Redefining Your Habits to Avoid Masturbation

There are millions of men out there who are battling with masturbation addiction and are confused by the overabundance of support materials and solutions that all seem to point towards different ways out of their predicament. The real secret in overcoming masturbation addiction lies towards persevering with the right attitude. Instead of losing hope and giving in to temptation every time you fall, you need to dust yourself up and take a firmer stand to be able to grasp success. Many people have achieved triumph and if they can, so can you!

Foremost, you need to identify the reason why you masturbate because for many people, it is an escapade from boredom, misery, loneliness, or even from pains of past experiences. Once you come to the real reason for adopting this vile habit, you can initiate with dealing these situations or raw emotions. Our feelings are the outcome of our own thoughts. It is actually our mind that determines our positive or negative sensations. To transform negative behavior into an optimistic and positive one, you need to change your focus. If masturbation is the result of loneliness or boredom, then make a choice not to get bored anymore. You can travel to visit famous landmarks of your own city or if you are not interested in travelling, you can take up reading or even writing books to prompt your creativity and genius into action. Learning by trial and error as to what works best for you and persevering with determination is the name of the game.

How To Stop Masturbating Efficiently

One of the many vices of men today is masturbation. This is one big problem that many people also need to stop but do not know how to do. This may cause a lot of problems if not solved immediately. Before you start the process of eliminating your masturbation vice, one must first learn what it is and what it can do to you. This will help you weigh the pros and cons of masturbation as a whole. The internet is one of the best places to learn about masturbation. Here you can see the advantages and disadvantages it gives to a person. Informing yourself on the matter maybe one of the best things you can do for yourself. After you have learned an adequate amount of information about masturbating, then you might want to change your daily habits. Having masturbating as a vice can cause a lot of problems to you physically and well as mentally that is why it should be resolved quickly. You might want to make yourself preoccupied with your daily chores and work to stop thinking about sex all the time. If ever you might be tempted again, then you should have the will power to reject any temptation that might arise. This will be a great test if you can help yourself stop masturbating. Having a great inspiration and source of motivation is also helpful. Family members and the circle of friends can also give you the urge to stop this vice of yours. This could be a great self-esteem booster and can make you conquer any obstacle you face. Lastly, you might want to seek God’s blessings. Praying to God for help is one of the greatest things you can also do. With his guidance and praise, you will certainly achieve and reach your goal of stopping your masturbating problems.

True Account of a Masturbation Addict

Masturbation is a heinous habit of man. Before, I used to masturbate once or twice a day. So I know well how a masturbator feels and how much injurious it can be to a person.

Masturbation took away a lot of energy from me, energy that I could have spent on achieving goals in my life. It made me feel tired, depressed and corroded thinking, leaving myself feeling and acting like a social loser. I was constantly unhappy, aggressive and being unfair to myself and other people around me. I got married thinking that it would help me be free from masturbation, but it went really sour in a few years, though I had not done anything majorly wrong. I realized that masturbation has been the key to many of my failures.

Then I started to fight masturbation and get back my life before the addiction. After some trying, I succeeded in staying away from it for 3 days. You cannot imagine how a great achievement that was to me. It made me feel energized all over, I actually felt happy as though I was getting the right chemistry going, and my mind felt refreshed and reborn. This event worked like a milestone for me, and from then, I slowly achieved success in avoiding masturbation. I have not been totally free of the addiction, though, but I am taking it one day at a time. I re-established my relationship with my wife. She has helped me a lot in gaining freedom from masturbation. I have a long way to go, but I can already see the difference. I hope in the near future I will not masturbate again.

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