Masturbation in Children

Masturbation is a natural process which all human being happens to experience. Generally, a person undergoes his first sexual experience by means of masturbation. Most often it happens in childhood.

Childhood is a time when an adolescent is curious to know everything in the world.

The Damaging Effect of Masturbation

This is the story of Theodore. Masturbation has ruined his life and his academic goals. It has become a great problem to him. He has wasted about 9 to 10 months of his academic session because he has not been able to cover a single topic.

When he masturbates, he finds himself so weak to read, and even if he tries, he seems not to understand a single word he reads. He always undergoes through some mental problem. He starts to find himself alone in the world, though some days ago he has a lot of friends. His friends are still there, but it is he who distances himself from them, wanting to be alone most of the time. One of the most debilitating effects of masturbation is his hatred for girls and any kind of conjugal relationship. Plus, it has introduced some unexpected behavioral changes and disturbing habits into his life. Life is not fun for him as it used to be!

He started this in 2007. For some time, it has blinded him from reality. But now he wants to end the habit and dreams of a decent life. His professional exams will start soon. He always wants to be the best, but masturbation won’t let him do that before. Now, he has regained his sense of self-worth and removed his hatred for girls. He is now dreaming of having a happy married life. He often asks himself “What will I teach my children when I get married? What will I tell my wife?” He has realized that it is not wise to live an imaginary life. The future is more important now, and he does not want to allow masturbating to take his beautiful future from him.

Pornography: One of the Bestselling Products in the Market

It’s pretty crazy what you can do nowadays. Almost literally, you can have whatever it is that you want! Especially in the feel-good business, every marketable commodity is either already hot on the streets or will be hot on the streets. One feel-good thing people indulge in is, yes you guessed it, the sex industry. But since actual sex is either close to impossible or simply one thing you shy away from, you get your daily dose from another source. The source being talked about it here is nothing else but pornography. There is always a way to get what you want, even as a compromise. In the business of sex, pornography is the both the compromise and the product. Since you’re reading this, you must be neck deep in the lures of online pornography.

The reason porn is tempting is obvious to everyone. Sex sells! Marketing departments of all companies know this. Since pornography and masturbation are already causing problems for you, what you need to do is cut all ties from this culture of locking yourself in a room with hours to kill. Think of the many reasons why you should stop what you are doing right now. Not only are you doing things you know you will regret if people find out, you are wasting your hard-earned cash to immoral and unethical companies! These people know you will throw away your money to get a fix.

Sorry to make it sound like this is some kind of drug addiction, however, you can actually really call it that. Chemicals in the brain and other technical stuff you are you not interested in basically tell you that what you enjoy while masturbating is the same stuff drugs do to your brain, though definitely in a safe and natural way. Sometimes you get so hard-wired to pornography that it becomes a normal part of your day-just something you have to do. Do remember the many factors that make your chronic masturbating a problem and a habit you would rather not have. Hopefully, you will quit it soon for the benefit of others around you and, most of all, yourself.

Strategies that Keep you Away from Masturbation

Scores of upholding, civilized and urbane men gracious to society and diffusing an aura of sophistication are actually masters of deception. Their polished surface is only a veneer hiding their true vices. They are deeply involved in the vile addiction of masturbation and pornography, and their lives are hell holes of misery and doom. They have nothing to live for and are hopelessly entangled in their warped imagination of true feelings of gratification and happiness. They become slaves to masturbation addiction, gradually losing control of their lives and unable to appreciate the true essence of their existence.

If you want to get rid of your addiction, here are some of the strategies you can apply:

– Since it is not so straightforward a task, it is recommended that you commence your daily progress on a calendar. Mark the day you fall into the pit of immorality and make sure that it appears less every month. Doing this will remind you of your mistake and it will trigger your determination, and make you more keen in your strive to keep your calendar free of black spots in the future.

– When you fall prey to temptation, take a shower and wear new clothes to achieve the feeling of purging yourself free from contamination. Your mind will be able to conjure up a tainted and polluted depiction of masturbation and will then conceive of ways to eliminate the addiction altogether.

Your new day is spotless. You can choose to keep it that way by taking advantage of other opportunities coming your way.

How to Quit Masturbation

Masturbation is a type of sexual activity that is most likely to be associated with a void in your life. If you have plenty of free time or you stay alone for a longer part of the day, you are more likely to get engaged into this type of activity. If you want to learn how to quit masturbation, then this is the best place to learn how to start. Try to engage yourself in several healthy activities so that you will not have enough time to watch porn or masturbate at the end of the day.

Quitting masturbation will need a combination of refocusing on the preaching of your religion and plenty of social discipline. Religious education can cast long lasting effects on one’s mentality and can be of great help in motivating a person to quit masturbating. Moreover, religious teachings can act as a guiding light that can eventually make you free of porn addiction.

Social values are the second pillar of motivation against masturbation. Nobody expects someone to be addicted to pornography. Imagine if one of your family members comes to know that you masturbate on regular basis. This situation can be really embarrassing and it will make it quite difficult for you to face people around you. Masturbation is not acceptable both socially and religiously. So, it is better to get rid of masturbation addiction as soon as possible.

Quitting masturbation is not something that will come easily. Treating any type of addiction, especially those related to sex and drugs, is very difficult. You will need plenty of discipline and hard work if you really want to get rid of masturbation addiction.

Pornography Addiction and the Increase in Sexual Offenses

Pornography addiction and sexual crimes are correlated. People who are addicted to pornography continually demand more and more violent and obscene pictures and images. Their brain can no longer be satisfied with normal sex with a partner/spouse. Their demands for the grotesque heighten to the limits that cross all normal sexual activities. Their love for violence depicted in such pornographic scenes creates a poisonous impact on their personality, and this eventually, gives rise to prevalent sexual crimes such as rape, exhibitionism, voyeurism, child pornography and child molestation.

Pornography opens all doors to immoral beliefs, sexual fantasies, and hard-core sexuality. Addicts who watch child pornography visit chat rooms and social networking sites, targeting young children to become their next victim. They abuse children by showing them sexually explicit photos and arousing their sexual curiosity. This induces young children to act out the images they have been shown.

Pornography addicts tend to have illicit relationships with prostitutes and anonymous sex partners. This can increase the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. Porn addicts are very difficult to please during normal sex as they can no longer enjoy the natural progression of healthy sex. Instead, they deflect towards the rougher and violent techniques and openly commit rape to fulfill their cravings. Rape victims who are badly abused and mutilated have often been raped by psycho porn addicts. They believe that sexually violent behavior is all a part of normal human behavior. They cease to realize their erroneous conduct as their brain has been exposed to brutal sexuality for a long period of time.

Pornography addiction is the root of all sexual crimes and public offenses. People like to imitate what they see and this poses a threat to innocent people around them.