Ways to Stop Masturbation

There are two sides to the story and defense of masturbation. One is pro-masturbation while the other stands against it. But, none of the two allow you to masturbate frequently. As over-eating harms the body, over-masturbation has its negative effects on the body. So, if are a frequent masturbator, you must control it for your own sake.

Stopping or controlling frequent masturbation is not an easy task. Controlling it requires a lot of willing power, self control, and determination. People generally masturbate when they have nothing to do. So, the first step to controlling is to keep oneself busy. If you have free time, find a hobby, play a sport, go out with your friends more. You need to divert your mind from masturbating.

When you’re addicted, stopping cold turkey might be very difficult. Take baby steps, try reducing the amount of times you masturbate. If in the past you would do it 21 times a week, reduce it to half then gradually reduce it till it comes to a realistic number. It is easy to say or to plan things, but the hardest part is to implement plan even you have all the material you need to do so. Remove all porn which may raise your sexual desires. Try to mix with more people and socialize. It might be best if you find a partner whom you can share sexual relations with. Sometimes professional help also works. In a nutshell, simply try your best to stop masturbation today; and tomorrow will be a better day.

Masturbation Addiction Free: Making the Right Choice

Everything we do with our lives is from our own choices. Choosing to be pornography addiction free is one of these choices. As we all know, pornography is one of the most common vices and habits that both men and women certainly do. This is not only happening to adults but to young children as well. As many people engage themselves in pornography, many of them do not really know what this can do for them save for the temporary enjoyment they feel.

Pornography based on other people’s opinions can be just a form of relaxation and release of stress. However, pornography is a sin or immoral act itself. This might just be a normal thing for many people, but it can certainly be very addictive if not stopped. Pornography can lead to many bad things and as advocates of this, these negativities will actually happen in your life. When one engages in pornography, masturbation addiction always almost follows. This is certainly one of the basic things that people who engage in pornography do to please their sexual urges. They need an outlet where they can release their pent-up desires, thus the frequent masturbation. Another thing that pornography can influence is in engaging in casual sex. This can lead to a lot of complications physically and emotionally if not done in a safe way. Most of all, this can be a big factor for one who engages in frequent sex and neglects the existence of everything else for the sake of sex. In time, all of these complications can become worse and will lead to a person’s downfall.

A Simple Guide to Help Overcome Masturbation

There are many types of help guides available for people who have masturbation problems. There are a variety of websites that offer help as well as products that can help manage and resolve anyone’s masturbation problems. One of the most appreciated and recognized products today is the Overcome Pornography System. This program offers people who have masturbation problems both a relief and a solution. It involves various steps that benefit people who are willing to change or get rid of their urge to masturbate. Because turning your life around is difficult, you will certainly need all the help you can get to make the transition to a better life as stress-free and manageable as possible. This program offers just that. Once you start to use the program, it is highly recommended that you follow through with each step, until the very end. Pausing or stopping altogether might lead to grave consequences that may trigger your masturbation urges to return, meaning that you will have lost precious and valuable time. The Overcome Pornography System might just be our only ticket out to solving any masturbation and pornography problems we might have. People who have masturbation problems certainly need to stop immediately. While many people might say that masturbation can be good for us, a large majority of people say that it is very bad. We might be confused as to who to listen to but common sense allows us to know right from wrong.

The Hideous Side Effects of Masturbation

Masturbation, also known as self-sex and self-pleasuring, is an issue of every guy on this planet. The intense pleasure brought about by masturbation is the main reason that this becomes a compulsive activity. Many medical professionals state that masturbating a few times a week is harmless physically. But psychologically, frequent masturbation is considered as a psychological disorder. Avoidant syndrome is a type of psychological disease in which the patients start masturbating all the time.

Every time one masturbates, 140 million live cells of your body, called sperms, are lost from your body. There is common concept that masturbation helps in preventing prostate cancer. Well, the benefits associated with masturbation are not well accepted as a study carried out in 2008 showed that there is no role of masturbation in preventing prostrate cancer.

Coming to the adverse effects of frequent masturbation, the social and psychological side effects of masturbation are well searched. Different studies have shown that frequent masturbation is associated with decreased sperm count, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation disorder. All these physical problems make your sex life quite terrible. On the other hand, those who masturbate frequently, complain of dragging sensation in testes, early baldness and fatigue.

Masturbation in girls is not without its problems. Frequent clitoral manipulation results in decreased frequency of orgasms. This makes it difficult to get an orgasm during normal sexual intercourse. Those women who masturbate with different objects and toys are several times more likely to hurt themselves. Frequent use of sex toys cast some permanent damages to the female genitalia thus, hampering the adequate satisfaction from normal activities.

Concrete Steps to Stop Porn Addiction

Pornography works like a slow poison which you take every day, and you will not notice any negative effect immediately. After a certain period of time, though, you will eventually understand its effects. So, it is wise to avoid pornography.

First, you have to come up with strong reasons why you should avoid pornography. Are you wasting too much time on watching porn or is it hampering your family life? Are you becoming an antisocial because of pornography? Or are you engaging in odd sexual acts and activities to satisfy your porn addiction? Think of all the reasons why you’re watching porn.

After you’ve thought about those reasons, write it down on a piece of paper, and keep it in a place where you can always see it. If you’re not comfortable with that idea, you can post the paper in your computer monitor, or in places where you keep your porn collection. Every time you are tempted to view pornography on the Internet or browse through your porn collection, you will be reminded of your decision to stop your porn addiction.

Make a promise to yourself that you will not deviate from that decision. Do everything to keep that promise. Being a human being, you may sometimes make mistakes. However, this is not reason enough to lose hope. Instead, take that mistake as lesson learned and strengthen your resolve further. Whenever you are tempted to make another mistake, stand before a mirror. Think about your promise to yourself and why you need to avoid pornography. Through time you will eventually be free of your porn addiction.

Paving the Road to Curb Masturbation

Porn addiction is usually accompanied by masturbation addiction as the sexual energy generated through watching porn can be relieved by masturbation. Addictions come alive when a person feels the need to escape from uncomfortable feelings or painful memories of the past which seem to haunt him. These feelings can range from guilt, boredom, to stress. Many times, masturbation addicts shun themselves completely from intimate relationships because their addiction conflicts with a healthy loving relationship. They gain more satisfaction from their own domain of illusion.

If you are one of these masturbation addicts, your situation is not completely despairing if a correct approach is taken. In combination with sheer persistence, you will have a good chance of overcoming your addiction. The biggest hurdle which lies from grasping success is the fear of failure. If you want to accomplish anything in life, you have to learn to take the risk.

To further pave the way for recovery, seek professional guidance and join professional support groups. Then, you need to ban yourself from all kinds of pornographic materials and start spending less time locked up within the confines of your bedroom. Also, make a list of the negative consequences of your addiction. To complement this list, you can make another one that enumerates the positive effects that would be your award if you gave up on your addiction. Comparing the two lists would help you review the benefits you would reap once free from your vile habit.

Ethics and codes all stand against masturbation addiction and every society shuns addicts. The beautiful experience of love, happiness, and peace awaits those who overcome their masturbation addiction.

What Makes Men Become Addicted to Masturbation

Men are more prone to masturbation addiction than women because of their human nature. From the younger generation up to the older, all have had some experience with masturbation. Once you have experienced this branch of sexual stimulation, there will be times that your urges become more and more frequent. This in turn can lead to an addiction to masturbation that can bring you more disadvantages rather than benefits. Many men might not know the disadvantages of masturbation unless it is too late. They will discover these problems once these have already affected their daily lives as well as those of the people around them. In young adult men, masturbation can be just a source of relief or experimentation as they mature through life. Yet in the end, this can be a source of health problems as well as the cause of immoral acts at a young age. For older men, this can lead to adultery as well as unsafe sex with other women. With this, people who engage in this immoral act can acquire diseases that can certainly cause them a lot of health issues. Masturbation addiction can also destroy families, which can be a great burden to the children. Other obligations like work can also be in peril as men seem to be more preoccupied with sex rather than finding a way of living. These are just some of the difficulties and problems that might occur if you have a certain fondness for masturbating. It would be best if you stop immediately before you do more harm to yourself and to everyone around you.

The Effects of Porn Addiction

Porn addiction is something that has strong negative effects on almost every aspect of life. Expression of sex is one of the basic necessities of life that nature has introduced in all human beings. Porn addiction that is considered a deviation from the natural standards leads towards several social problems.

1. Disturbed family life: Disturbed family life is one of the top consequences of porn addiction. This does not only mean that there will be breaches between a wife and husband’s relationship but rather the integration of family including grand parents and grand children becomes disturbed. A porn addict usually does not have a satisfactory marital life and this eventually has negative effects on their children.

2. Acting out: A porn addict may act strangely and abnormally during sexual intercourse. This is why an increasing number of homosexuals and incidences of rape is considered as one of the consequences of porn addiction. Different studies have proved that porn addicts have an overly active sex centre in the brain that is responsible for abnormal behaviors. These grim consequences of porn addiction can literally ruin the lives of whole families as well as adversely affect the natural system of their social wellbeing.

3. Intensification: Like every other drug addiction, porn addiction is also associated with escalation or intensification. This is one of the ultimate consequences of porn addiction. Every habitual porn addict gradually moves from soft core porn to hardcore porn material after some time. They then eventually try to find the same thing in reality from strip clubs or prostitutes. Afterwards, they may bring their sexual deviances into the bed room with their sex partners. Incest is one of the gravest consequences of porn addiction as it is considered the ultimate of perversions.

Helpful Tips to Prevent Masturbation

When a building is on fire, people inside the building use the emergency exit to escape. Every modern building has an emergency exit to save lives. Similarly, when the wave of temptation to masturbate comes, you need to have an emergency exit to escape the act.

If you are a regular masturbator, it is natural that sometimes your body compels you to masturbate. This may happen for some reason. If you don’t have ejaculation for a week or so, it becomes a physical demand to ejaculate. As your body is habituated to masturbate, certainly it will remind you about it. You may watch any type of porn and sexual stirrings may eventually arise. Finding no other way, your body may need to masturbate to ejaculate.

It is tough for you to avoid masturbation in such cases. It is better to think about it before. Make love to your spouse regularly, so you won’t be tempted to masturbate. If you do not have any spouse, then you need to find a sex partner to avoid masturbation. However, it is always best to avoid watching sexually stimulating materials that could trigger your desire to masturbate.

Try to turn the flow of your thinking in a different way when you think you are going to masturbate again. Listen to songs, start reading a book, and think about a hobby or anything else which will make you forget about your dirty act. Having a hobby like gardening, fishing, playing, and hiking always keeps your mind and body busy. It is your duty to find an emergency exit if you really want to avoid masturbation. Before the incident recurs, be ready on an emergency exit now!

Prohibition of Pornography

Pornography, once a very discrete and tiny market, has grown into an enormous industry these days. Pornography is somehow a mainstream of entertainment to majority of adults and is now reaching even the youngsters. The media preferences of the people led to the growth of this billion dollar industry. Because of the partnership offered by technology, mass production of these erotic materials is now possible. The internet, cable TVs, and even the tiniest portable digital devices can be now a transit of these contents into any place around the globe.

Though many of us believe that technology is the main reason for these widespread activities, there are other contributors to the widespread effect of pornography. For one, our views in morality, respect, and even modesty helped mold our mentality towards porn addiction. In some communities, it has become accepted as conventional and normal.

Although, pornography hits the moral and social values of some religious and ethics group, debates are still ongoing towards the banning of these erotic obscenities. Pornography defenders always use the right of freedom for expression as a way to publicly display these obscenities.

There are some laws in the country that only ban certain types of pornography. Due to this, the question being faced by a lot of lawmakers is defining the obscenity in these materials. When can movies or pictures become obscene and considered pornographic? Take for example, magazines like Penthouse and Playboy. Some might say that these types of porn materials are not included in the obscene category. Though laws and regulations are currently evolving and regularly modified, we, non-lawmakers must be able to make a move against these issues.