How to Battle the Urges of Sexual Addiction

One of the intensely complex obsessions today is sex addiction, which is actually the exploitation of sex or pornography to tackle non-sexual emotional requirements and needs. Many people from various cultures and codes become the victim of sexual addiction and devastate their life in the process. Sexual addicts put everything at stake to indulge in their addiction even though they are aware of the disastrous effects that it exerts on their lives.

The implications of sex addiction do not conclude on the emotional stage, but continue to the financial, legal and medical stages too. Usually, sexual addicts feel miserable with their lives and do not know how to deal with depression and stress, which often tend to engender suicidal feelings in them. Their fantasy world is spun around the internet with pornographic images being its d

Giving up Pornography

A human’s body desires food and water to survive day to day but it needs sexual gratifications to experience the peak of the pleasure. A body is a complex structure of organs of which the sexual organs are the most difficult to satisfy. Pornography is the tool which fuels the fire of sexual emotions and instead of extinguishing the fiery sexual flames it ignites it to a raging conflagration that burns everything around it. This inferno is very difficult to extinguish and it is usually not possible until a huge amount of destruction has taken place.

During porn viewing brain releases three important neurotransmitters that excite the brain and you feel a strong sexual rush. These are known as dopamine and serotonin. These chemicals are retained in the brain till the brain is exposed to pornography. They keep the person sexually excited and aroused. Human beings have the tendency to hold on to the things which give pleasure and pornography has the capability of keeping the person thrilled and contented. But after the person is done with pornography viewing, the dopamine levels plummet downwards giving the person a feeling of emptiness and eternal loss. This is accompanied with shame and guilt for committing a shameful act. This feeling of remorse is strong enough to make the person guilty but since the brain is used to high amounts of chemical release every day, neural messages are sent to the person that urges him to watch porn day after day to satisfy the intense cravings.

Every person is responsible for the programming of his own brain and if an addict wishes to stop the cravings of the flesh he needs to learn to reprogram his brain to break free of porn addiction.

Deserting Porn Addiction: A Guide

A lot of porn films have spread all throughout the internet like viruses. They have corrupted many young minds, as well as older ones, bringing lots of problems both physically and mentally. A person who wants to stop watching porn films will surely have a bright future ahead, while someone who keeps on watching it will certainly encounter a lot of harsh problems all throughout his life. Watching porn films can be refreshing and pleasurable for many people, but it is also a very immoral act to some. A person who watches porn films is not only corrupting his mind with bad images but is also making way for more evil to enter his life. It is very important to stop watching porn films at an early age for it will not only give you a happier life but a life full of meaning. With the widespread availability of porn films, there are also films that encourage people to stop watching porn. These films promote a healthier life both physically and mentally, which is certainly more beneficial. One of the best examples of a help guide is the Overcome Pornography System. This program does not only give people the right information about how watching porn affects us, but it also gives us a step-by-step guide to efficiently stop watching porn films. Using this help guide will surely be a great relief for any problems you might have with your sexual desires and urges. This help guide will be your first step to a satisfying life free of pornography.

Knowing the Reasons as a Way to Quit Masturbation

Are you trying to find a way to stop masturbation? You are not alone. There are millions of frustrated people in the world who want to free themselves from the black shadow of masturbation. It is not very hard to stop this addiction; you just need one thing: the right attitude. Perseverance is the way which will lead you to success.

The first thing you have to do to break this addiction is to know your reasons for masturbating. Obviously, there are reasons which compel you to masturbate over and over. If you just try to stop masturbation resolving the reason, you may not be able to stop it for a very long time. You may be able to avoid masturbation for a short period, but when the reasons appear again, you won’t be able to fight it back for very long. So, what is necessary is to find out the reasons you masturbate. There can be many reasons why you masturbate. You may be bored with life, you may be feeling lonely and stressed, or you may have some pain from your past. You want to get relief from the pain which is why you masturbate. You may feel good when you masturbate but that is probably not your sole reason of masturbating. Yes, it feels good, but only for a short time. Dig deep into your psyche and find out

How Hard is it to Break Porn Addiction?

It is very hard to break porn addiction because it is a very pleasing experience that any person wants to enjoy. Masturbating and watching porn can be a big deal for many people as it is one great way to get pleasure and relief. It also makes us feel happy in certain ways than we can imagine. However, with all the happiness and pleasure porn give us there are also several things with respect to disadvantages that it brings. One of this would be addiction to porn.

Pornography addiction has been one of the trending addictions that people face nowadays. Almost every man and woman who has encountered this addiction has certainly changed their lives not for the better but for the worst. As a human being, we are very prone to making wrong decisions and forget the things we really should be doing with our lives. We should not indulge ourselves in sin, moreover become addicted to pornography. If ever it is possible for us to get rid of this addiction, then we must do everything we can just to become porn free. We owe it to ourselves to live a happy life away from the problems that pornography can bring. This might take a lot of painstaking time and energy, but it will certainly be rewarding in the end. If this is the only way for us to gain freedom from pornography then this is really what we need to do completely.

There is never really true freedom from pornography if we do not act and avoid it a hundred percent. Breaking our porn addiction matters more indeed than just doing nothing to deal with our porn addiction.

Help in Stopping Masturbation

If you too are thinking of stopping the habit of masturbation then you are in the right place because in the next few lines, you will learn about some of the top tips to help you in stopping the masturbation habit.

Stopping masturbation can be a lot easier and quicker if you are determined enough as it is the attitude and commitment to quitting that determines your success. You will have to face a lot of triggers to the act but it solely depends upon your mental strength and willpower to overcome these temptations.

Self pleasuring is a sinful habit that robs us from the mental peace and can lead us to guilt and depression. Stopping masturbation can give you a new life filled with self confidence and the serenity of positive thoughts. Stopping masturbation can be really easy if you quit watching pornographic material and stop using pornographic literature. Tending towards your religious values and going to church or a mosque on a regular basis can help you a lot in gaining confidence and building strength that will ultimately help you in stopping masturbation.

Stopping masturbation becomes more important when you find yourself burning in the fire of guilt and depression and you find your soul unclean. Remember that any type of physical dependence, whether it is masturbation or something else, can become so debilitating that you will notice its negative effects on every other aspect of your life. Your performance will start to decline and the peace of your family life will be lost. So when stopping masturbation, the rule for this is “the earlier the better”.

Porn Isn’t Good for Me

What is it with porn that is so addictive? I mean, of course the answer is a bit obvious, but really, what in it makes it so hard to quit? I am sure you have asked this question a lot of times already. Have you gotten an answer already? Whether you think you really know what’s up or not, there is still the existing problem of you being addicted to porn. You know you have to stop this. It’s not healthy. It’s not cool. It’s not something to be proud of.

Growing up was both trying and immensely enjoyable for most. As a grown man, the memories must bring a smile to your face. Puberty, of course, was a time you will never ever forget. Pornography then was not as easy to get as it is now. The Internet has made the world and all its worldly pleasures available to the market and to anyone who wants them. You, of all people, just happened to become addicted to porn at this age. But it has to stop.

Your various life stories must be colorful. I bet they are. But now, many of you share the same problem of porn addiction. For you guys, what you need is help now! Addictions cannot be put off for later. Action must be taken now since only problems are caused by your addiction to porn. Finally put a stop to it by taking the first step. Go ahead and take it. You’ll like it once you see your progress.

The Ethical Values that Plague the Pornography Industry

The pornography industry has gained much attention in the world of politics and religion. Nowadays, pornography is considered a serious ethical issue that one should take part in. It is an ethical issue because it points and affects the very values and essence of our human reason and rationality.

First of all, watching pornography is part of a wide business strategy. This is because pornography has been primarily established for profit. Individuals participating in pornography, either as a spectator or as an actor, are arguably exploited by pornographers for personal interests and profit. Usually, participants and actors in erotic scenes are underage and minors. These scenarios are obviously against the law. Yet, the pornography industry has been allowed by law since it caters to the private interests of most of their citizens. The government recognizes the demand for these types of needs.

Ethics depicts what is right and wrong. With the numerous ethical issues like sex addiction, masturbation and violent unfavorable behaviors faced by the pornography industry, drastic actions need to be taken. Even religious sectors condemn the victimization of children and women in the pornography industry. This happens when they are involved in a pornographic film.

These negative outcomes of pornography have made the matter a great subject of debate and questioning. As an ethical person, it is imperative that you take a stand against this issue to help solve this rampant problem in the society.

Is Masturbation Harmful?

This may be a common question for all people who masturbate frequently: Is masturbation harmful to one’s health? Generally, medical science does not consider masturbation a harmful process as it is a natural and harmless expression of sexuality for both men and women. Some say that masturbation wastes semen but actually semen cannot be stored and should be released every now and then. If a man does not have any sexual intercourse or does not masturbate for some time, he will automatically ejaculate while sleeping. Naturally after ejaculation, new semen is produced. So, masturbation does not actually cause harm or injury to the body and can be practiced throughout the entire life. However, some religions stand against masturbation and assign it as a sin and if you believe in that religion then you may have some guilty feelings from masturbating.

However, there is some controversy also. Some people think that masturbation is harmful in certain ways. People who think this way also have good points because masturbating frequently can have negative effects on the mind and even the body when done too often.

Masturbation is a common practice for teenagers who have raging hormones and have just had a taste of sexual pleasure. When adolescents masturbate, their goal is often achieving orgasm and they inadvertently train themselves to ejaculate too early when they start having sex. This is known as premature ejaculation and can be an embarrassing problem for men.

Aside from this, frequent masturbation can cause other problems like tiredness and lack of focus on other things because of the preoccupation with masturbation. So even though masturbation may not harm your body directly, it can have several detrimental effects to a person when it is done too frequently.

The Process of Recovery

If we try to examine how pornography becomes harmful, the concept and mechanism are somehow vague. Research has shown that pornography addiction as well as masturbation is a depressant. One key reason why it is considered a deteriorating factor in someone’s life is because it controls and possesses you. While you are obsessed, you do not know how to rationalize it.

In alcoholism, alcohol addicts tend to drink more and more rounds of alcohols because they think that this is only the way to relieve the depression, albeit temporarily. In the case of pornography or masturbation, one feels excited during the process then slowly falls after the process is ceased. Unlike drugs and alcohol, pornography and masturbation do not cause immediate pain, yet it gives a constant cycle of temporary rushes and falls.

The real concern here is how can we overcome pornography and become free from its control. Well, it is hard in the first few weeks of rehabilitation, but it gets better and easier as more weeks pass. One becomes in control of himself/herself as the process proceeds. Just like with the recovery process in alcohol and drug addiction, there is an adjustment period wherein you need to endure the possessive power of the addiction in order to regain the freedom that you desire. This stage of the rehabilitation process could be the worst and most unbearable stage. This is the reason why many addicts who vow to change for a better life end up failing and forever remain in the cycle of addiction. Even if you have surpassed this critical stage, there are still some relapses as you go on, especially when laziness hits.