An In-depth Explanation of the Masturbation Addiction

Masturbation is called the solitary vice by Freud. According to Freud, sex is the product of the union of a man and a woman who loves and complements each other. But in masturbation the other partner does not exist in reality. If the person who masturbates is a man, he imagines a woman; and if it is a woman, she dreams of a man. In both cases, the exhaustion is multiplied; both of them try to express happiness more than they actually feel. In essence, they are both cheating themselves. As a solitary vice, masturbation stimulates erotic fantasy which results in brain exhaustion and sometimes sexual impotence.

Samael Aun Weor, another psychologist, opines that sexual fantasy causes impotence of a psychosexual type. A regular male who masturbates may face this problem. Like others, he may have normal erections. But when he attempts to engage in social activity his partner, the penis fails and loses the erection. This failure makes the man highly disappointed. Actually, someone who masturbates is habituated to have sex in an imaginary world. Whenever he or she faces the hard reality of sex, they become confused and their sex organs don’t function properly. There are some instances that when they reach the point of sexual exhaustion, regaining sexual vigor is close to impossible.

Someone who masturbates is lustful, indulges in porn magazines, watch erotic and pornographic films. Doing these, he or she wastes the reservation of sexual power. Sex is the happiest and purest thing in the world, but they waste the power in some brutal way.

Porn in the Old Age Population

It can be quite embarrassing when your friends tease you about your grandpa who is addicted to porn. An old age porn addict leads himself and his family into a deep ditch of humiliation, disgrace and dependency. Porn addiction in old age is as likely a condition as it is in teenage boys. The major difference lies in the intensity and type of porn addiction.

There is a general misconception that sexual desires do not last beyond the age of fifty. However, the decline in sexual desires is not that remarkable. It is just the physiological deterioration of sexual abilities. A recent study shows that a significant number of the older population regularly engage themselves in sexual activities. The frequency of sexual intercourse is dependent on the availability of a partner. In certain conditions when the partner is not available or a person has proper access to pornographic material, pornography addiction can well be expected in old age.

Pornography addiction in old age is usually chronic, and the addict may not have a persistent feeling of guilt. But pornography addiction in old age is associated with a large deal of embarrassment when other family members find out about it. Similarly, these persons usually lack self-esteem, life a dull life, and experience frequent mood swings.

Pornography addiction in old age requires expert management as many old age porn addicts lack the determination and have a greater tendency to relapse. Social support provided by family members and friends can also be of great help for these people who struggle in overcoming pornography.

A Potent Guide against Masturbation Addiction

There are a lot of tips and guides available for people who are wondering on how to stop masturbating efficiently. This might be because of certain problems they have encountered with having a problem like masturbating addiction in their life. Masturbating can cause a lot of problems that may give way to some immoral acts. Some of these problems might be noticeable to many but neglected by others as well. In time, this can cause severe problems that can ruin lives and your hopes for a brighter future. When masturbation has been a part of your daily life, it is very hard to stop and let go. This will certainly be a big jump on your part to let go of something you have adapted to. However, there is still hope for someone who wants to stop from this addiction. There are many helpful tips available on the internet as well as in books that can make a lot of difference in your struggle to be free from this obsession. One of these tips could be the use and application of certain programs like the Overcome Pornography System. This system is designed to make your struggle for freedom more achievable . This program is built with the sole purpose of making your life masturbation free and pornography free as well. Another tip would also be the complete obliteration of any pornographic materials you might possess. Making yourself free from these will surely help a lot control your sexual desires as well as your masturbation urges. Most of all, this will help you become more productive and positive minded on the things you do each day.

Symptoms and Harmful Effects of Sexual Addiction

Today’s generation is increasingly exhibiting all kinds of aggressive addictions, such as pornography addiction, sex addiction, masturbation addiction, and even prostitution addiction. Any addiction can have a detrimental effect on the addict due to its unlimited scope of negative symptoms, which badly affect a person’s health and lifestyle.

Some of the symptoms and harmful effects of sexual addiction are:

– The addict leads a dependent life. The continual quest for a sex partner to gratify uncontrollable sexual needs strains his financial resources and engaging in unsafe sex endangers his health.

– Excessive masturbation addiction can give rise to internet pornography addiction, which induces guilt and shame in the addict and causes him to become an introvert. His confidence is greatly diminished and his social status is at a risk of becoming next to none.

– Excessively employing pornography to ease sexual storms also makes a man forget his responsibilities towards his family. He starts living in a world of fantasy from which there is no exit. His behavior can pose a danger to all of his relationships.

– Engaging in sexual relationships with prostitutes puts a man’s morals at a great trial. This unethical mode of sexual gratification can crumble all his religious beliefs and practices and cast him down in his own eyes.

– Excessive masturbation addiction with or without the aid of pornography can cause erectile dysfunction in men and also poses a threat of premature ejaculation.

All types of obsessive sexual behavior are considered harmful to the self and others as addiction causes a person to behave abnormally and cross the path of limitations.

How to quit porn

Addiction refers to a strong desire to do any particular job. But everyone does not have the same kind of mentality. Hence, it is natural to find addiction of pornography in someone. When a person is involved and is abusing pornography, he or she is thought to be addicted to pornography. Pornography addiction has its poisonous roots in the viewing and hoarding of magazine and video. Internet is the main enabler of porn addicts. Whenever they want to enjoy pornography, they can do it easily with just a few key strokes and a click of a mouse. Pornography can be easily shared to anyone and which is why it is widespread. Pornography leaves a permanent impression on the mind. According to experts, a catalyst for pornography addiction may be caused by growing up in an dysfunctional family where there are rigid rules, lack of family ties, abandonment and sexual abuse. Sometimes, the children are compelled to think that he or she is of no use, sex is the basic need, and none will help him/her to survive. Proper care or medication may solve the problem. If you are involved in pornography, after some period consciousness may arise in you and you may start to think the way to quit porn. Actually, after getting maturity a real man cannot indulge in pornography. So, it is obvious that with the arising consciousness you must try to avoid pornography. Discipline, courage and self-confidence may help you to do this. Delete all porn videos and burn all porn magazines which you have. Don’t think twice after deciding to quit porn, just do it right now.

Overcoming your Weakness for Pornography

Pornographic addiction is, in short, an obsession with fantasy and illusion. Addicts are so entangled in their web of lies and fantasy they fail to realize that their sexual needs cannot be met through porn. They need to know the reality that only healthy intimate relationships with their spouse can give them the tangible and physical feeling of pleasure and sexual satisfaction. In their pursuit to gratify their sexual appetite through porn, they end up creating havoc on their lives and relationships and face financial crisis by spending thousands of dollars on pornographic materials.

Fortunately, if you are one of the addicts, you do not have to be ensnared in your web of addiction for the rest of your life. If you want, there really is a way out. The first step involves a firm commitment towards success. There is no force that can make you change or create changes for you. You have to take the first step on your own. Your past may be sullied, but your future is still a clean slate where you make positive things happen. You can keep it unblemished if you are really committed. Try to identify moments of weakness and find ways to divert your thoughts and attention from your addiction when the wave of temptation rises. You will need to make some rough sacrifices like getting a monitoring software for you internet or getting rid of the internet altogether.

A strong desire to change is the power you need to surpass anything and gain victory over your obsession with porn.

Excessive Masturbation

Masturbation is a weak man’s habit. Although in some cases it is considered part of the accepted norms, masturbation is still a cause for concern, especially when done excessively. Believe it or not, excessively pleasuring yourself on your own may cause physical, emotional and mental harm. Physical harm may come from skin irritations of the penis due to constant forceful rubbing while some studies show that masturbation can be linked to prostate cancer. Emotional harm implies that to some men, the occurrence of masturbation develops from occasionally to habitually to obsessively. In these cases, men tend to lose interest in doing pleasurable, romantic or sexual acts with their partners. Their partners will easily detect this lack of interest and like domino-effect, disappointments will pile up resulting into heated arguments and emotional instabilities. And finally, excessive masturbation can cause mental infirmity. You may not realize it, but masturbation is usually preceded by boredom and idleness of the mind. And excessive idleness means you are heading into deep troubles. As they say, idleness is the source of all evil.

So how do you stop masturbating? Or at least control it? These next sentences or advices may not be easy to do, and even accept, but they will give positive results if diligently followed. First, dig deep within yourself and ask the question

How to Overcome Porn Addiction with the Help of your Spouse

Pornography only thrives if you give it the power to do so! Let me tell you the story of Martha. After a six-year relationship, Martha finally decided to tie the knot. She has been married for twelve years now, and during the duration of their marriage, she and her husband have watched porn at various times. Sometimes they watch it individually or sometimes they watch it together. Although this is the case, they never allow porn to affect their marriage.

At the first few years of their marriage, her husband experienced the porn problem. Several times, she caught her husband watching pornography and then masturbating to find sexual release. At first, she was ashamed of what her husband was doing, and this made their relationship bitter. Finally, she realized that in order for her husband to recover from his porn problem. With her help and support, her husband finally recovered from the addiction and they now live a normal, happy married life.

If Martha hadn’t had a change of heart in terms of her view of pornography, she wouldn’t have been able to help and support her husband with his addiction. Although she was discouraged when she found out about her husband’s addiction, she soon realized that it is only through her help that her husband can recover. Now, pornography is a non-issue between them, and they never pass judgment on each other anymore.

This case study strives to show that porn addicts need all the help and support they can get from family members and friends. Instead of shunning and judging the porn addicts’ life, take the time to reach out and let them know that you care.

Ways to Stop Masturbating Effectively

Masturbation is a very addictive habit when done frequently. This is because people feel relaxed and refreshed after they have experienced an orgasm after each masturbation ritual. Many people try to stop this masturbation habit before it gets them addicted, but they do not know how to stop it properly. This is because they might have been trying the wrong steps or just not paying attention to what they are doing.

There are more than a few ways to stop masturbating properly. It can be done alone or best of all, with some help. This help can be a freedom guide from masturbation or other programs that promote a masturbation-free life.

First of all, a person who has masturbated for quite some time needs to change his or her lifestyle. Changing his habit and promoting a healthy physical and mental well-being is one way to do so. Second, avoid the influences of sex and other things that can promote your sexual urges. This may be from pornographic materials that must be discarded or from friends who also engage in the same bad habit. Third, you might want to follow a guide. This will help you stay on the right path as well as be organized. However, the most important part is that you should follow each step and not miss one process. Lapses during the recovery process are normal, but do not do it very often. Most of all, give a little time and effort as you do these tasks as nothing will come to it if you do not invest in what you are doing. This will not only help you achieve freedom from masturbation but live in happiness as well.

Violence and Pornography

A lot of research today relate the current criminal mentality of the youth to pornography addiction. Though it seems hard to imagine the connection between these two, scientists have proven the connection through various studies. The issue of the connection of violent crime and pornography has raised eyebrows among different races and was able to encourage more porn addicts to overcome their addiction.

Pornography addiction has diverse unfavorable effects, both in the short and long run. For one , it alters the perception of man towards life and violence. Decades ago, defenders of pornography boldly elaborate that there is no relationship between exposure to dirty explicit contents and subsequent actions taken; but recently, the effects of pornography became more evident in the behavior of an individual. A psychologist from the University of Wisconsin, Edward Donnerstein discovered that erotic sexual exposure can lead to anti-social mentality and personality. He observed that most males are seen to be more aggressive and harsh when treating a woman. Furthermore, these people are least affected by rape and other social issues that are morally wrong. Furthermore, these kinds of materials attack the sanctity of the human body, as well as to the people surrounding them.

Overcoming pornography is really important to prevent these deviant acts. Self-control, appropriate treatment, and professional help should be considered in order for one to successfully resist the tempting power of pornography.