The Downsides of Porn Addiction

Fire is one of the greatest inventions of human civilization. Think of a cold icy night, when you long for the warmth of fire on the fireplace. It will provide much comfort, solace, and pleasure for you. But what will happen if you take the fire out of the fireplace? It will not be comfortable any longer, rather it will be destructive. It can burn the whole house, as well as kill many lives, if it is not taken under control. Sex is like the fire. It is pleasurable and romantic if it is done in the right place. But, pornography does not keep it behind the four walls of your bedroom, and this causes so many destructive events in your life.

Porn addiction refers to the increasing intention of watching porn. It compels you to watch more and more porn. And as you are watching more often, it overwhelms your brain. It brings you into a world of fantasy and you get caught up it in, forgetting your real-world relationships. Romantic and familial relationships both suffer because you won’t have time to spend with your loved ones anymore, what with being too caught up in watching porn over the internet. At one point during your addiction, you become discontented with watching porn and you want to act out what you have seen. In some cases, you might masturbate, but worse case scenarios like rape, sexual harassment, and sexual abuse also happen.

How to Stop Masturbating While Watching Porn

Most of the people who masturbate frequently are addicted to porn. Watching porn brings changes to your brain that are similar to the changes brought about by drug addiction. Thus the euphoria of watching porn makes it very difficult to eliminate porn from your life completely. The second most common thing brought about pornography addiction is frequent masturbation. Watching porn stimulates lustful desires in you, pushing you to look for a means for sexual gratification. Most of the people who are addicted to porn find it quite hard to stop masturbation because of the enormous hike in sexual desires brought about porn watching.

If you want to stop masturbating while watching porn you need to follow the following instructions very precisely:

1. Try to decrease the frequency of watching porn. If you watch it three times a day, you will likely masturbate three times as well at the very least. So, do not try to watch porn in every chance you get.

2. Shift yourself from images to stories. Videos are often the most exciting form of porn. Videos not only depict dynamic sexual activity, but they also result in constant bombardment of your ears with explicit sounds. On the other hand, written material and still photographs are less exciting. Another advantage of eliminating watching pornographic videos is that you will eventually get bored of reading pornographic text and this can help you in the long run to quit porn altogether.

3. Never ever touch your genitalia except when urinating or washing. Be alarmed whenever you find your hand moving down to your pants when you are watching porn.

4. When you feel aroused, stop watching porn and start some sort of exercise immediately. This will help you get rid of lustful desires and the urge to masturbate.

Overcoming Pornography

It is not rare for people to think that overcoming pornography addiction is impossible. This belief is the product of several failed attempts that they might experienced. Pornography addiction is one of those few types of addictions that have the highest rates of relapse. Porn addicts may find themselves free of any porn when they are with their beloved wife or girlfriend. But after a year or two, when they have broken up with their girlfriends or their relationships with their wives are not the same anymore, they are very likely to lapse back into pornography addiction.

Porn addiction is basically a consequence of two situations: Sexual frustration and the opportunity to watch porn. If you are single and in your teens, your level of sexual curiosity and lust are much higher as compared to middle age guys. Similarly, if you are happy in your relationship with your partner and live a contented life, you are less likely to become addicted to pornography. On the other hand, a person who does not like to spend time with his or her friends and wishes to stay alone in his or her room with the personal computer has many times more chances of becoming addicted to pornography.

This article is meant to help people who are struggling in overcoming pornography addiction. The above mentioned information emphasizes on the importance of discipline and determination in overcoming pornography. This is something that demands a total change of lifestyle. Proper diagnosis of the problem is essential to getting rid of pathology. You may overcome pornography addiction by just choosing to have a girlfriend or by taking up a new course at your university in your field of interest. Best of Luck!

An In-depth Discussion of Sex Addiction

When we talk about pornography, we come up with the idea of sex. When we think about sex, we sometimes associate it with the issue of sex addiction, and when we talk about sex addiction we somehow confuse it with the word

What is a Porn Addict?

Sexual cravings and lust are instinctively natural to humans since we are biologically sensual creatures. Our sense of sight, touch, taste and hearing can easily stimulate our sexual imaginations. And as humans, we have the need to satisfy such cravings. That is why we have sexual intercourse, masturbation and even pornography. There is nothing wrong with satisfying our earthly desires. This behavior is normal. But any normal or basic behavior, when done excessively, can have harmful effects. Eating, for example, is a basic need, but when done in a gluttonous way, can destroy a man’s body. Drinking wine can be beneficial to your health and blood circulation too, but when done exceedingly without control, it can have damaging effects to your brain and body. And when a person repeatedly and compulsively does something that has negative effects, he is considered an addict. Therefore a porn addict is a person that repeatedly and excessively watches pornographic materials of any kind to satisfy his or her sexual desires.

Still, this definition of a porn addict can lead to further questions. How do you know you are watching porn excessively? How much is too much porn? Well, to be honest, it is really very difficult to quantify addiction through material or substance. For example, you can’t easily judge if your father is addicted to alcohol by counting the bottles of beer he drinks every night or you can’t easily conclude that your mother is addicted to cigarettes by counting the number of sticks she smokes in day. Instead, you quantify an addiction simply by the negative effects it has on the life of the person. If your father’s business is losing money due to bad supervision because he spends most of his time drinking in the bar and his mind is occupied with alcohol then he is an alcohol addict. If your mother is dying of lung cancer and no matter how the doctor instructed her to quit smoking she is still lighting one up every once in a while, then she is addicted to smoking. Therefore, if a person spends most of his time in the Internet to watch porn instead of doing his job, instead of spending time with his friends or family, instead of doing healthy exercises or playing sports, instead of studying his academic lessons, instead of living life to the fullest . . . then he is definitely a porn addict.

5 Steps for Overcoming Masturbation

Determination is the first step in overcoming masturbation. This is the start of any healing and if you really want to meet your destination then you need to realize that a good start is always very important. You need to decide once and for all that this is something you do not want in your life and then you have to start working on it step by step.

This is a little step-by-step guide in overcoming masturbation that will help you out in getting rid of it in less than 1 week.

Step 1: Stop touching your genitals except during normal toilet processes. Every time you notice your hand consciously or unconsciously heading towards your genitals, stop yourself and find an activity to distract you.

Step 2: Don’t allow yourself a lot of time by yourself. Try to engage yourself in healthy activities with other people as loneliness and easy access to pornographic material is one of the major causes of persistent masturbation. Try to find good friends in your circle which you can hang out with. If you haven’t already found some, try to make new friends and spend more time hanging out with them and doing good things.

Step 3: Get rid of bad influences. In terms of overcoming masturbation, the bad influences are your friends that are even more deeply involved in this activity than you are and who share pornographic material with you. You will have a difficult time overcoming masturbation while hanging out with influences like that. Similarly, people who provoke lust in or encourage perversion should not be a part of your life.

Step 4: Limit the time you usually use for masturbation. Six to eight minutes should be more than enough time to take a bath and dry yourself. Never try to stay in baths longer than required as this is the most common time for dirty thoughts to enter your mind that lead you to masturbate. Similarly, go to bed earlier and find distractions for the times you usually use for watching porn and masturbating.

Step 5: Last but not the least, praying to God to help you overcome masturbation may be helpful for many. Not everyone is religious but those with serious problems such as this which may spring from deeper problems can often find solace in praying and seeking God. Consider praying for strength and determination. Perhaps the simple act can help you eliminate the habit better than all the other steps.

The Downside of Porn Addiction

Have you ever looked up the dictionary for the word porn? Have you ever felt the urge to look up its definition rather than doing it? Basically, the word never has the word “fun” in any dictionary that you look into. With that said, porn does not bring you any fun at all. Instead, it just provides you with a temporary means of satisfaction. You can think of it as a palliative therapy for some “inner desire,” “hidden fears,” and “inabilities.”

Let’s take each of the three things into a much bigger discussion. The first thing is about inner desires. If your porn provides you with fun for any inner desire, then how come there isn’t any feeling of triumph or pride after watching a porn movie or even masturbating. If ever there is, then why doesn’t it last for days? How come we can’t be proud of it and lift our heads up high and face the world after doing any kind of pornographic act. Some may call it taboo, but have you even thought why it’s a taboo for people not to be able to act accordingly after doing pornographic acts. Compare it to how you could act after getting a promotion at work or even with something as simple as getting through a specific level in your favorite computer game. You can even shout it out to the world!

Let’s hit on the second and third on our list. As for hidden fears and inabilities, have you ever thought of asking your crush to go out with you on date? You may have, but what about others out there who would rather hide in the shadows than speak about what they feel to the person they have that feeling for. The sad part of this is that others would stay locked up in their rooms satisfying their need of having intimate connections with the opposite or even the same gender with the help of pornographic movies or clips. If you are one of these people, start asking yourself if it is really worth the time and energy. Try comparing the effort of having to stand up in front of a girl and telling her that you like her rather than having to look for the perfect time while your parents aren’t home to get a hold of the VCR or DVR player to watch a porn movie after not being able to say “hi.”

The fun of life is taken out if we don’t actually face it by doing the right thing. Diversions will always be diversions until you stand in the front line and take the blow. No pornographic movie beats the fun you get while actually holding your dream girl’s hand while walking along the park.

Problems of Overcoming Porn

Overcoming pornography is one of the hardest and most challenging problems a lot of people as well as governments all over the world deal with each day. Some people might have certain addictions into engaging themselves with pornography which is indeed very hard to manage. A lot of people might know the consequences and problems pornography brings us but a lot of people also do not know this fact. It is up to our government, educational institutions, as well as family to teach each and every one the disadvantages that pornography brings to our lives. One of the problems that pornography brings to us certainly is addiction. Many people watch and sometimes act out things they see or learn from pornography. This in time becomes a disease that eats our minds making it a vessel for us to do wrong things like rape or sexual harassments. Not only will this cause a great burden to us physically but as well as emotionally and spiritually. The more we involve ourselves with pornography, the more chances we have to sin which will definitely lead us to the gates of hell. Another problem that pornography might bring us is the influence it has on young children. A child who has a fragile mind will become more influenced with sex and other vices and will certainly grow out into a very different person. He or she will do bad things and might just end up hurting other people around them.

The Lies Which Come With Pornography

Pornography plays on the shallow perspectives of lies and it is made to sell not educate. Pornography depicts sex as something you can have anywhere, anyplace and with anyone without any strings attached. It hides the blunt truths like pregnancies, responsibilities towards children, relationship building with wife etc. It uses the selling technique showing women as playthings or pets and not real human beings. Pornography mystifies sex and suggests that adding brutality and violence to sex makes it more enjoyable. Where porn shows that women enjoy being hurt and raped; this is entirely false where real women are concerned. Women do not like to be handled with cutting cruelty. They desire love and caring from the man they love.

Pornography women are dressed up as young girls representing that it is normal for men to have sex with young girls and children. This is a criminal selling technique because child pornography is illegal and comes under an international sexual crime. Pornography paints the institute of prostitution in a very glamorous light and men are made to think that having sex with a prostitute is a unique adventure. However, prostitutes are usually young girls with a sexually abused past and which earn money to cope with their financial crisis.

Pornography stresses on the body of the women and not the real character behind it. It gives the message that if a woman’s body is not attractive she is not worth the attention. It omits all references to her character, her standing in life and her morals. Porn women are depicted as sexual objects that are worth the scorn and degradation. However, in real life women cannot bear to be in a relationship where they are not given due respect. The whole pornography business is a fabrication of lies and conjecture which is why it can entrap men so easily.

How to Divert Yourself from Pornography

The pattern of watching porn as a diversion from other types of stress we face in life has shown that it ends up as an addiction. If you would compare such patterns with other vices in life, you will notice that people get used to having a certain diversion in order to be free from a certain stressful event or experience. However, once they get too deep into the act, they end up getting addicted to it. You can notice this same pattern with that of alcoholics and drug addicts.

For some, there may be cases when an individual is so in love with someone, but could not get the strength to deal with it. This desire simply turns into a much deeper and subconscious need to have that person by any means. So while the potential porn addict is so drowned with his inner emotions, he ends up imagining the person he desires and combines it with porn videos he or she is watching. Nevertheless, just like any addiction, the person only gets temporary relief.

Knowing this, the same reason why you got into porn addiction can be used in order to get you out of it. You can divert yourself from making use of your porn diversion. You can make use of your extra time to express what you feel and put it out into literary works such as poems or song lyrics. This will not only help you be free from an odd addiction to porn videos, but it will also release the inner creativity and expressive being inside of you in a good way.