Case History of Masturbation

I am Russell. This is my story of masturbation. I think it is common to many of us who are addicted to masturbation. I have been masturbating for about six years, and it has become a daily habit. I know it is unhealthy, but I cannot stop it. I had a lot of anxiety and could not make friends my whole life. I was alone, and porn and masturbation became the only ways to pass my time. I have been addicted to porn my whole life. When I was a small boy, I used to watch pornographic movie since my older brother was also addicted to porn and he collected so many porn videos. Several times, I found him masturbating. In his absence, I watched those porn videos and tried to do what I had seen him do. I found out that doing it was fun. From then, I used to do it whenever I was alone at home. Gradually, it became an addiction. I became so addicted that I do not even hesitate to masturbate in a public place.

As I grew older, I realized that what I was doing was not good for me. It was destroying my life. I decided to stop masturbating and watching porn videos, but I found it very difficult. I tried a hundred times to stop it, but ended up in vain. Recently I have met an expert psychologist who suggested to me some points to do it. As per his advice, I have deleted all my porn videos and tried to go out and make new friends. Following this, I have gained some success. I have not masturbated for two months already.

The Negative Effects of Child Pornography

Child pornography can be defined as the depiction of sexually illicit acts with a child that can either be computer generated or in the form of video or film. It is one of the fastest growing sexual crimes committed by virile pedophiles who victimize prepubescent children or minors. Some pedophiles even go to the abusive length of having explicit sexual acts with infants and toddlers.

Most child pornography victims nurture a feeling of revenge and hatred towards mankind, and this often leads them to commit offensive crimes to exact their vengeance. Any experience that scars their young innocent lives can become a curse for the rest of their lives. For the reason that children are known to be impressionable and they absorb emotions, feelings and experiences like a sponge, their past experience leaves traumatizing and lasting effects that make their life a difficult challenge. They are continually tormented by abusive memories. Their mental growth is retarded, and they usually have very low self-esteem. Children involved in the heinous crime of child pornography are always behind in their studies.

They are not very comfortable with human contact, and even in later life stages, they find it impossible to establish a personal and intimate relationship with another person. They feel terrified, unnerved and doubtful to everyone. Their brutal experiences never break them free of the vicious images and this causes listless behavior. Instead of a positive outlook, they always are stuck at the negative side life because of their past experience. Their only solace lies in discussing the problem with a religious leader or a psychiatrist who can show them the path to liberty from their grave trial.

The Relation of Pornography and Violence

A lot of researches today relate the criminal mentality of the youth to pornography addiction. Although the connection between pornography and violence is hard to imagine, researchers have connected this concept into the real world today. The issue of the connection of violent crime and pornography has raised eyebrows among various communities, but it was able to encourage a lot of porn addicts to overcome their addiction.

In the long run, pornography addiction has diverse unfavorable effects. One of these effects is the perception of man towards life and violence. Decades ago defenders of pornography boldly elaborate the lack of relationship between exposure to dirty explicit contents and the actions taken after. Recently however, the effects of pornography became more evident in the behavior of an individual.

A psychologist from the University of Wisconsin, Edward Donnerstein discovered that erotic sexual exposure can lead to anti-social mentality and personality. He observed that most males are seen to be more aggressive and harsh when treating a woman. Additionally, these people are least affected by rape issues and other social issues that are painful to some.

Furthermore, pornography also attacks the self-respect of mankind, as well as respect towards other people surrounding them. The teachings of the church were somehow placed under the soil especially the sin of premarital sex.

Overcoming pornography is really important for one to prevent these deviant acts. Control and proper treatment should be considered in order for one to successfully resist the tempting power of pornography.

Putting a Stop to Masturbation

You must be thinking “Heck what is the connection between masturbation and dejection? Masturbation is the eraser of dejection and depression”. If this is what comes first to your mind, then draw the red flag. You have fallen under the powerful spell of masturbation addiction. Masturbation and porn addiction go hand in hand. If you are masturbating and reaching an orgasm alone, you are doomed to lead a life of eternal loneliness and misery.

Reaching an orgasm is no ordinary thing. It is not just a physical release of the energy, but it is a spiritual union and a euphoric state, which supersedes all emotions and places one at the peak of pleasure. It is the most powerful bond between two people who love each other and expect to give love and receive love in return. If this euphoric state is achieved alone with the help of porn videos and images, it ceases to be a moral action and can become the curse of life. This is because if you have once tried; it becomes an irresistible obsession. You start to lose connectivity and sympathy with other people. You are always sitting alone, with a feeling of despair that gnaws at your senses and makes you feel dirty and shameful.

You are continually afraid that someone, somewhere will discover your shocking masturbation addiction and will sever all ties with you or worst still this news can spread like fire. Masturbation addicts are irritable at all times. They are emotionally disoriented and feel that they are no longer loved. They are unable to face their peers, and a decrease in social activity draws them inwards. A feeling of wretchedness engulfs all their happy moments. If proper actions are not taken at the correct instant, masturbation addiction can dissolve their threads of happiness completely.

Putting a Stop to Masturbation

This is the story of Sam. His older brother likes to leave his PC on for him to play video games. At eight, he starting masturbating when he accidentally found some porn videos. From then on, whenever he felt stressed and worried, he took refuge in masturbation. He wasn’t conscious about what he was doing. At the age of 14, he came to know the word “masturbation” and still, he kept doing the sinful act. He has never imagined that masturbation would be considered an addiction. It is just something that makes him feel so good and he just wants to experience the fun of it. After a while it becomes an addiction where his body constantly asks for. At 19, he became more matured and realized that it has started to destroy him. His refuge became a boon because it made him feel tired, it affected his relationship with his girlfriend, Angela, and most importantly, it destroyed his inner self.

He never imagined that so many people could be suffering from this addiction, but right now, he really wants to quit this malicious habit. Like other people, it also disturbs him from studying because the time he has for studying is used up for masturbating, and after that he feels so tired and he does not have the energy to study. Now, he is determined to stop masturbation and concentrate on his studies. He wants to reestablish his relationship with Angela. To do it, he is undergoing psychological therapy. With his determination to get rid of his addiction, he is on his way to full recovery.

3 Quick Steps to Getting Rid of Masturbation Addiction

Getting rid of masturbation can never happen in a snap. Treatment of every addiction is time dependent as we cannot declare a person free of addiction unless he has not seen any pornographic material or substance for a long period of time. If you are thinking that you can get rid of masturbation addiction overnight then you better be realistic and come up with a long-lasting plan. The quickest time it could take you to get over masturbation addiction is about 15 to 20 days. After thorough research on hundreds of subjects and different types of masturbation addiction, scientists have come up with a three step plan for getting rid of masturbation.

Step 1: Remove all the supporting factors: When we discuss the supporting factors for masturbation addiction, we mean factors such as the environment that allows you the privacy to masturbate and watch pornography, any lotions or lubricants you use for masturbation, etc. By removing all the supporting factors, you make it harder to masturbate and it will eventually stop becoming a habit for you. This is the way to start breaking a masturbation addiction.

Step 2: Distraction at the time of arousal: Even after strictly following the above mentioned protocols, one may still come across a situation that provokes his or her desires. The second step deals with the management of such emergency situations. You will have to distract yourself by either exercising immediately, by calling a friend, or by starting to eat something. However, make sure that you don’t turn your masturbation addiction into a binge eating addiction, of course. Dealing with such emergency situations requires plenty of determination.

Step 3: Persistence. Relapsing back to masturbation addiction is very common. To avoid that, you have to reward yourself at appropriate times. For example, you can reward yourself with a treat every time you avoid masturbation for a period of 10 days. Giving rewards can help you stay off masturbation until you eventually break the habit.

The Negative Effects of Addiction to Pornography

Pornography addiction is often described as an addiction to sex and other sexually explicit materials. Watching adult movies and reading sexual content are just some examples of pornography. Engaging in pornography has a lot of negative consequences that many people might not be aware of. These can either destroy themselves solely or even affect the lives of the people around them. Pornography addiction is sometimes caused by obsessive viewing of pornographic materials. These pornographic materials contain nude pictures of women and even those of men which is negative. Pornography attracts both men and women with no exceptions to age preferences. In time, this addiction might grow into something more immoral that can lead to rape or even broken families. Another thing that can be caused by addiction to pornography would be sickness. People who are sexually active outside their own marriages or relationships can obtain certain diseases. Among these diseases can be HIV that can lead to health problems and even cause death. While sex can be a pleasurable experience, it also can be a negative experience if we abuse it and neglect safe sex practices. Most of all, pornography addiction can also cause certain behaviors that can change a person’s state of mind. This can be a significant behavior that can break the bond between a mother and a father causing negative consequences to each member of the family especially the children. While it is not applicable to everyone, addiction to pornography certainly poses a great threat to the values of a good person. We need to behave in a good manner that can bring us positive outcomes in everything we do each day.

How to Stop Masturbation From Ruining your Life

Masturbation, among other things can ruin your life. Masturbation can be very addictive that it consumes you physically, as well as emotionally, making you powerless to control your sexual urges. Many people all over the world suffer from this problem, and they do not know how to stop masturbation from ruining their lives.

There are many steps and processes a person can use to stop his or her cravings for masturbation. He or she can use help guides, as well as programs, that offer help to stop and quit masturbation. An example of this program is the Overcome Pornography System. With the help of this program, you can have professional help from a person who is also a victim of masturbation. but eventually changed his life for the better. This will help you follow in his footsteps as you go into your transition phase to be free from masturbation. If not, you will certainly have many problems in your life that can ruin you as well as the people you love.

Masturbation is only good in giving you sexual pleasure. There is no other benefit of this bad habit except for this, and yet, it is also short-lived. On the other hand, masturbation has many disadvantages that we might not be aware of. Masturbation can cause serious relationship problems with our partners as well as with our friends and family. It can also give us an addiction to sex and other drugs that will certainly make our lives more miserable. Most of all, masturbation can lead us to a life full of sin which will definitely break our bond with God. People should really stop masturbation before it makes everything you work hard for in your life disappear.

Set Yourself Free from Pornography for a Happier Life

A life with pornography addiction is a life full of immorality. Pornography only draws people into doing more bad things that they can handle. People who undergo pornography need to break porn addiction now in order for them to enjoy their life. If not, this addiction will make their lives more difficult and harder to bear with all the problems this addiction brings to them.

The problems a person with pornography addiction can have are very serious indeed. Among these problems include a very unhealthy lifestyle. If you think about porn or sex always, this will just lead you to depression or even a vice that can ruin your life as well as those of the people around you. Ending up being a sexual predator is just one of the worst things pornography can bring you. Another disadvantage of pornography is that it can make your relationships with your family or partner very unstable. You will surely end up having a relationship with other people that can make you a very immoral person. Most of all, you can live a life full of sin and intolerable cruelty indeed wherein you cannot enjoy life as you should have.

Every person deserves a happy life so it is very much recommended to break your porn addiction as best as you can. This addiction will only let you drift down more into your bad habits and end up doing something stupid you will surely regret doing. Breaking porn addiction when you still have the chance is just one great thing you can offer to create a better life.

Why You Should Overcome Pornography Today

Imagine yourself returning home after a hectic day at work and a late night dinner with your friends. You are in your room all alone, and you suddenly think to have a look at your Facebook page. You do not find anything of importance there. Similarly, your email inbox is devoid of any important emails. In this situation, you may yourself browsing through some pornographic movies hidden in your personal computer out of sheer boredom. After that, you may start browsing the internet for different types of pornographic pictures and videos. This activity can last for another three hours and by that time, you would have totally forgotten all about the fatigue that you felt upon reaching your home. Meanwhile, you did not even get your necessary sleep requirement to prepare yourself for the next tiring day.

In above mentioned scenario, you can see how porn addiction can be self perpetuating and can disturb your daily routine. Online pornographic websites are structured in a way that one who gets into the site will keep clicking on a variety of other links. In the meantime, one can become so much aroused that he starts feeling euphoric and will not want to quit this activity unless he masturbates and gets an orgasm.

Thus, pornography addiction is closely linked with an increased frequency of masturbation and a disturbed lifestyle. A pornography addict gradually loses interest in his life and his work performance starts to decrease. His social life becomes miserable and a sensation of guilt envelops. All this only serve to emphasize the importance of overcoming pornography. Overcoming pornography should be considered as a prerequisite for the restoration of a normal lifestyle with improved work performance and a happier family life.