Sex Addicts and Their Behavior

Addictive behaviors are oftentimes very difficult to restrain, giving rise to detrimental consequences. Sexual addiction is not only a sexual predicament but a relationship dilemma. Sexual addicts are not devoted and faithful to one partner and have practically no regard for commitment or fidelity. Sexual addicts are almost always associated with promiscuity, infidelity, short-term flings, and often, masturbation and pornography addiction. Deception is the notable trait of sexual addicts and they lead quite a meaningless life.

The key step in defeating sexual addiction is that the addict should cease to continue justifying his wrong deeds. Likewise, he should also cease searching for excuses to cover his immoral behavior. He should own up to his actions and be responsible for it. Therefore, if he has the determination and willpower, he can truly rescue himself from his current predicament and retrieve his previous existence.

Sex is known to be one of the most profound and satisfying pleasures of life when performed with your partner. A sense of happiness and exhilaration pervades the entire body and soul when it is accompanied by genuine love. To overpower sexual addiction, it is necessary that the addict engage in a healthy and normal relationship where he can be intimate with his partner naturally. Never choose to live the celibate life, though because this will only trigger more sexual thoughts, reverting the porn addict to his old ways.

Sexual addiction is curable. Getting professional counseling and joining support groups would also be of great assistance. But it is of utmost importance that the therapist be thoroughly qualified in his field otherwise, there is a high probability that the addict would fail in his venture to overcome his addiction.

Beating the Pornography Addiction

Overcoming pornography is nothing less than an ordeal for most of the chronic addicts. This is because of the fact that the media of 21st century has given easy accessibility and availability to pornography. Moreover, the availability of high speed internet combined with anonymity means that everyone can become an addict of pornography. Pornography addiction may be extreme that one may miss his or her sleep, work, and experience enormous increase in sexual desires. Most of the pornography addicts masturbate after watching porn and eventually feel guilty and shameful.

The first thing you need for overcoming pornography is the

Harmful Effects of Masturbation

There is a lot of buzz about overcoming pornography but few people are aware of the real harms that pornography brings to the life of a pornography addict. It is basically because of the occult consequences of watching porn that many social and religious bodies consider watching porn a sinful activity. This article is meant to emphasize the side effects of watching porn to serve as motivation for quitting pornography addiction.

The major harmful effects of watching porn include:

1. Development of wrong concepts on sexuality. The type of sexual relationship depicted in online pornography is far from reality. This is why a porn addict may find himself indulging in unethical and unusual sexual activities like sadism, homosexuality, bondage and sexual humiliation.

2. Poor sexual relationship with your partner. Porn and masturbation addiction cast long term effects on your relationship with your partner. You may lose interest in normal sexual activity or your partner may lose interest in you if you try to incorporate the deviant things you watch in porn into your sex life.

3. Watching porn is an addictive activity. Thus like any other addiction, a porn addict will waste plenty of his time watching porn online. Staying closed in your room will make you poor at public relations. You may become a shy person with limited friends.

4. Porn addiction is associated with feelings of guilt. Watching porn is a sinful act and the feeling of guilt secondary to watching porn is quite understandable. This can result in low self esteem, lack of confidence and psychological problems like anxiety and depression.

5. Unfortunately, the more badly a porn addict longs for a partner, the less are his chances of attracting the opposite gender. Research has shown that women do not like desperate flirts who look upon them just to fulfill their sexual desires. Women are made of emotions and you need to quit watching porn to start enjoying the romance of life.

Sexual Addiction: Realities of the Bad Habit

Addiction refers to a strong desire to do any particular job, though it is regarded in the negative sense. Generally, when people hear the word

A Slave to Pornography

Do you often find yourself locking the bedroom door to watch porn instead of spending time with your family? Are you wasting most of your spare time in the virtual world of pornography instead of playing with your kids in the garden? Is masturbating while watching porn the best highlight of your day? If your answer to these three questions is yes, then you are in the labyrinth of porn addiction. And in that deep abyss lies the sad reality that you are becoming a slave to pornography. You are becoming a slave to its temporary pleasures, satisfaction that arises only during the moment itself. But beyond that moment lies emptiness, shame, filth and self-degradation. And the more you try to ignore the problem you have, the more you are going to be enslaved. That is why it is time for you to free yourself from porn slavery.

The early stepping stones to your freedom are acceptance and honesty. You first have to accept that you have a serious problem at hand, a problem that not only can destroy you but also the people who care for you. Honesty, in a sense, would imply that it would be easier for you to conquer porn addiction if you share your problem to someone else, preferably someone with reliable knowledge and actual expertise. Sharing and seeking the help of others may bring humiliation, but do not be afraid of it. Confront humiliation in the face and overpower it with desire, the desire to free yourself from the temptations of porn, the desire to be renewed, and the desire to be whole again. After acceptance and honesty comes change and control. You have to find changes within yourself: your habits, your hobbies, the quality time you have with your family, the way you perceive women and even your inner spirituality. Then have the determination to continue bringing positive changes in your life. Temptations are relentless, so you should be persevering. Control your thoughts, always. Lastly, never forget to reward yourself for every positive change you introduce and every temptation you resisted. The road to your freedom may not be easy, but it is achievable and the destination will surely be breathtaking.

How to Live a Life Free of Masturbation Addiction

Masturbating is often described as an act of stimulating one’s sexual organs to the point of achieving an orgasm. This act to some people might be good, but for some it is the exact opposite. Whether you’re a man or woman, masturbation occurs regardless of age. To many people, masturbation can simply just be a source of relief from stress but it sometimes turns into a vice. The effect may lead to other actions such as practicing unsafe sex or worse, rape. However, a lot of people also want to stop masturbation but have difficulty in doing so. This is where professional help and personal motivation come in.

If you are on the road to recovery, then you are on the right path. It is useful to know how masturbation affects the entire brain. Knowledge on the subject will be a useful tool in your transition phase to be free from the grips of masturbation. Go out, exercise, and socialize; for these will keep you busy, thus, forgetting about the act. You might want to think of your well-being and how it affects your family and friends. If you stop thinking about yourself all the time and focus more on those who care about you, there’s a great possibility that you will see the bigger picture. You could also turn to God for help and guidance. Pray and ask for forgiveness, a higher being might just be the answer.

Easy and Safe Guide to Quit Porn

Quitting porn can be stressful and dangerous. Compared to other addictions, pornography can lead to depression as well as loss of life.

There are many ways on how to quit porn but there are only few that can be done safely. These are certified and highly recognized ways that a lot of people have tried and testified with regard to its usefulness. An example of this life-changing way is the use of the Overcome Pornography System. This program has helped change the life of many pornography addicts, as well as masturbation addicts, who have been stressed-out by these problems for quite a long time now. This program is a help guide that can assure the safety of each process, which not only points out how to overcome the problems but also how to do it safely and surely. This can be a life-changing factor that will certainly benefit a person who wants to quit from pornography.

Another thing you can do to safely quit from porn is to do simple things. Change your life for the better each day, one step at a time. Do not rush or quit instantly for it might just frustrate you as well. Do things that you can achieve like exercising and eating healthy. This will help you stay in shape and become positive minded as you quit porn. Most of all, you can ask for help from the people you trust, especially your family. They can be your motivation and strength as you go through tough times with this change in your life.

Overcoming the Addiction of Masturbation

Masturbation addiction is a very unique addiction compared to drug or alcohol addiction. This addiction does not involve being addicted to any substance or thing rather it involves your sexual desires and urges. Many people all over the world have this addiction in which they cannot control their sexual urges or lose sight of their daily activities. This becomes worse when these addicts do not act to solve or control their habit and are just swept away with it until it hurts them badly.

Most of the time, masturbation addicts ignore the things they do without asking themselves what will be the effects of their actions. However, there are those who also felt the desire to end their addiction. This might be because they have felt the pain and disadvantages this addiction brings to them. This will be the perfect time for them to stop and change their habits as well as abolish their masturbation addiction. Of all the people who have this addiction, only a few have seen the true effects of masturbation. They might have changed their life and successfully gone through the process, yet many still are affected by this addiction. If you have this addiction or someone else you know, then it might be the time for them to act on this addiction and make time to start on the process of being masturbation free. If you do not do this, then you will just be another lost soul in the world without anything to contribute to humanity but your masturbation addiction.

Stop Masturbation Addiction

Recent studies have shown that more than 90% of men and 70% of women masturbate regularly. This alarming figure is most commonly used to describe the increased rate of frustration and depression among the young population of the world. The most common provocation for masturbation is pornography addiction. Many critics say that separation from the social and ethical values that increase the chances of pornography addiction are the main factors promoting masturbation.

Despite medical practitioners saying that masturbation is not likely to cause permanent changes in your body, the need to quit masturbation remains high. Quitting masturbation is quite an ordeal. This might be true in the cases of young unmarried boys and girls but when we talk about married couples, masturbation is more manageable. In the latter case, masturbation must be considered as a deviation because they can get sexual release from their spouses.

Masturbation addiction will show its toxic effects once you have crossed the limit. Then the effects of persistent clumsy thoughts will keep on showing their effects during your daily activities. The ideal time to quit masturbation is the first time you realize that there’s a problem and want to go about with quitting it. Quitting masturbation can become quite difficult if you have been addicted to this act for a long time. Definitely, the most effective way to quit masturbation is by refraining from watching porn. Remember, the key thing once you’ve quit is to avoid relapsing. Getting rid of masturbation addiction is just like developing a habit. The longer you stay away from porn, the easier it becomes to avoid it.

What Good Does Porn Bring?

Any smart individual would know what he or she is getting himself or herself into. You won’t just dive into a lake without trying at least to ask about the safety of getting a dip in it. This is a basic principle of life; it is supposed to be a basic principle of life to know what you are entering into. This is the reason why contracts have to be read before actually signing them. If you take this principle and apply it into the aspect of porn, you could start asking yourself what you really get from porn. Although porn has those temporary good and satisfying moments, is this what you really intend on obtaining? Porn was never an accepted aspect of life because majority of the people already know and have gone through the effects of being so drowned in it. Some don’t even get to recover from their dive into pornography.

If you come to think of it, what has porn really done for you? Why do you take time to make it part of your day? Why do you have to go through all the hassle of making it part of your life? Others may say that they get to learn from it. However, you need to know the difference between sex education and porn as well. No matter how many reasons you give just to justify your attachment to porn, as long as you can’t openly tell others about your pornographic acts, you can’t say that you are doing the right thing.