A Doable Guide to Quitting Porn Addiction

Are you suffering from porn addiction? Many people today who are suffering from porn addiction have attempted to stop but do not know how to quit. This addiction poses a big problem for them that they cannot sometimes live without masturbating, watching pornographic materials, or even having sex.

Quitting your porn habits is very doable, but it needs self-commitment. You just need the proper motivation and the proper help to get you on the right track to ultimate freedom. Without this, you might just end up doing your old habits and ending up hurting yourself very badly in the end. Acquiring the help of a professional therapist can also be very effective. This person can serve as your lifeline and motivator that will help in your struggle to quitting porn.

Aside from getting professional help, you can also use programs like the Overcome Pornography System, which is a helpful guide to get rid of pornography addiction. This is a very sought after program that has helped a lot of people with their pornography, masturbation, as well as infidelity problems. This may not only solve your problems, but it will certainly make your life much easier and happier indeed. Another way to quit porn is to free yourself from bad people. Interaction and the presence of a bad crowd sometimes is one instance wherein we can obtain ideas of pornography. On the other hand, if we go with positive-minded people, we can be sure that what we do and learn is going to make a positive mark on our life.

If we do not change for our best, we will certainly have a lot of problems that can be very stressful and unbearable. Quitting porn might just be one of the best choices we need to make our lives better.

The Suffocating Effects of Masturbation Addiction

Masturbation addiction is common in young teens, as well as for adults who have a sexually active lifestyle. Masturbation is a sexual act wherein people stimulate their sexual organ to the point of arousal and orgasm. It may be a form of release to countermand depression, and yet it can be a very addicting vice when frequently done.

Having an orgasm can be stimulating for the senses, but it can also lead the way to certain problems. One of the suffocating effects of having masturbation addiction is being more entwined with sex. Sex is a good thing but once it is abused and not controlled, it can certainly be more addicting than cocaine and alcohol. This will certainly lead to a struggle of control, which is very hard to stop once neglected. Another suffocating effect of this addiction can be abandonment of your daily obligations to your family, your work and most of all to yourself.

When depression and addiction to masturbation become worse, you will certainly lose your self-respect and respect to those around you. Your freedom will be taken from you, and your masturbation needs will take over your life which will be very intimidating to control. It is hard to stop something that you have been doing for a long time.

It would certainly be more appreciated if you stop masturbating at an early time for you not to encounter these suffocating problems in the end. All you might just need is a little effort, motivation and time to battle this problem, and you will certainly see the difference of living a life that is free from this addicting problem.

How to End Pornography Addiction

Pornography addiction has been rated as one of the most common addictive activity of teens and young adults all around the world. You may not be smoking or drinking but there are several times more chances for you to be addicted to porn. This addiction gradually becomes so distressing that one can not stop watching porn in every chance he or she gets. Watching porn is considered a social disease in most of the societies all around the world that also potentiate the feeling of guilt in porn addicts. You will find number of people listening to the voice of conscious and trying to learn how to quit porn.

The answer to the question, ‘how to quit porn?’ is not straightforward. Different therapists tackle this problem in different ways. ‘How to quit porn?’ is most commonly asked because of the sense of guilt. This makes enhancement of this feeling to the extent that the porn addict person develops some degree of repulsion or self disgust with watching porn. The other ways to facilitate guys trying to learn how to quit porn include social and religious motivation and psychotherapy bases on social and religious values. Many religions which strongly condemn the pornography can establish the required determination in the followers of that religion that will help people to quit watching porn in the long run. This method is considered one of the most reliable as it has successfully helped thousands of people from getting rid of porn addiction.

Addition of healthy activities to lifestyle like participating in different games, attending religious gatherings and avoiding the situations that allow easy access to porn form the other most effective means that help in learning how to quit porn addiction. The importance of determination to quit porn can not be emphasized more as this is the fundamental driving force that facilitates all other methods of quitting porn.

Steps to Stop Masturbation Addiction

Step 1: Evaluate the problem. You need to ask yourself a few questions like: Am I addicted to masturbation? Is masturbation addiction a problem? Should I try to get rid of masturbation addiction? Remember, while answering these questions you have to be true to yourself. There are alcoholics that think that using alcohol is not a problem. Definitely, you do not want to be one among them. First do some research and understand the side effects of masturbation addiction. This will help you in realizing the extent of your problem and you will understand the importance of quitting masturbation in a much better way.

Step 2: Evaluate yourself. Everyone has some weakness but you have to make sure that sex is not yours. Imagine yourself being manipulated by pornographic material or the tempting looks of a girl. You lose all self control and find yourself helpless in this quest. You will then see whether you’ve become a prisoner to masturbation. This should not be something that controls your life. You have bigger objectives in your life than masturbating all the time.

Step 3: Plan and Execute: Getting rid of masturbation addiction is not something that will come easily in a short period of time. You need to make up your mind, muster up some courage and make a complete plan on how to stop masturbation addiction. The execution of this plan should be perfect. For that you may set a small goals at first and encourage yourself by rewarding good progress.

Exercise to Stop Masturbation

With the boom of the internet, it has become very easy to gain access to every kind of immorality. Pornography and masturbation addiction comes into this category. There are different degrees of this addiction. Some are involved knee deep, while others are completely saturated with the darkness of the vile habit. Many of the unpleasant habits have a way of clinging to the person and are quite difficult to overcome.

People usually become so frustrated with their vices that they finally make the decision to take a step towards defeating their masturbation addiction, and when the resolution is made, it is very challenging to abide it. Well then, for all those addicts there is an easy way out.

Facts have proved that regular and strenuous exercises like cardio workout, running, and weight training, which are performed for a long period of time, cause the body to release the hormone, endorphin. This hormone acts as a stimulant and makes us feel happy and elated. It also acts as a natural painkiller. Therefore, exercise is very essential for a person with masturbation addiction as his mental and physical energy has been debilitated by the continuous misuse of his body. Having a regular, yet moderate routine of exercise would assist the addict in procuring the correct balance in his life, and would also facilitate a fast recovery from sexual exploitation. Exercise also boosts morale and confidence levels, which are very important tools needed, when wrestling to overcome the masturbation addiction.

Dealing with Porn Addiction

Dealing with porn addiction is nothing less than an ordeal. Most porn addicts who try quitting porn eventually revert back to this addiction at some point later in their lives. Dealing with porn addiction requires proper planning and strong determination. Some porn addicts try to argue their addictions and give lame justifications for their acts. But the truth is, porn addiction is a psychological problem that can eats out your personality like a wood eater. Here are the chief advantages for dealing with porn addiction as early as possible.

1. No more dependence. The worst thing about any addiction is that it makes it quite difficult for a person to live a normal life without that addictive substance or activity. Once you are free of porn addiction, you will feel more freedom in your life. You will see that you’ll have plenty more time to spend with your family and friends. Life will suddenly feel more like a blessing.

2. Get the taste of real relationship. Dealing with porn addiction is also necessary because it adversely affects our views in relationships. The sex depicted in pornographic material is usually devoid of romance. Once you have left porn, you will see that romance will return to your life.

3. Feel like a superhuman: Porn addiction is a debilitating condition that eventually takes away the freshness from life. A good percentage of men feel lethargic because of porn addiction. Once you have dealt with your porn addiction successfully, you will feel more energy and a renewed vigor for life.

Signs that People Have Masturbation Addiction

There are many signs and symptoms that can be seen and felt by a person who has a masturbation addiction. It can also be visible to the people around you, but they might not really know what is really happening to you. One of these signs can be a change in social interaction with other people. A person who has masturbation addiction mostly spends a lot of time alone. During this time, he or she engages in things like masturbating or watching porn. They can also live a different or secretive life away from their family and friends. By this time, depression and being emotionally unstable can corrupt his mind making him very unsociable to others.

Another sign that a masturbation addict can reflect is being more interested in sex. With this, he can engage in unsafe sex with multiple people and still not be satisfied after. If the masturbation addict is in a relationship, sexual tension with the partner can also happen, ultimately leading to breakups and divorce. Worst of all, a person who has this addiction might be more entwined with rough sex or become a sexual offender at worst.

Another sign that masturbation addicts have is the potential to be irritable and moody at times. This is contributed by their lack of social interaction with people and the fear of criticism from the people around them. They will not only always complain, but they also feel disconnected from reality. These feelings will eventually lead to lies and uncertainties.

It is a common fact that the Internet has brought on many negative side effects to society, and one of these is fueling the masturbation addiction through prolific pornography sources. Peers who also engage in the same bad habit are contributors of your addiction.

If, and when, you are ready to make that leap and change, it is imperative that you leave these bad influences behind and start anew.

Reasoning Behind Pornography Addiction

In modern times pornography has become a culture that it is not regarded positively. There are many reasons behind it. Addiction to pornography may be developed in one’s character from his childhood. The environment where a child is growing up may be responsible for it. If the child is growing up in a quarrelsome family and the child always sees the parents unhappy, there is a possibility that the child might turn to pornography or other vices for that matter.

Naturally, everyone needs sex and sex is one of the primary reasons why people marry or live together. But, when a child is growing up in such a family, there is likelihood that the child will not develop good constructive relationships. The child may turn to pornography to fulfill his sexual desires. Living in a family with rigid rules may be another cause of pornography addiction. From an early age, the child is already restricted of activities. And while going through adolescence, the repressed state of his or her mind bursts. The easiest way of getting sexual pleasure is pornography.

Feelings of abandonment may also lead him to pornography. If the child gets the feeling that he is basically a bad or unworthy person, he may find his pleasure in sex as well as pornography. Sexual abuse in childhood may be another reason for pornography addiction. Thus the heinous root of pornography addiction may be planted in one’s brain at his or her childhood. As time passes and the child becomes old enough, the type of sexual acts out may evolve. Now he can involve in promiscuity, affairs, visiting massage parlors or prostitutes, and even viewing child pornography.

Why We Should Eliminate Pornography From Our Lives

Pornography addiction is known to have terrible effects on the social lives of all human beings. The types of sexual activities depicted in pornography are usually very humiliating, extreme and disgraceful for women. This results in the introduction of negative doctrines about sexuality among teenage boys and girls. Similarly, pornography addiction in adults changes one’s view about sexuality and gives a way to negative sexual trends like homosexuality and orgies. A significant number of studies have declared that pornography addiction is one of the major causes of increasing incidences of rape among teens. In addition, gang rapes, sexual violations and child abuse have strong links with porn addiction. All this makes it so important to know the importance of eliminating pornography from our day to day life.

Pornography addiction also brings some long lasting and grim effects on the life of porn addict himself. A pornography addict becomes dependent on porn for sexual gratification. In extreme cases, one may become unable to achieve an orgasm without watching porn. This has drastic effects on the family life of a person. He or she may start losing interest in normal sexual intimacy with his or her partner. This can become the root of many complications in a relationship. All these behavioral changes associated with pornography addiction can affect your whole life.

All the above mentioned facts emphasize the importance of eliminating pornography from the society. Strong determination and the recognition of social norms combined with persistence are mandatory to eliminating pornography from any society to its fullest extent.

The Negative Side Effects of Porn Addiction

Gone are the days when pornography is considered taboo. Nowadays, pornography is a rampant addiction due to the availability of porn materials. However, studies have proven again and again that the pornography craze is promoting unfavorable effects in an individual as well as the society. A number of researches show that pornography increases the risk of sexual violence and even violence itself.

Women and children have been greatly exploited to create pornographic materials and this has degraded them. Pornography was also cited to destroy bonds and relationships within a family, and eventually in the community. Though actions have been made by lawmakers, this will not totally eradicate pornography, since technology is at its peak. The power to access any type of pornographic material is at the tip of your fingers.

Pornography has also shadowed the view of sexual intercourse. Before, sexual intercourse is a private and sacred act between a couple bound by holy matrimony. Now, sexual intercourse has just become a casual act. This is the reason why Christianity is strongly concerned about pornography and its debilitating effects. Another thing is that pornography is never productive. This activity would only tarnish the hearts and soul of the viewers. It destroys marriages and relationships, as well as your personal relationship with God. Pre-marital sex is also one of the worst effects of pornography. Yet, this act has been accepted by many communities, leaving the sacrament of Matrimony vague.

One should be able to overcome this addiction by appreciating the true beauty of Love and Sex. Teachings from the Church show the true essence of marriage. An excerpt from the bible tells us that we should live and multiply. Though several meanings are implied in this message, it clearly tells us to be holy and have sex on the right place and time. This is one effective way to combat pornography.