Dealing with Pornography

Try to remember the last time you felt so hungry or thirsty in your life that you could not wait any longer to grab a bite or even have just a sip of water. Anyone could have gone through this situation, but just like the hunger or thirst that we feel for anything, there is always a way to delay it. This is one way of how nature gets to deal with the challenges that inadequacy brings to man. However, compared to the hunger that we feel for food and water, we know for a fact that these are part of man’s basic needs. Without such needs, continuing life will surely be difficult. You can delay your hunger for food and water up to a certain limit only. Science has it that man can last without food and water up to a month and a week, respectively.

However, what about for other things that are not part of man’s basic needs? Just like things that fall under the “wants” category of life, they can always be moved onto another time or even forgotten as long as they do not basically disrupt one’s normal life processes. Porn, as said in native areas of Asia, is said to be the hunger of the groins. If you come to think of it, our groins do not need any food to live. It is not porn that we long for or need. If you look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, you will see that it is not porn that is listed there. Instead, it is love and belongingness that is stated there. Under love and belongingness, you will find friendship, family, and sexual intimacy. There is a big difference between porn and sexual intimacy. Porn is the absence of that feeling of emotional and life essence satisfaction, while sexual intimacy is that feeling of acceptance and trust with one another along with your partner accompanied and strengthened by love.

Just as the word temporary implies, it does not last forever, therefore, every temporary desire has an end. It is up to you and your determination on when to end such hunger for something that will only give you temporary satisfaction. The only excuse you may have would be if porn was like air, without which we could not even last for an hour.

Masturbation and Its Unpleasant Side Effects

Overcoming pornography could be a serious issue nowadays that internet connection and portable digital devices are widely used across the globe. Issues like frequent masturbation and sexual harassment are just a few interrelated concepts that may surface when one exercises addiction in pornography. Masturbation is somehow a well-known act by most people of all ages due to media influences. Overcoming frequent masturbation is also another issue that is encountered mostly by the men of this generation.

Contrary to common beliefs, masturbation is not a healthy lifestyle practice. Many believed the popular concept of masturbation as a good exercise, as well as it promotes healthy living. If one does masturbation frequently and with no control, then you are in great danger. You may not feel the effects now, but surely these unfavorable outcomes will prevail in your way. Scientific studies and research have come up with a list of disadvantages masturbation can do to an individual.

When doing masturbation or ejaculation, the parasympathetic nervous functions excessively, thus producing excessive sex hormones and other chemicals in the nervous system like acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin. Then, our body chemistry changes resulting to an unfavorable behavior or unusual thinking. Furthermore, masturbation causes major psychological and physiological disturbances that if not treated early will lead to serious mental and behavioral diseases.

Excessive masturbation is like any other thing, once done excessively, is not good for the body.

How Real is Porn Addiction?

Pornography is soon becoming as bad as crack cocaine because it leads to addiction, sexual deviances, and erectile dysfunctions. The co-director of the Sexual Trauma and Psychopathology Program of the UPenn believes pornography to be “the most concerning thing to psychological health that I know of existing today.”

Pornography has become particularly rampant because of its accessibility over the internet and the possibility of the viewer to be completely anonymous. Most addictive drugs can become quite expensive and often take a toll on the user’s body. However, porn addiction can go completely unnoticed for a really long time. In addition, while the effects of drugs may wear off after some time and be completely excreted from the body, pornographic images can last in the mind for as the person’s memory exists.

Pornography causes the release of certain chemicals in the brain to create a feeling of euphoria which can become quite addictive on its own. In addition, it also inadvertently leads to masturbation which causes the release of opiates produced naturally by the brain. These factors are what make pornography as addictive as crack cocaine.

Unfortunately, many experts refuse to consider porn addiction a mental sickness that requires treatment. This makes stopping porn addiction more problematic because there is limited research on how to do so. There are also limited treatment options for porn addiction. However, certain measures like deleting all pornography from your computer, getting rid of all pornographic material, and blocking off access to pornographic sites can help a porn addict become accustomed to living without pornography. When all triggers are removed, a porn addict can gradually get used to doing other things other than watching pornography and may start living a normal life again.

Recover and Resist the Lure of Pornography

Many have been blessed because they have surpassed the great challenge of overcoming pornography in their lives. The time span from the process of recovery would range from a few months to years.

Unlike any other addiction like alcoholism, few support groups and programs are available for this kind of addiction. Support groups for alcoholics and chain smokers are readily located in the map while porn addiction support agencies are hard to find.

The prevention of this addiction starts by minimizing the frequency of this habit. Then, you have to acknowledge the fact that there really is a problem within you. The first person to initiate the recovery process is you. You need to be at least in full admission that you are an addict. Though admitting to a lot of people that you are a porn addict is shameful, there is no other way to start this rehabilitation process than to accept. Once your friends and family knew that you are part of a support group for porn addicts, your family and friends will be disappointed and somehow will be hurt with this truth. Do not worry, though because the outcomes and results will be worth it. This is for the development of one’s self emotionally, physically, and spiritually. In no time, your family and friends will be happy with the results and will love you even more.

Overcoming pornography is a courageous and brave act to do. Now, it’s up to you whether you control your addiction or you let it control you.

How To Effectively Quit Porn

As with any addiction, pornography can contribute to the deterioration of the individual, particularly if the level of addiction has reached a point where he or she has gone to extensive lengths to get porn, such as stealing or selling things to buy porn. As such, it is best to quit as soon as it is possible.

In order to effectively quit porn, a person must first acknowledge the problem at hand. Without acknowledging that there is a problem that must be dealt with, the person will be less inclined to take action. After accepting that there is problem that has to be dealt with, there should be a gradual decrease in the amount of exposure to porn, perhaps in lessening the number of hours spent in front of the PC looking through porn, or decreasing the amount of movies or videos viewed per day. Gradual removal of the agent is necessary, in order to condition the mind and the body, and help the person in adapting to the loss of the agent. A sudden removal of porn would not be as successful, and may even lead to relapse of behavior, much like people who have suddenly gone cold turkey over smoking or drinking, wherein more people return to their addiction because they could not cope physically and mentally. Finally, it is important to find something to replace the old habit, but this time, something that is productive, such as playing a certain sport or a certain musical instrument. This would help facilitate in easing the person’s mind off of porn and focus his or her energies on another hobby, which can be “addicting”, so to speak.

Watching Porn Is Worse than You Think

The thing about getting older is that responsibilities begin to pile up. That’s just the way it is for most of us. Unless you are part of the lucky few who can lounge around all day doing nothing, then you have no need to read further. However, most of us require a stable job to get things working right. The problem is your one bad habit. An addiction to porn is not a good idea. The shame alone makes this problem a very touchy one to handle! There is a need to be understanding and patient when getting over this hurdle. An addiction is not an easy problem to solve, so the proper steps must be taken before undertaking it.

It is said that knowledge is power. I believe this to be true and applicable in your case. Once you have become aware of your need to change, then the wheels begin to turn and your progress has already begun. Isn’t that great to know? Of course, there is much work on your part to be done. But if you really want something, you can get it.

The Internet is your friend. You have used it for everything-we know. Use it for better purposes, you know, to benefit you. Instead of disrupting your life with a porn addiction, put effort in ensuring you and your family or whatever other priority you have is secure. The rest of your life does not have room for an addict. So go ahead and fix your life because nothing is stopping you from doing so.

Keeping Tabs on Masturbation Habits: Preventing Addiction

Masturbation can be very addictive that is why it is very important to stop it before it gets out of hand. However, it will not be that easy to stop something you have gotten attached to doing. A person who wants to stop masturbating but does now know how would likely need some kind of help. This way, he or she can get rid of this addictive habit before it gets uncontrollable.

It is scientifically proven that every problem has an equal solution to it. This is also true for masturbation. Among the many ways to stop masturbation would be to change your life around for the better. This will not only involve doing the right things but thinking the right things as well. A person with a positive mind can gain a positive outlook in life. If you are always infatuated with sex or masturbation, then you will end up being a sexual addict or sexual predator at best.

Another way to stop masturbation can be healthy living. People who live healthy have the luxury to be positive minded always. This helps them deal with certain situations in their life in the best way they can. For a person who has masturbation addiction, this can be a great way to start and finish the whole process of being masturbation free. This will be a key factor that can make you go through the process with little or no stress at all. Nevertheless, all of these ways if followed through and done efficiently can make you attain freedom from pornography and masturbation. Trying to do something about your masturbation addiction is so much better than doing nothing to ease your pains.

Getting Rid of Porn Addiction

Getting relief from pornography addiction will certainly give you a chance to live a normal life with a normal sexuality. However, the road to a normal life free from pornography is very hard to come by once you are already in the state of porn addiction. There are many trials as well as temptations that can bring you back to your old habits as well. Yet, attaining freedom from this addiction can be very attainable if you exert a little effort and time into it.

Among the best ways to get relief from pornography addiction is to plan a way out. This plan will be your guide and step-by-step manual on your way to freedom from pornography. Once you have built up an effective plan, you can start your transition. Be sure to follow the steps you have made, though. If not then this can alter your transition process and get back to the habits you want to abolish.

Another way to get relief from pornography is to take safeguards against it. Controlling yourself, as well as your sexual urges, is very much needed. Even controlling your thoughts from sexual desires and urges can be very much appreciated if you want to become porn free. You might stumble upon pornography on your transition process, but if you can control yourself then it will not be a big issue anymore. Most of all, free yourself from all negative actions and thoughts. This will be your defense against evil things that you had been associated with before. Choose your friends wisely and become more proactive than ever before. Doing these simple things will not only give you freedom from pornography but also a chance to live a normal, happy life.

Why Overcome Pornography?

Since ancient times, pornography and public display of sexual intercourses have brought pleasure to a lot of people, male or female, both young and old. In this generation, that same sexual pleasure are experienced by different audiences through various media like pornographic magazines, videos, and the Internet. However, this sexual pleasure could lead to serious problems and issues.

The widespread use of technology made it possible for the ease of pornography access. That is why many parents nowadays prohibit their children from having their computers on their bedroom. How about cell phones and other portable digital gadgets? These devices could also be an abundant source of such explicit content.

Research and even personal experiences have shown that there are a lot of disadvantages when viewing pornography on the Internet. Browsing pornography in the internet is surely bad for your computer and/or digital device because the most updated viruses are swimming around these types of pages and contents.

Masturbation is another product of porn addiction. Masturbating, while watching pornography, can cause serious unfavorable psychological effects. This cycle somehow relates to an individual when dealing with real life relationships that is, there is no control in sexual urges even at the wrong place and time.

The view of sex has been changed through decades. These events had somehow placed sexual life in a public aspect. There are times that this craze going on around us demeans women as well as respect for oneself. In the UK, nine out of ten children aged from 8 to 18 has seen pornographic sites accidentally and intentionally. This somehow marked the revolution of criminals getting younger every year.

Avoiding Masturbation by Taking Away Opportunities

If you are a regular masturbator and want to stop it, then you may try to narrow down the times of the day that you usually use to masturbate. Generally, people masturbate at night when they go to bed. During these times, they lie down and begin to relax. They feel tired and have nothing to do without thinking. Basically, people can hardly avoid thinking about sex and pornography during this time, and they usually end up masturbating. Sometimes, people do this because they want relief from stress and just want to fall asleep for a long time. Making it difficult to find opportunities to masturbate will be very helpful in reducing it from your life. If it is night time and you are ready to go to bed, then you can try to create a different option to do instead of masturbating. Some exercise may help you burn some testosterone before going to bed and will also make you feel more tired so you can fall asleep faster. As you get sleepy right away, you will have less time to think about porn and masturbation.

For some people, the best masturbation time is when they take bath. If this is your problem too, there may be options to prevent this from happening. Without bathing in a bathroom, you may opt to go to a public bathing area instead because in front of others, you are less likely to masturbate. If you have a spouse or significant other, you could also choose to take baths together. If you have to take bath in the bathroom by yourself, then you may sing songs. This will help drive your thinking away from thoughts of masturbation.

If it is some other time when you feel compelled to practice masturbation, think of some ways you can narrow down the time or prevent masturbation to occur.