Pornography and Its Debilitating Effects

A porn watcher does not think that watching porn can affect society, but in reality, he is living in a fool’s paradise. Pornography deals with human beings and all humans are part of society.

The bad effects of pornography are not a personal affair. All people know about sex, what happens every night between a man and a woman. To someone, sex is the most enjoyable thing in the world. So naturally, everyone thinks about sex. But, being civilized, a porn watcher should know his/her boundaries. When a man enjoys watching pornography, he may lose this sense of reason, and he may indulge in any type of sexual misbehaviors.

Specialists opine that pornography and its message play an important role in shaping attitudes and encouraging behavior that can harm individuals and their families. As pornography is viewed mostly in a secret place, it may create deception in marriage and ultimately, it may result in divorce. Besides, porn watching may lead you to different kinds of sexual acts which your spouse may not like. This will create a conflict between you and your spouse. This in turn, will hamper your life together, and eventually, your family especially your relationship with your children.

The increasing number of rape and prostitution cases is another result of porn. Children subjected to sexual abuse are also the fruit of the porn tree. We have unknowingly planted and nurtured the tree so that it can potentially destroy the entire civilization.

Various Steps to Overcome Masturbating Frequently

Self-stimulation of the genital organs to produce orgasm without having sexual intercourse is masturbation. This humiliating addiction is a torment in itself and the masturbator is always suffering from inner guilt, uselessness and emptiness in his life.

If you are suffering from this dangerous addiction and want to stop masturbating then you need to realize that your suffering can come to an end by strengthening your own will power. Make a decision to stop masturbating and then prevail on your weakness. Masturbation is simply the violation of the laws of nature. The primary step to stop masturbation is that you need to keep away from pornographic materials and prevent from touching your intimate parts unnecessarily.

Do not associate with people who have the same weakness as you as your resolve will crumble in their presence, and you will eventually yield to the temptation instead of withstanding it.

Begin a self-improvement program and strive to abstain from the acts associated with masturbation. Completely refrain from masturbating for a day and then start increasing the time period gradually.

Oftentimes, negative emotional states like depression, tension, and frustration lead to the urge to masturbate. You need to plan in advance to take counter measures when the temptation is sharp. Distract yourself by visiting a relative or reading a book or even making yourself a small snack.

To stop masturbation you need to be constantly on your guard and comprehend that this combat can be triumphed over. Your iron strength of will can achieve anything.

How to Lessen Watching Online Porn

Online pornography is the most common type of porn that has penetrated deep into the society. Whether you live in Asia or Latin America, you can have equal access to online pornography so long as you have internet. This is why any variety of porn that is available online is equally famous in every part of world. Online pornography is perhaps the type of pornography that has strongest addictive potential.

Here are some simple ways of quitting online pornography addiction:

– You must have a strong will. First you have to identify your problem, evaluate it and accept it. You can only work on quitting pornography if you acknowledge that you are addicted to it and that it is wrong.

– Avoid using the internet. Staying connected with friends is a good thing and perhaps internet is the easiest way to do that. But you need to realize that fifteen minutes are more than enough to check all your notifications and post replies to your friends online. You do not have to stay on the internet all the time and increase the likelihood of you getting tempted to watch porn.

– Always use internet in a public place or a home computer that is used by multiple persons. First of all, such computers are more likely to be placed in places that are unlikely to have adequate privacy. Secondly, you will be unable to access them as much as you want as compared to a personal computer placed in your room.

– Use screening software. These types of software can restrict you from opening pornographic material online in case you lose control one day and try to open up a porn site.

Solving Masturbation Addiction: Mind over Physical Urges

While alcohol addiction is well tolerated by society, porn and masturbation addiction cannot be ignored as they oppose morality and uprightness. Both kinds of addictions have the same kind of effects on the body. They both stimulate and give intense pleasure, but once the euphoric flames have died down the feelings of low self-esteem and despondence reign supreme.

Fortunately, there is a way out from this desolate and gloomy cycle of rapturous rushes followed by unhappiness and misery. As with alcohol inhibition, complete dominance over porn addiction can be gained gradually, and the body readjusts because our mind is a very powerful organ, which takes control of our physical actions. Anything is possible if we have a positive mental attitude.

A precise knowledge of our body’s mechanism will help in overcoming masturbation addiction. Our body releases two hormones: dopamine and prolactin. Dopamine excites us sexually and inhibits the release of prolactin and when we engage in proper sex, prolactin is released, suppressing dopamine and giving a feeling of satisfaction and contentment. Both work together in correlation. When engaging in proper sex as opposed to masturbating, more than 4oo% prolactin is released. This is the reason why addicts usually repeat the vicious cycle of sexual exploitation of the body to achieve that feeling of sexual pleasure.

The reward system of our body is usurped by masturbation addiction, and it is not able to achieve the sense of fulfillment and happiness. Therefore it is necessary that our thoughts direct our actions rather than our urges controlling our thoughts.

Ways to Stop Yourself From Masturbating

Masturbation is not a healthy process and it will often have some nasty effects on your life when abused. Even though masturbation can be prescribed for certain cases, in most cases, it is recommended that masturbation be kept to a normal level. Here are some tips to stop masturbation when you find yourself doing it much too frequently:

? Have healthy intercourse with your spouse. If you don’t have a spouse, try to find a regular sexual partner so that you can relieve sexual tensions.

? If you have the habit of masturbating at night, before going to bed or in the bed, do some sit-ups or other exercises before going bed so you can burn some of your extra energy and feel more tired. This will also help you fall asleep faster.

? If it is your habit to watch porn in your pc regularly, simply delete all your pornographic videos and images so as to prevent you from becoming aroused and masturbating.

? You may have the habit of masturbating while you are taking a shower. In that case, you can sing songs in the bathroom so as to focus your mind on the songs instead of masturbation.

? It is all in your brain. Try to change your way of thinking. Don’t think that you are an addict. You are not. Just think of yourself as a free person. You can control your feelings and tendencies. Your feelings and tendencies should not control you.

Hope you like these tips and find them helpful.

Defeating Porn Addiction

computer linked with internet. Teens and young adults are considered to be the tenderest age to get addicted to pornography. But recent studies have shown that a significant number of mature adults, preteen boys and girls and even women are addicted to pornography. A fine estimate shows that of all the porn addicts in the US one third are women.

The consequences of pornography addiction are very obvious but still very few people try to over come pornography. The four best ways to overcome pornography include:

1. Changing your lifestyle. If you have a stressful life and like to spend your time alone in your room you are most likely to land up in porn addiction. Try to make new friends and spend time with your family. You need to spend time with live people instead of sticking to your computer all the time.

2. Make up your mind: Overcoming pornography will require strong determination on your part. You better give it some time thinking about why you should quit pornography and how to follow a step-by-step plan to overcome pornography addiction.

3. Be persistent. Overcoming pornography is not child’s play. Many a times, you will get tempted and will have a hard time in overcoming porn addiction. It is not important that how badly you fall in this quest but the important things is that how well you get up again to achieve your goal. So, if you find yourself again indulged in pornography, do not lose heart. Have faith in yourself, you can do it.

4. The last step is to reward yourself for all this hard work. If you have spent a week without watching porn you definitely deserve a pat on your back. You can write down your success story and get strength from it whenever you get tempted in the future.

Conquering the Immoral Addiction of Pornography

Tackling the issue of porn addiction is a serious business because if not taken charge of, it spirals quickly out of control. Resolution to overcome pornography addiction requires a plan of action.

Success depends on the elimination of the addiction and its effects completely. It requires deleting and destroying the complete pornographic cache, which includes computer files, pictures, games, emails and videos. It also means getting rid of movies, pornographic videos, DVDs and books, and all other materials related to porn. A porn addict can also get a good filter or an ISP that completely blocks all sites related to pornography to overcome and handle the challenge of porn addiction.

All kinds of addictions flourish in the dark, be it lust, sex or masturbation addiction. To break the habit, a porn addict needs to move his computer or television in an area where his activities are under the scrutiny of a family member. This can impose limitation on the addict’s temptation to view porn materials and will give him the opportunity to resist temptation. Additionally, disclosing his secret to someone and having an accountability partner can be of great assistance. Having someone checking up on his actions like his spouse whom he should report to daily will gradually break his habit.

Therapists have recommended that the addict give the responsible person a large sum of money that should be returned back in 100 days if the addict is able to battle against his addiction otherwise this large sum will be donated to charity. Usually, this acts as a great stimulant in overcoming pornography addiction.

The Physical and Psychological Effects of Masturbation

An addiction to masturbation can cause a lot of problems in both men and women. Some might say masturbation is good; a large majority, however, say it is bad. An individual who is addicted to masturbation may lose control and end up becoming a sexual predator. This is a very bad thing as this person can think of nothing but sex. Sexual predation mostly occurs in men who are depressed and addicted to having intercourse while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs. These men may engage in unsafe sex with multiple partners and may acquire and/or transmit a sexually transmitted disease. Another negative side effect of being a masturbation addict is the potential destruction to family life and relationships. As one partner seeks more sexual attention, gratification and experience, the other partner may feel neglected, leading to a variety of difficulties in the relationship. Children are hardest hit by these difficulties and may repeat the cycle when they become adults. An addiction to masturbation is one that should therefore be avoided at all costs. It would be better to stop this kind of destructive vice as soon as possible so as to free yourself from the inevitable problems that come along with such an addiction. But most importantly, to lead a life free from this addiction is to be guaranteed a happy and healthy life with both family and friends. You should therefore be content with all the things you currently have. If you have doubts as to whether you might be a masturbation addict, you should seek help so as to avoid having to endure both the addiction and its detrimental side effects.

Counseling: The Most Effective Tool to Stop Pornography Addiction

Obsessive use of pornographic images and videos and heavy reliance on pornography to satisfy sexual cravings can be defined as pornography addiction. A person trying to overcome this addiction can seek professional counseling to help him stand on his own two feet instead of depending on fantasy.

Engaging in counseling services can be life building and life saving for both the patient and his family, as any obsessive behavior tends to become destructive and harmful to one’s health. This counseling involves face-to-face talks, email chats, and/or phone calls with a therapist. Counteractive measures for overcoming porn addiction are discussed and tried out. Implementation begins soon after the therapy, and the patient is asked to report all behavioral responses to the therapy.

Counselors devise innovative ways to handle anxiety and depression that are experienced at the onset of quitting porn. The patient’s lifestyle, attitude, habits, and sometimes even the environment are changed and reshaped. This is essential in negating porn temptations and keeping them at bay. Positive feelings are nurtured in the patient and with it the desire to live a better and purer life. Counseling can also save a dissolving marriage or relationship. When the patient has the yearning to become a better human being, he might be surprised to find so many well wishers around him.

Counseling helps the patient to overcome his restless and careless behavior and to embrace his responsibilities. He slowly becomes a better father and a great husband. However, counseling is only helpful to people who have the strongest willpower and desire to overcome their pornography addiction at all costs.

Theodore, a Masturbation Addict

It is a story of Theodore. Masturbation has ruined his life and his academic goals. It has become a great problem for him. He has wasted nearly 10 months of his academic semester yet he has not been able to focus on a single topic. As a side effect of constant masturbation, he also developed a hatred for girls and any other kinds of conjugal relationships.

When he masturbates, he finds himself too weak to read and even when he tries, he feels sluggish and has a hard time understanding the text. Soon afterwards, he finds that he’s suffering from other mental problems such as feeling alone in the world, even when he used to have a lot of friends. His friends are still there but it is he who has become aloof because he always tries to be alone so that he can masturbate more. Moreover, it has introduced some unexpected behaviors and habits into his life. Life is not as fun for him as it used to be before.

He started this in 2007. For some time, it has blinded him from the reality. But now he wants to end the habit and dreams of having a decent life again. His professional exams will be starting soon. He’s always wanted to be the best but masturbation has kept him from being the best in school. He has regained his senses and has lost his hatred for girls. He is also now dreaming of having a happy married life. He often asks himself “What will I teach my children when I get married? How will I explain to my wife what a mess I’ve made of it these past few years?” He has realized that it is not wise to live in an imaginary life. The future is more important than now and he does not want to let masturbation take his beautiful future away from him.