Downsides of Excessive Masturbation

It is a controversial fact whether masturbation has negative effects on the body or not. In actuality, it depends on the person masturbating. If he or she limits their masturbation, then it may not have negative effects. But if done frequently, like over eating, it will take its toll on the body. Here, we shall discuss the negative effects of masturbation.

The first thing that comes to mind as a negative effect of excessive masturbation is that it reduces your stamina. You should obviously refrain from over masturbation as it puts a great amount of pressure on your prostate. It is also harmful to your brain since it releases some important chemicals. Masturbation exhausts calcium causing pains in the bones and fatigue in the legs. It is known to all that red cells and platelets are formed in the bone marrow. The bone marrow may not develop properly thus resulting in multiple complications which may also lead to fatal diseases.

Aside from the body, masturbation also has its negative impacts on the mind. Psycho-sexual impotence is the ultimate result of masturbation. A person who regularly masturbates cannot have successful intercourse with his or her partner as he/she is used to do it by in their own private time. But while experiencing it, he/she finds no coherence between the reality and the imagination. The final result is psycho-sexual impotence. Moreover, experts say that there are several type of madness which is generated by sexual abuse and masturbation. So, it is necessary to have total control over masturbation to have a healthy life.

Conquering Freedom from Pornography Addiction

A lot of people who have experienced pornography addiction cannot overcome or really have a hard time overcoming their addiction. This is one of the most common problems now that people need to solve and find the answers to quickly before it gets out of hand. Having a pornography addiction might seem simple and easy. Yet, the fact cannot be denied that it is one of the most addictive vices today. It destroys lives and breaks families apart. If you just leave this habit to fester in yourself, it might take turn for the worst. There’s no opportune time than now to revert to your porn-free life and live a better life away from the influences of evil thoughts and doings.

A person who has not yet conquered his or her problems with pornography addiction lives a life full of regrets and lies. A life filled with pornography is very stressful and unhappy. Dilemma after dilemma shows up, making your life very miserable. Among these dilemmas could be family problems. Family bonds and ties will be broken because of lack of attention. This can also lead to physical, mental, psychological, and social health problems for you. In time, this desire can get out of hand and will certainly cause problems making someone a potential rapist or sexual offender. Most of all, this addiction can make you feel depressed all the time and render you useless at work and especially at home.

Freedom is certainly worth fighting for. Once you conquer your pornography addiction, this will certainly be the start of your life filled with happiness and laughter.

The First Step to Prevention: Minimizing Masturbation Frequency

If you are a regular masturbator and struggling to quit this bad habit, then you may try to narrow down masturbation frequency. Generally, people used to masturbate at night when they go to bed. At this time, they lie down and begin to relax. They feel tired and have nothing to do but think. Basically, people can’t hardly avoid thinking about sex and porn, and ultimately masturbate. One of the primary reasons why they do this is to relieve stress and just go to sleep. Finding the most struggling time for you to stop masturbation will be very helpful to reduce it from your life. If it is during nighttime before going to bed, then think of other things instead of masturbating. Exercising will also help you burn some testosterone before going to bed and the chances of falling asleep faster are increased. As you fall asleep faster, you will have less time to think about porn and masturbation.

For some people, the opportune time to masturbate is when they take bath. If it is your problem too, there may some options to remove it. Make your showers shorter and occupy yourself by singing, instead of masturbating. Without bathing in a bathroom, you may go to a public swimming pool as in front of others you will not be able to think about masturbating. If is it another time of the day when you feel the urge to masturbate, think of some other things to keep yourself busy.

What Makes Porn So Popular?

Everyone in the world has the feeling that porn addiction has nothing good to offer; rather it only brings all things negative. If this is the case then why is porn so popular? Obviously, there are so many reasons why porn has gained so much popularity.

The most important factor is human psychology. Generally, everyone gets curious to see what is forbidden to him or do what he cannot do in front of everyone. Pornography has this kind of effect, it evokes curiosity. When a child becomes first acquainted with porn, he realizes that he should not watch it; however, curiosity gets the best of him. He watches porn time and again, prompting the addiction to pornography.

The next thing is mental disturbance. Some people think that porn relieves their stress and removes their anxiety. So, they watch porn whenever they need to remove their tension. Basically, porn raises sex in a man and sexual feeling overwhelms other tensions. However, pornography only offers temporary respite against all the stress and tension you are feeling.

Sex is a basic need. However, you need a partner to do it with. When you are not involved in any relationship, you substitute intimacy with masturbation. To be able to masturbate frequently you need pornography.

If you don’t want to end up a porn addict, you need to come up with motivating reasons why you shouldn’t engage in pornography.

Control Masturbation Addiction Through a Change in Outlook

After finding out your reasons for masturbation, your next mission is figuring out how to handle the situation. Handling a situation is a great skill which you need to practice over and over. In any situation, you need to control your feelings, not be controlled by your feelings. Feelings are the sum total of your thoughts, your ways of interpreting the world, and your overall attitude to others and to life. It is all up to you how you deal with your feelings. If you feel bored with the world, the world is not responsible for that. It is your way of looking at the world which makes you feel bored.

Imagine you’re wearing colored glasses. The world may seem to be red colored if you wear red colored glasses, yellow if you wear a yellow colored one, and black if your glasses are black. Feelings also work the the same way. If view the world as something filled with pain, you’ll find it anywhere you go. If you roam the world thinking that no one understands you, you will always feel lonely even though you are in a crowd of friends.

So before stopping masturbation, change your outlook. If the situation makes you bored and compels you to masturbate, tell yourself that you are not actually bored and look for something productive to do. Feeling lonely, just open the door and go out to mix with others, or let others come into your life. Forget your painful past and find happiness in the present. Control over emotions will make you a better person and it will also help you quit masturbation or any kind of addiction for that matter more easily.

Educating the Children of Pornography

Though it is impossible to eradicate pornography completely, parents can take a strong stand to protect their children from this vastly prevalent addiction. Pornography is a sensitive issue, and parents and teenagers both are very uncomfortable when discussing about it face to face. Parents and teachers both look at pornography with condemnation and are forever afraid that their children’s innocence might be eroded with the pollution of pornography. While on the other hand, the teenagers of today view porn as exciting, stimulating and able to invoke sexual feelings, which are not possible in any other way at their age.

Parents are hesitant to handle this topic because of the indecency that is circling the air at the mere utter of the word

Understanding the Factors that Influence your Porn Addiction

Dopamine is the neurochemical released by the brain when it experiences reward, stimulation, addiction, happiness or learning. The increase and decrease depend upon the intensity of the above-mentioned factors.

Understanding dopamine function is vital for overcoming pornography addiction. The increase in the level of dopamine differs for all types of drugs; the highest increase being recorded for amphetamine. But dopamine levels decrease after an hour or two in all sorts of drug addiction and even in natural healthy sex. Surprisingly, dopamine levels do not decline for 5-6 hours in pornography addicts. This means, that the chemical responsible for stimulation and exciting pleasure remains high for a very long period of time in pornography addicts. This can cause overstimulation in the brain and it craves for more and more pleasure. It becomes difficult to satisfy its cravings with natural healthy sex because normal sex is now incapable of extinguishing the fire of pleasure and craving burning inside your heart. It can only be complied with porn.

This is very important to understand for addicts wishing to climb up the road to recovery. They need to be completely honest about their addiction and need to discuss the matter in detail with their therapist. This recovery road for overcoming pornography addiction is full of thorns. Once you decide to stop using porn, your brain experiences a drop in dopamine levels and you start feeling dreadful. You experience withdrawal symptoms and even a real sex partner cannot boost you up. Your brain keeps screaming for porn as it is the only thing that is capable of rewarding you with pleasure at this point. Your abstinence is only effectual if you persist with unfailing strength and with the belief that you can beat your addiction at all cost.

Identifying Porn as a Need or Want

The last time I checked, man’s basic needs did not include porn. If this is so, how come there are individuals who find it so difficult to let go of pornographic activities? Can’t they live without it? This is a question whose answer would vary depending on the individual’s priorities, upbringing, disciplines and principles, as well as way of life. However, if you take a general perspective with regard to the above mentioned question, it is easy to conclude that this is not a need. Porn can be categorized as a want. If you say that something is a need, without it, the chances of existence are lost. But if it is considered a want then existence is still possible. This is perhaps something that has to do with how a person would prioritize the things in his or her life.

If one indulges in such activities for quite some time, he or she begins to see the act as a need rather than just a want. He or she begins to get used to doing such activities that when the time comes that he or she does not get to do it, things begin to feel different-as if something is missing. Nothing was actually missing you just made it up to rationalize your addiction. Getting used to something would fall under gratifications rather than sources for existence or survival. Our body did not get used to food or water and air. It simply needs them to continue to survive.

Important Steps to Avoid Pornography

Pornography is the extreme outburst of sexual feelings by image, video, magazine, painting, sound, sculpture, animation or anything which can overwhelm one’s thinking. A man who is educated and has self-esteem cannot continue with porn watching after realizing the negative effects of this habit. But if one gets hooked in pornography, it becomes hard for him to avoid the act.

In this modern world, you can find porn everywhere. It is common to have porn videos in your PC. If you have decided to stop watching porn, you need to delete all porn videos and images from your hard disk and avoid browsing any porn web sites. You can even stop using the Internet to eradicate the temptation of watching porn materials, but if this is not possible, you can use various types of software which filter pornographic web content.

Avoid sitting in front of your computer all day long. Just use it when you really need to. When you have what you need, have the will to turn it off and find other productive ways to spend your time. Engage in hobbies like gardening, swimming, hiking, fishing, playing games, etc. Not only will you have fun, but you will forget about watching porn.

Meditation is another way which will help you to avoid pornography. Not only will it give you peace of mind, but it will help you focus on achieving your goal of quitting porn addiction. Make friends and mingle with other people so that the time you spend alone ogling porn materials is greatly reduced. Share your goal of stopping porn addiction with your significant other, your friend, or a therapist. Doing this will help you overcome the addiction faster, especially if that person offers a great support system. Lastly, stop saying “I will try” rather, say “I will do”, then you’ll know success is yours.

The Harmful Effects of Masturbation

Masturbation is an act of ejaculation or sexual excitement which is brought on other than normal sexual intercourse. It is practiced on one’s self by one’s own hands. Excessive masturbation, one that is practiced is more than four times weekly, can cause detrimental effects on a man’s sexual and physical health.

The body suffers intense weakness and is subjected to intense fatigue on the slightest exertion. The person experiences constant backaches and headaches and feels overtired. Frequent masturbation is the main reason of erectile dysfunction in men after their married life. This leads to low libido and subdued sexual arousals, which can cause great problems in relationships with the opposite sex. Constant masturbation is also hazardous as young boys are not capable of understanding the proper functions of sexual organs and misusing them for a longer period of time can cause many lifelong weaknesses. It can devastate the manliness of the person and render him incapable of bearing children. Impaired vision and loss of memory are also reported by people who practice frequent masturbation.

Young preadolescent boys need to be under constant guardianship to prevent continual sexual excitement that eventually leads to masturbation. They should never be allowed to sit in seclusion or to access the Internet in private. The hormonal ups and downs in boys are a great temptation to indulge in masturbation and once started, it is a very addictive habit to give up. Masturbation can also pave the way for other forms of sexual addictions to derive more and more sexual pleasure that is why limiting this habit in the raw age is vital for a strong physical health in the future.