Quit Masturbating in the Shower: Top Tips to Break the Habit

According to one survey around 93% of men and 89% of women masturbate on a regular basis. The washroom and the bedroom were nominated as the most common places where one is likely to masturbate. Washrooms ensure privacy while the bed is known for the comfort that it provides.

If you too are addicted to masturbation, you may have noticed that horny thoughts usually occupy your mind when you are in the washroom to take a shower. You have just undressed, you’re applying shower gel to your body when suddenly your hands reach for your genitalia and you automatically start longing for an orgasm. Once you have started stroking your genitals, then it becomes almost impossible to stop before an orgasm.

Here are some superb tips on how to quit masturbating while in the shower:

1. Try to take shower in extremes of temperature, that is, extremely hot or extremely cold. For example, if the temperature in your washroom is around 3 degree centigrade you will not like to stay naked for a longer period of time. This will reduce your showering time and you will be less likely to stay naked in the act of masturbation.

2. Reduce your average time in taking showers: There is no harm in setting a stop watch on. Research has shown that five to seven minutes is enough to take a quick shower. When you’re a masturbation addict, you are likely to masturbate if your showers take longer than 5 to 7 minutes.

3. Do not soap your genital organs right away because once you touch them, you’re quite likely to think about masturbation already. You should clean your entire body first and clean your genital organs when you’re nearly done with your shower.

4. Do not touch your genital organs: If you have to clean them, it’s better to clean them using some rough cloth whose excessive use will be uncomfortable for you.

Pornography Decades Ago

It’s funny how pornography evolved through time. Decades ago, videocassettes were the only devices that are capable of displaying pornographic videos and movies. These VCRs were just owned by the rich and high-ranking Communist Party bureaucrats, Foreign Ministry officials and a handful of rank and file with connections in household electronics dealerships in the Soviet Union of the mid-1980s. This means to say that the elite in the society were the only few who have the privilege for this act of viewing pornography. It somehow became an idea that once one owns a VCR they are watching porn.

These days, pornography has been widespread and became an endemic whatever country you are located in the globe. It is obvious that once watches porn to gain pleasure for one’s self, the succeeding or simultaneous action would be doing masturbation or ejaculation. Though majority of porn viewers are doing these acts, a few only admit this type of doing.

In older times, people are trying hard to scare porn addicts doing masturbation with stories that would tell the danger of doing masturbation. They say once an individual does masturbation, hair will be growing in their hands. Nowadays, these stories are not necessary because researches and studies have proclaimed the bad effects and outcomes of doing these erotic dirty acts frequently.

Overcoming pornography and masturbation is not an easy job. This process has been undergone by many individuals ahead of us and some of them failed. Focus and motivation are the keys towards grabbing your goals. It is like going to the gym; if you have a strong motivation to become slim then the succeeding acts would be less difficult.

The Rewards of Overcoming Porn Addiction

There are always numerous problems and risks that we can get because of pornography addiction. In time, this can ruin our lives and those of the people who are dear to us. It affects us physically and mentally to the extent that we cannot function and live a normal, happy life.

A life free from pornography addiction certainly is much better than a life with it. There are many rewards for people who become freed from the bondage of pornography addiction. These rewards will be a great reason for someone who is suffering from porn addiction to change his life. With a life free of porn addiction, you will be able to enjoy these rewards to its fullest. Among the many rewards a person free from pornography can achieve is inner peace. With this, he or she can feel safe and relaxed without worrying about the problems that pornography can bring. Another reward would be to feel the love and happiness of life with family and friends. This is a life you cannot attain while under the influence of pornography as your time is only meant to satisfy your lust for pornography. Another great reward would be to build stronger relationships at work, in your own home, as well as with other people around you.

Nothing can ever compare to the happiness and love you can feel when you are free of your problems and sin. Most of all, we can surely have a brighter future that we can all be proud of. Be free from pornography now and reap the rewards of life that you truly deserve.

The Lucrative Porn Business

In this modern age, porn has become a great business source. It poses little risk but high profit. At a short span of time, a lot of people have been attracted to put up this business because of its profitability.

The porn industry is highly profitable. In a 2006 statistics, a staggering $3,075.64 per second was being spent on porn. In that year, about $100 billion was spent in the whole world only for this purpose. The statistics only proved that even way back in the mid-2000s, the porn industry has already been gaining momentum. Every second, 28,258 internet users were watching porn in different sites, 372 internet users were looking for adult contents in web search engine and 25% of total search engine requests are about porn. As time goes by and with information technology becoming more advanced, the success of the porn business has even become more favorable.

People of all ages, classes, places are the targeted market of porn. Although porn is not as popular as in other countries, there is still no avoiding its far-reaching influence. When a man engages in pornography, he is alienated from the society he belongs, from the family he loves, or even sometimes, from himself. He loses his self-worth and becomes a burden to the people around him.

Moral degradation has gone to such a state that porn watching is not thought as a wrong act. Sex has become the center of everyone’s thinking. With pornography, a woman is regarded more and more as a sex instrument, instead of being loved and treated with respect. All these reasons make porn so much overwhelming than ever before.

Engaging in Arts and Crafts: Effective Diversion Against Porn Addiction

Many people who are addicted to porn would assent to the fact that they are leading miserable lives and happiness and contentment seem to evade them. Leading an unhealthy and immoral lifestyle, which opposes all the natural laws of uprightness and ethics, would indeed make anyone foreign to pleasure and gratification that healthy relationships and good habits bring.

To come out of the hole of blackness and gloom, it is vital that you give up porn addiction. It is not only a waste of time, but it also severs relationships. Employing yourself in something better would provide you inner peace and you will be in perfect accord with your emotions. Soon, you will be able to learn to spend your life in a respectable and confident way.

One of the most novel ideas that can help you recover from your addiction is through arts and craft. You can try your hand at painting, drawing or any form of art. It is proven to be a curative pastime, and it enriches the body and purges the mind from the contamination brought on by addiction. If you think that drawing or sketching is not your style then you can opt for another hobby.

Addiction has a way to quell everything noble within you. To subdue your porn addiction, you need to tap your hidden talents and develop it. Diverting your attention from pornography through various activities is one of the best weapons to ascend over your addiction.

Tips to Prevent Pornography Addiction

Research has proven that masturbating or pornography addiction is as powerful as cocaine addiction. Breaking free of this habit is a very challenging job. Masturbating is even condemned by most religions including Islam, the Catholic Church, and the Mormon Church. The masturbation addict needs to focus and acknowledge on the topmost issue: why does the need to masturbate arise? Is it pressure from peers, work tension, stress from another relationship, etc.? Once the cause of addiction is identified, the addict needs to concentrate on constraining the causes of masturbation.

A few tips useful to stop masturbating pornography addiction:

How to Put an End to Masturbation

Masturbation is considered a healthy sexual experience when done in moderation. However, masturbating repeatedly is a very unusual behavior. Once it is abused, then it certainly becomes a serious health risk. This is the time when many people want to know how to stop masturbating or control their masturbating addiction. It should not lead to problems as well as develop to an addiction. However, we are just humans. We sometimes give in to our habits that have proven to be a bad thing to do. It does not only take control of our lives but it also gives us problems mentally and physically.

Stopping masturbation and our sexual urges can be quite hard because of the pleasure it gives us. Nonetheless, if we want to live a healthy life away from problems and difficulties then it is certainly the right time to start. There are several ways to combat this addiction. The very first step to do would be to free yourself from the influence of pornography. Reject any thought of sex and other bad thoughts that lead to masturbation. Live a life with good health. A person who is healthy and fit will have the right state of mind to go on with his or her life. This can also lessen the depression and influence of sex. Exercise is also one great way to combat repeated masturbations. Most of all, seek counseling or advice from the people you trust. Opening yourself to others is one great way to get help overcome your masturbation habits. Sharing your problems with someone close to you will give you the motivation and strength to make yourself free from this addiction.

Burning Pornography Addiction

Don’t you know that masturbation is one way of burning calories? Therefore, it can be used as a way to work out and burn your fats. The problem is that you can’t just masturbate anytime you want to unlike normal exercise. You can’t masturbate in the park like the way you can jog anytime you wish. You can’t masturbate along with a group of descent people like the way you could do aerobics classes in the gym with your friends. For those who have been hooked to masturbating and those who already got the hang of it, all you need is something else to keep you busy.

There are a lot of obese men and women these days that relieve their sexual needs through masturbating in their homes and in the refuge of their room. They begin to feel a lot better after doing it successfully. However, at the end of the day, they actually just make things worse for them. They may have satisfied themselves for a couple of minutes or hours and burned a couple of calories from masturbating, but they have not burned the real problem in them.

These people who rely on the goodness and health benefits that masturbation brings them are those that are ignorant with what real health means. Good health is not just about feeling good for a couple of hours or being able to burn a couple of calories with burning their psychological attribute along with the act. They need to realize that porn and pornographic acts such as masturbation will never be a replacement for exercise. If you wish to burn more than just the fats you have in your body and the times of boredom and solitude, then burn the porn in you. You can start going out and living life like how it’s supposed to be just how others did, could, and will. There’s more to life than just the satisfaction of porn.

Secrets on How to Stop Masturbating

Masturbating is one of the most common immoral acts a person can do. A person who does masturbation is a person suffering from pornography addiction as well. This can prove to be a great problem in the later part of their life in which they can acquire certain complications physically as well as mentally.

There are many ways on how to stop masturbating. The only question is that are you really going to give up this vice and change your life for the better. Among the wonderful secret to stop masturbating is informing yourself about what masturbation is and what effects it can bring. This will give you a very wide perspective on what masturbation really is and what it can do to you. As what many people say, information is the key to success. Thus, this will be your key to stop masturbating and be free from pornography. Another secret tip would be to embrace and accept what you truly are. This will give you the courage to let go of the things you do not need like pornography and masturbation. Opening up to your family can also give you the will power to move on and change your life for the better. In the process, they might also give you the motivation and love you need to resolve your masturbation problems.

Aside from your determination and the support of your family, you can also use a program to help you on your transition. One of the best and highly sought after programs on stopping masturbation and pornography is the Overcome Pornography System. This system will be your lifeline and new best friend as you try to become free from your masturbation addiction.

What Motivates Masturbation

The act of masturbation has been controversial especially in religious sectors of every country in this planet. As long as it involves any act that will lead into wasting a life, you can bet on the fact that religious sectors will be there to oppose it. But for some out there in the shadows, they may easily say that masturbation should not be condemned. But do you know that for some, masturbation is a means of relief? Masturbation becomes the source of refuge especially after a painful event in life. Others even rely on masturbation to keep them at their best each day. You may find this weird but it actually has a scientific explanation.

When one masturbates, the physiologic processes that occur in one’s body lead to the release of endorphins. Endorphins are known to be the happy hormones of the body. They also act as natural pain killers. You can compare this event when you hear music playing, eat a piece of chocolate, or watch your favorite movie. These endorphins also act as energy boosters. Do you ever remember the last time that your boss told you that you got a promotion or a raise? Hearing good news triggers the release of endorphins in our body. Just like masturbation, once you have endorphins released, you feel engaged to do more things or perform more. However, unlike the other things we mentioned, masturbation takes out a lot of energy from our bodies as well.

You can’t rely on masturbation to give you the drive you need at a constant pattern. You may be temporarily happy, but you will certainly end up dried out. There are certainly other things in life where we can find the best sources of motivation. You may not know it but they are already around you-your friends and family.