Thoughts that Help Overcome Porn Addiction

Your thoughts direct your actions. As the saying goes, “if you can think it, you can become it”. Applying this to pornography addiction, if you have the power to make the resolution to surmount the greatest of weaknesses, you surely have the capacity to channel your actions towards a positive and moral goal. Changes do not take place overnight. Time is the most precious entity consumed when accomplishing the objective of overcoming porn addiction. Therefore, on the line graph of life, you may face obstacles and hurdles but as long as the line is going upwards you can congratulate yourself on your progress.

When trying to overcome your porn addiction it is only natural that your mind will be bombarded with pornographic images and temptation will constantly entice you. You can’t just simply avoid your thoughts from spiraling towards pornography. Acknowledge the power of temptation, and then try to replace the temptation by doing different activities. For example, you can concoct your favorite snack or experiment with new ingredients to come up with a new recipe every time you feel the lustful urge of porn addiction. You can take a stroll outside and breathe in the fresh air and relish the sensation of being alive.

Instead of letting your addiction dominate your thoughts, try to tower above your immoral habit by schooling your brain to concentrate on positive thoughts and happier prospective about the future. You can achieve success by persevering with firmness on your struggle to overcome porn addiction.

Pornography Addiction: Facts and Figures

Amidst the rapid development of technology and modernization of the world, different issues, whether personal or social, are already rising. A lot of us may be glad of the ease and efficiency the internet has brought to us. Yet, we also have problems overcoming these elements once they have reached the stage of addiction, especially on the realm of online pornography.

There are lots of opinions regarding the value of pornography in an individual’s life. Though many countries prohibit the viewing of pornography especially for youngsters, this rule seems to be incapable of such restriction. The easy access of pornography in the internet, regardless of what age you are, makes it impossible to totally overcome the addiction and the spread of online pornography.

To give you tidbits of facts, in the US, a revenue of as much as 13.3 billion dollars is generated by the pornography industry. There are over 4.2 million pornographic websites on the Internet, this number constitutes 12% of the total number of websites. A research conducted in the United States showed that 42.7% of internet users are using the web for online pornography. These large numbers are not stationary, but rather constantly increasing.

This statistics should serve as a challenge, whether you want to be part of the online community of porn addicts or not. Although, you may not be able to totally banish the use of online porno at one time, you could at least start by minimizing the use of such explicit contents in the internet.

A Word of Caution on Masturbation

If you crave to masturbate most of the time then you certainly have masturbation addiction. This addiction is not like any other addiction for this one comes from a wonderful state of mind but with harmful effects to your body.

However, there’s always a way to avoid it because every addiction problem has its own solutions. It will just be up to the person with the addiction to be able to come up with a customized solution to his addiction. With this, there are also several warnings that come along with this masturbation addiction. Aside from it being an addictive problem, it also poses as risk in terms of a healthy lifestyle. It can bring problems like depression, as well as an unhappy life, that can be a great downfall. As much as it being an influential deed, you can also influence others with this addiction and spread it amongst your peers and even your family members. This will get out of hand and soon a lot of people you know might be encountering this addiction.

With the availability of a lot of pornographic materials nowadays, time will only tell whether you can find the answer to this problem or will it draw you down into submission. Being an addictive problem, this can make a person lust for sex all the time; hence, the need to masturbate every day becomes an urgent matter. A person can lose track of time, as well as the obligations he or she has in life. These are just some of the warnings that a masturbation addiction can offer a person unless he or she finds a way out of this addiction.

Stopping Masturbation: The Key to Joy

Excessive masturbation results in multiple medical problems. A masturbation addict loses control over his or her sexual desires. When a person masturbates, he masturbates only for pleasure and sexual gratification. Because the person masturbating practices ejaculating as quickly as possible, premature ejaculation becomes a habit for them and a problem. In addition, erectile dysfunction, a medical problem in which a person fails to achieve an erection in order to engage in sexual intercourse, is prevalent in masturbation addicts. This causes insecurity in people that may dissuade them from engaging in regular sexual lives. Thus, masturbation addiction can be the root of marital problems for several couples and could eventually lead to separation or divorce.

A masturbation addict may gradually lose interest in orgasms. For them, masturbation becomes as normal an activity to urinating and defecating. These people fail to enjoy the real spirit of life. After achieving an orgasm, they’re only left with the feeling of absolute emptiness. Thus, a masturbation addict can find it difficult to enjoy sexual acts.

Stopping masturbation can rejuvenate the life of a person. He may start regaining an interest in life. His marital life may also become more satisfactory and the feeling of guilt can become replaced with self confidence.

Realities of Porn Addiction

Porn addiction refers to your unstoppable desire to watch porn. On the surface, it may not seem harmful to watch porn. You may also think it will not affect anybody if you watch it all by yourself in your room. In reality, you cannot imagine how injurious pornography can be. It may not affect others directly, but it is affecting you and you are not outside of society. Besides, as you are a regular porn customer, someone is tortured to make porn for your pornography habit. People like you are responsible for the torture. As closing the eye does not mean that nobody is seeing you, watching porn alone does not mean that it is not harming anybody.

Pornography has now stretched its ill smelling roots to all classes of society. With the increasing use of the internet and satellite TV, porn has increased to such a wide extent that in almost every sector we find the negative aspect of pornography. From a six-year-old boy to the sixty-year-old lady, anybody can be a victim of pornography.

Women are the common victims of pornography. Naturally, men are mostly fond to watch pornography, and definitely, they like to see nude pictures or videos of the opposite sex. To fulfill the wide demands of pornography, women are abused to make porn everywhere. Moreover, after watching porn, the addict needs to ejaculate and to do that the women become the victim again.

The Harsh Realities of Porn Addiction

As an anonymous friend hoping to give advice, here’s my 2 cents on pornography: like most things, anything in excess is bad. The reality of things is that pornography is at the fingertips of anyone with access to a computer-which is practically the world over. The problem lies in the fact that people end up making pornography much worse than an occasional thing you feel you need to do. Some get obsessed. Actually, the term is really “addicted”. However bad it may sound, that is the truth. Some people are addicted to porn.

Getting addicted to anything starts with a first taste. For you, that was years and probably decades ago. You must wake up! An addiction to porn is not good for your health and well-being. You have other things you have to worry about, and not just yourself. Other people are now at stake with the things you do. Your work may suffer, which is a strain on your source of income. Your girlfriend or wife and kids will suffer too. You are there to support them, not use up your valuable time and effort just on yourself.

The great thing about this is that getting off a porn addiction is totally possible. All you have to do is take the first step and be serious about it. You will find how wonderful and liberating it is to be able to have a clear conscience and positive outlook on everything. Use the resources your already have to make your journey easier and better. The Internet is used for everything, as you know. So, why not use it to find out how to get off a habit detrimental to your life? Check it out right now because there is no “I’ll quit tomorrow” if you are fighting an addiction. Be positive and everything will be alright.

The Role of the Mind in Stopping Porn Addiction

Porn addiction, like every other addiction, is related to certain parts of our brains. Many therapeutic drugs and opiates have strong addictive properties because they alter the normal functioning of our nervous system. In the case of porn addiction, the memory storage and information retrieval system of our central nervous system is involved. Scientists have proven that the center for sexual desire is closely associated with the centers for hunger and thirst. This is why they believe that the expression of sex is one of the basic urges of any human being.

Persistent watching of pornographic material can have strong effects on our memory and recall system. So even if we don’t have direct access to porn, we may still have nasty feelings. The memories of pornographic experiences keep on stimulating our sex centers so that we would see the sexual aspects even in the most mundane things in our everyday life. This is when the side effects of porn addiction become very obvious. We may find it hard to control our lustful feeling even toward our family members. Thus, porn addiction eventually proves catastrophic for the social and family system.

Taking it in a technical way, dealing with porn addiction is basically dealing with neurotransmitter imbalance in your nervous system. We will be successful in dealing with our occult intentions and thoughts if we can work out a way to bring harmony in the concentration of the different neurotransmitters in the right part of our brain. By understanding the mechanism of porn addiction, we can deal with it in the best possible way.

5 Simple Steps that Eradicate Porn Addiction

It has not been long when us friends were sitting together discussing the curse of porn addiction and different ways of getting rid of it. At that time, we realized that you all need is some help with porn addiction if we want to get rid of it once for all. If you too are looking for some help with porn addiction then you are at the right place at the right time. In this article, you will find tips that may help you in controlling your addiction.

Tip 1: Do some research. Understand what porn addiction is, how it develops and how it takes control of all your thoughts and daily activities. Your first target should be to understand your problem and knowing all the signs and symptoms of porn addiction that are either general or specific to you.

Tip 2: Before going for treatment, it is mandatory to know the different stages of porn addiction. It is just like knowing the stage of the disease before treating it. Thus, you will be able to find the right help.

Tip 3: Get the help from someone better: This can be a friend, councilor or even a sex education organization or society. Discuss your problem in detail with them and get you might benefit from their useful advice.

Tip 4: Plan your treatment of porn addiction. The better plan you have the easier it will be to avoid porn. This is the way to go.

Tip 5: Last but not the least the use of different tracking devices and software on your smart phone, laptop and personal computers. This way you will have that nagging feeling that someone is watching you and this feeling will quickly eradicate porn from your life.

Tips on How to Overcome Your Porn Addiction

For porn addicts, acknowledging that pornography addiction is a serious issue and one that needs to be overcome is difficult. Their lives practically fall apart, relations get estranged, and yet, they are not able to prevent it from happening. Porn addicts are unable to get over their disgusting obsession because if they did they would have done so already. Pornography addiction brings the feeling of guilt, embarrassment and humiliation every time the resistance crumbles and sexual urges are indulged. Ripping apart the ingrained seeds of immorality is not so straightforward. It requires fortitude and a will of iron that wouldn’t bend to temptation.

Making the tough decision to put an end to this vileness is the first step in overcoming pornography. Porn addicts need to apply new coping tools to solve their problem. It means changing their lifestyle and habits and reinforcing them daily. They need to identify the root cause which led them to this addiction, for example stress, loneliness, or painful feelings from a broken relationship are common factors. Then, set about finding a solution to that cause. Learn to handle stress and fill the void. This way, you can achieve peace of mind and tranquility of the soul. Modifying the environment could also be of great assistance in overcoming pornographic addiction. For example, if the temptation strikes at home, then getting rid of the internet or getting a suitable Internet filter would be appropriate.

Vulnerability towards temptation is a natural human behavior, but persevering towards a righteous goal is a leading step towards rising above the weakness.

The Porn Addiction and Brain Connection

Scientists have evaluated that the expression of sexual desires is one of the basic necessities of human beings. Actually sex is closely associated with the most primitive instincts such as eating and drinking. All the natural acts that bring contentment and satisfaction to our body eventually result in increases in dopamine levels in certain areas of the brain. Similarly, sexual activity increases the dopamine levels in different brain sites. The spikes in dopamine level usually last for less than 30 minutes. While watching porn, this spike in dopamine levels lasts for more than an hour and at times for several hours even.

This type of neurotransmitter release can be said to be a type of addiction as the porn addict is said to be in a state of