Strategies to Break Porn Addiction

Breaking the obstinate addiction of pornography can be very challenging and tough and may take months or in some cases, even years. Pornography addiction is a clandestine business, and most people are unable to overcome it even if they have the resolution. This is because they want to hide their demons in the closet and are shy to seek help. Pornography addicts on the exterior may resemble simple, upstanding people coming from all walks of life but their interior hides undisclosed mystery.

If you are an addict and want to overcome your addiction you need to work on some strategies. It takes great effort and determination to adhere firmly to the resolution you have made, because the temptation to give in to the addiction is always great.

Firstly you need to find out the reason why you are indulging in this act. If it is to cover up for your loneliness, then try to keep yourself busy and active by doing housework, taking up gardening, or simply reading a book. Keep your computer in a public place so that you can resist watching porn materials when you are using it. If by chance you are alone in the house and unable to resist the inducement of watching porn, flee away from your house. Whenever you feel the urge to watch porn, maintain this strategy.

It is a battle of willpower. Control will come with time and patience. Failing and learning are all part of life. You did not develop this addiction in a day, so don’t expect to succeed in triumphing over it in a week.

The Addiction of Masturbation in Women

Women, like men, have their own masturbation addiction as well. This might not be applicable to all women, but it is a very common addictive problem that occurs to the majority of women today. This addiction can be experienced by adults who are having a very active sex life as well as by young teens who are on the verge of exploring their sexuality. Masturbation nowadays is one of the most common vices that happen in women as well as in men. It is something that can stimulate our sexual desires and urges that gives us a feeling of relief afterwards. However, what we do not know is that it can also lead to certain complications that we all have to pay the price for. In women, masturbation can be a very pleasurable experience but can turn into a very problematic one at a certain point. This happens when they abuse their body and sexual organs, experimenting on different things that can give them orgasms. One common problem would be the use of various sexual materials. This material can cause harm to the sexual organs of females that can lead to certain health risks. Masturbation addiction in women can also cause a lot of family problems as well. As a woman gets preoccupied with sex or thinking of sex all the time, she forgets all her basic obligations to the family. This can ruin her relationship with her husband as well as with her children. Once this goes very bad, it may lead to a broken family and even an affair with another man. Worst of all, you can lose everything you have just because of a masturbation addiction that you cannot control or stop. Masturbation can really be very addictive that it can do more harm than good to a person.

Causes and Effects of Pornography

If you haven’t been missing classes, you might be familiar with the fact that everything that occurs has a stimulus, and for every action, there is an equal reaction. This is the same case with you and other people who are into pornography. Try to sit down even just for a couple of minutes to analyze and evaluate your routine in a day. If you have the time, include your entire week’s activities. You don’t have to pressure yourself too much about remembering every detail.

All you need to do is focus on one thing and trace things backward. You need to compare two days or two weeks. Day 1 or week 1 should be a day or week where you never did or engaged in any pornographic activity. Day 2 or week 2 should be a day or week where you did or engaged in pornographic activity. Let’s start with day 1 and week 1. Assess what activities or events took place in that day or in that week. You will notice that you were either too preoccupied or was simply enjoying how time passed by. You were doing things that had value. You spent time with people who mattered to you. You gained something nice that made you last the entire day or week without thinking of any need for any diversion or past time. You made something worthwhile, something you could be proud of.

What about your day 2 and week 2? Do you notice anything weird? You can easily notice the difference in the flow of events that took place in this batch. Those are the triggers of your pornographic side. Now that you know what situations trigger your pornographic side, your next task will be to avoid these situations from happening. It’s not cowardice to start avoiding. You can face these situations again once you feel that you are ready and once you feel that you already have that firmness in you to say no.

What Makes a Sex Addict?

Issues like sex addiction have existed for years already. Yet, the real root and reason of this mental psychological disorder are somehow vague. Well, porn addiction is somehow related with this issue and has been made the main suspect for the evolution of sex addicts. For a lot of addicts, sexual activities have become a method of fulfilling one’s desires for pain and pleasure. This mentality is not moral and has been against the teachings of ethical values and Religious beliefs.

In a recent survey, 3

When Masturbation Turns to Addiction: How to Stop It

Masturbating is often described as an act of stimulating ones sexual organs to the point of achieving an orgasm. This act to some people might be good but for some it is the exact opposite. Whether you’re a man or woman masturbation occurs regardless of age. To many people masturbation can simply just be a source of relief from stress but it sometimes turns into a vice. The effect may lead to other actions such as practicing unsafe sex or worse, rape. However, a lot of people also want to stop excessive masturbation but have difficulty in doing so. This is where professional help and personal motivation comes in. If you are on the road to recovery, then you are on the right path. It is useful to know masturbation in how it affects the brain entirely. Knowledge on the subject will be a useful tool in your transition phase to be free from the grips of masturbation. Go out, exercise, socialize, these may also be of aid by keeping you busy, thus thinking more. You might want to think of your well-being and how it affects your family and friends. If you stop thinking about yourself all the time and focus more on those who care about you, there’s a great possibility that you will see the bigger picture. You could also turn to God for help and guidance. Pray and ask for forgiveness, a higher being might just be the answer.

Activities that Help Overcome Pornography Addiction

Pornographic addiction is a powerful compulsive behavior where addicts are unable to rein control over their sexual thoughts and feelings, even though their addiction may be forcing desolation and misery to be their constant companions. In a desperate attempt to change their lifestyle and to salvage their self-esteem and devastated lives, many addicts join rehab clinics. But for all those addicts out there, there are some cheaper alternatives to overcome their porn addiction.

Below are some of the easiest strategies that addicts can adopt to get rid of their addiction:

Yoga – This is a great way to relax the body and to purge the mind of sullied and filthy thoughts. Meditation and breathing exercises are a wonderful way to keep the rush of adrenaline under control and so prevent the person from becoming sexually stimulated and lustfully excited. It can bring lifelong changes and can help in creating an aura of calm and inner peace. It also gives much needed strength to deal with this negative behavior.

Going mountain hiking or hunting for few days where the chance of internet accessibility is nil would offer a wonderful respite to get a break from porn addiction. The plus point is that nature tours are usually very enriching experiences, and the thrill of adventure provides a perfect means of escape from misery, isolation and despondency, which are unremitting followers of the porn addict.

It is not an easy task to give up porn addiction. Bad habits have a nasty way of clinging to the character, and with time and determination anyone can uproot even the most difficult addictions.

What Can You Do To Stop Porn?

What can you do to stop porn addiction? The first thing that you can do is just to admit that you are addicted to porn. You may be surprised with the number of porn addicts in the world, but this dilemma is real. There are millions of people in the world who are struggling to free themselves from pornography.

The porn industry has spent billions of dollars to lure both men and women alike to pornography. And with the way the Internet has compounded things, it may surprise you to know that they are actually earning staggering amounts. With a few clever advertising and marketing strategies, the porn industry has become a multimillion business niche.

When you watch porn, your brain reacts differently. Seeing pictures of naked men and women or watching videos of bizarre sexual rituals always leave an indelible image in your mind, tempting you to watch more. This may be the primary reason why a lot of individuals get addicted to porn. This becomes even more prevalent when the person is exposed to porn during his childhood years.

If you want to break your porn addiction, you need someone’s help. It is not so easy to stop the addiction as it is very prolific. You need someone’s directions to do this. This someone can either be your mom, a family member, a friend, or most importantly, a professional therapist. Owe up to your addiction and let these individuals help you to recover from porn addiction.

Violence and Its Roots

Though many researchers and scientists are currently working on the root causes of becoming a sex offender and violator, previous studies and researches traced a phenomenon that could be the closest link to the problem – Pornography. Moreover, there are still no studies that relate non-violent materials to violence and crimes. That is why the fact that people exposed to erotic and violent material are more prone to becoming a criminal or a sexual deviant in the future.

Communities are taking steps to control the growth that is gradually infecting the minds of the younger generations. Yet, there are still groups that accept this and promote the positive sides of viewing pornography. Pornography can be addicting in most cases, which is why overcoming pornography becomes an issue and a problem to most individuals at these modern times.

The social, mental, and physical conditions of the persons involved are at risk when he is undergoing porn addiction. Most often than not, the people who view pornography are married couples looking for more thunder. This may also endanger the relationship between partners. The immorality that is displayed in the scenes depicted in pornography makes the values and perspective of the viewers worse. Moreover, pornographic materials neglect the importance of feelings and emotions. There are instances that pornography would somehow kill love. The guilt that has been created when one is watching pornography would eventually turn to the concept about sex being impure and not real.

One should be careful in watching pornography because it becomes an obsession that is difficult to overcome.

Who Masturbates and Why

Masturbation is a common behavior almost to everyone, even among people who have regular sexual partners. According to statistics, about 95% of males and 89% of females are found to masturbate regularly. This number is very high because almost everyone has his or her first sexual experience through masturbation. In the early ages, a baby first experiences sexual pleasure when it touches its genitals. This is the first sexual experience and also the first masturbatory act of a baby. Later, as the baby grows up and enters adolescence, he or she begins to clearly recognize what the practice means and then he or she may begin masturbating to receive sexual pleasure. Usually people only continue masturbating until adulthood, while some continue to masturbate throughout their entire lives.

People masturbate for a variety of reasons. Sometimes people don’t have sex partners or spouses to find sexual release with. Sometimes their spouses get sick or are unavailable. People in those situations often resort to masturbation to relieve themselves. People who have to test their fertilities and donate sperm also have to masturbate into cups in order to get sperm samples. For people suffering from sexual dysfunctions such as premature ejaculation, masturbation is actually prescribed to them before having sex so as to prolong sexual intercourse. Other people simply masturbate for no reason at all except for the addictive pleasure it gives. In conclusion, there are certain cases wherein masturbation is necessary and even helpful, but if your reasons for masturbating show signs of addiction, then try to seek help.

Ways to Stop Porn Addiction

Coming towards porn addiction it looks as if two thirds of the world’s population is suffering from this addiction; the rest being too young or too old. Watching porn regularly can be considered an addiction if this habit starts to cause a deterioration in your family life or work performance. Moreover, porn addiction is also closely associated with mental distress, depression and a constant sensation of guilt. This is why that millions of people are found questioning how to stop porn addiction. There are plenty of resources available both online and offline on how to stop porn addiction but the two concepts given in this article are the most productive and the most efficient ones.

No. 1

The key rule of how to stop porn addiction revolves around limited access to pornographic material. First, you have to get rid of all pornographic material that you have in your access. Get rid of playboy magazines, adult books and delete all your pornographic movies, pictures and audios from your computer. The next step is to apply filters to your system so that it will automatically block browsing of any pornographic material online.

No. 2

The second key rule to stopping porn addiction revolves around self motivation and the restoration of your self-esteem. You need to improve your thinking and start restoring the original version of yourself. For that you will have to find some good company that can provide you with a healthy atmosphere. Spending a healthy amount of time with your family and participating in religious gatherings will also facilitate your understanding of how to stop porn addiction.