a family you take care of. Maybe you have a job that demands much time and effort. Whatever it is you consider important in your life, in a nutshell, is affected by watching pornography. As you very well know, your time is spent to the last minute when you start watching porn. Physically, as well, your body becomes lethargic to the stuff you just have to do. Is this something to be proud of? It doesn’t seem like it. Keeping your priorities in check is your full-time job. Watching pornography is not.

Just think about all the things you love in your life. Minus pornography, these things or people definitely have a very special place in your life. Using up your time and attention to pornography is hurtful to them! Since these people and things are who and what you hold dear, you would not want something like pornography watching to cause problems. For starters, the headache and humiliation involved is immense and actually, 100% avoidable. Think about that the next you click on that streaming video of your most desired sexual fantasies being performed in your computer screen. It is said that knowing is half the battle, so now that you have realized your problem, the next step to it is solving it.

Masturbation Addiction Discovered

Men are more prone to masturbation addiction than women because of their human nature. From the younger generation up to the older ones, all have had some experience with masturbation. Once you have experienced this branch of sexual stimulation, there will be times that your urges become more and more frequent. This in turn can lead to an addiction to masturbation that can bring you more disadvantages rather than benefits.

Many men might not know the disadvantages of masturbation unless it is too late. They will discover these problems once these have already affected their daily lives as well as those of the people around them. In young men, masturbation can be just a source of relief or experimentation as they mature through life. Yet in the end, this can be a source of health problems as well as the cause of immoral acts at a young age. For older men, this can lead to adultery as well as unsafe sex with other women. With this, people who engage in this immoral act can acquire diseases that can certainly cause them a lot of health issues. Masturbation addiction can also destroy families, which can be a great burden to the children. Other obligations like work can also be in peril as men seem to be more preoccupied with sex rather than finding a means of living. These are just some of the difficulties and problems that might occur if you have a certain fondness for masturbating. It would be best if you stop immediately before you do more harm to yourself and to everyone around you.

How to Overcome your Pornography Habit

A lot of people nowadays battle a silent but deadly problem, its name is pornography. Overcoming pornography addiction is a hard and long road to take. Many people often try to take the first step to overcome this problem but always find their way back to the problem over and over again. There are certain factors that people need to understand about this dilemma if they want to solve this efficiently. Not only do adults have this predicament but also the young teenagers that are evolving into maturity. Both men and women share this problem but men are more prone to this addiction rather than the women. Among some of the problems that come with pornography addiction is disease. Based on certain researches, men who are sexually active with different partners are more prone to HIV and other diseases. This might be because of their lust for sex as well as improper practices of unsafe sex. This can be influenced by addiction to pornography that urges a person to be more sexually active all the time. Another problem would be the risk of doing certain crimes. Addiction to pornography sometimes leads to violence like rape and other vices which can certainly destroy lives in the end. A person who cannot control his or her pornographic addiction will certainly have a hard time at work and even at home. This might also lead to family problems that can destroy the relationships of a mother, father, and most of all their children’s future. Lastly, this addiction can destroy your inner self making your relationship with yourself and God farther apart than ever before. Sins are one thing we need to avoid and pornography is certainly one of them.