Easy to Follow Steps to Curb Masturbation Addiction

If you have read numerous articles and books on quitting masturbation and still getting rid of it seems likes a nightmare, then you need to do something special to make sure that masturbation will no longer be a part of your life. Most of the content on masturbation addiction deals with lame thoughts like: Stop masturbation because it is a sin or it will result in blindness or something. Well, you are living in the 21st century and everyone knows that masturbating 4-5 times a week may not bring any harm to your body. To stop masturbation addiction you need some motivation that is based on some real facts.

Here are the top 5 ways to stop masturbation addiction.

1. Start with baby steps: You cannot expect that your life will be free of masturbation in a week. You need to start with a realistic objective. First, try to quit masturbating for a week, then for ten days, then twenty, and so on.

2. Learn about the negative aspects of masturbation: Guilt and embarrassment are frequently involved in masturbation. Other real things include chances of cardiovascular problems, fatigue, sleepiness, and of course, waste of time.

3. Link masturbation with something clumsy. When you feel like masturbating, think about an old ugly person lying naked before you instead of nude sexy women. This way you will start to develop an aversion for masturbation.

4. Make it difficult to masturbate. Get rid of all your porn materials and your lubricating lotions. Even taking out the basket of dirty clothes will help you think twice before masturbating. As this will require some extra effort on your part, you will likely decrease the frequency of masturbation.

Advantages of Stopping Masturbation

Almost all religions that are currently being practiced all over the world condemn viewing pornography and declare masturbation an immoral act. This could be a motivator for certain people to quit masturbating but a big part of the population is still involved in masturbating frequently. Stopping masturbation is not without certain advantages. On the quest for stopping masturbation, you will come across all these advantages one by one that will make you pleased with your decision of quitting masturbation.

1. Stopping masturbation gives you more energy. Masturbation is directly associated with the body’s energy level. Just imagine that semen, which is produced by your body, is lost every time you masturbate. Every time a person orgasms, hormones are also in play in the brain which cause people to feel sleepy. Moreover, the act of masturbation itself demands plenty of energy thus it ultimately makes you feel lethargic and tired.

2. Stopping masturbation makes you more focused in your daily deeds. If you procrastinate and set aside important projects and wash your hands off of your family duties, your masturbation habit may be the cause for it. After stopping masturbation you may realize that you have developed more interest in family matters.

3. Better Sex life: No matter whether you are living with your spouse, your girlfriend or you are single, stopping masturbation will have positive effects on your sex life. You will find that your partner will be more interested in you. It’s as if girls can sniff out habitual masturbators. On the other hand, your taste for the opposite gender may also improve and you will start enjoying your sex life more.

The Connection Concerning Masturbation Addiction and Self-love

Masturbation addiction is sometimes called the self-love addiction. This addiction can be done by a person to get relief from some stress or anything that bothers him or her. This is why masturbation is linked to being a lonely act for a person to do. Masturbation is an act of pleasuring one’s self up to the point of an orgasm.

There are many things that can get people horny and sexually active. Some of these things can be through the influence of pornographic materials and even seeing a beautiful person naked or not. This can make a big difference once a person gets going and frequently does this masturbation act. After having an addiction like this, it can be very easy to please one’s self more often.

However, there might come a point in time when masturbating might not be pleasing anymore. It can become a huge problem, which can turn someone into a sexual predator. This will make a person lose control of his or her sexual urges and will certainly lay his or her life on the line just to release the sexual urge with the victim. After this has happened, your life will certainly change for the worse, bringing you more problems. Your own self-respect and pity will not matter as your only focus now is satisfying yourself in achieving your masturbation needs. Loving yourself more and ignoring the people around you will be one of the things that your masturbation addiction will surely bring. These are just some of the connections that masturbation addiction has with one’s self-love. Loving ourselves and disregarding others is just a silly thing to do.

Ways to Curb Your Masturbation Habits

Every masturbation addict always thinks about quitting masturbation at least once every month. The thing that matters is just how seriously you think about getting rid of masturbation addiction. Just like many serious addictions, getting rid of masturbation may require some professional help. This help can be in any form varying from a tip from a friend or a 24/7 rehabilitation program at a sexual training centre. If you consider yourself as one of the many mediocre masturbation addicts then you only need some professional tips that can help you out in getting rid of masturbation. Some of these excellent tips are listed below:

1. Delete all pornographic material from your personal computer: Porn is the major trigger that causes people to engage in masturbation. If you are serious about getting rid of masturbation habits, first get rid of all your porn.

2. Block all pornographic website through surveillance software: By all means stop yourself from watching any sexual material either online or offline.

3. Get rid of all lotions, lubricants, or other paraphernalia you can potentially masturbate with. If these things are not easily accessible, you might consider changing your plan to masturbate just because it will require extra effort like a trip to market to do so.

4. Sleep early: Most of those who masturbate, masturbate at night. Moreover, the number of people watching porn at night is much higher than during earlier hours. So, if you want to get rid of masturbation, you may want to go to bed as early as possible.

5. Work out when required: Whenever you feel sexually aroused and tempted to masturbate, it is advisable to start doing some rigorous activity like push-ups or sit-ups. At first, it may appear a little awkward but it actually is a very effective method of controlling your arousal and distracting you from the act of masturbation. It also tires you out so you won’t feel the need to masturbate as much. Why not try this tactic and turn your sexual frustration into a built body and healthier lifestyle?

A Simple, Surefire Guide to Stop Masturbation

If you are having problems on how to stop masturbating, then you might want to know what simple things you can do to get rid of this immoral act. Stopping something that has been a part of your life for a very long time is very difficult. Like breathing, stopping masturbation can be the cause of certain death to a lot of people. This can really take its toll on a lot of people in which some cases lead to severe depression and alienation. There are many effective ways to stop masturbating. There are various programs like the Overcome Pornography System which helps a lot of people overcome their sexual urges and desires. Using this program will certainly benefit you in a lot of ways. You will become more informed about the things masturbating gives you and what it can do to yourself. Most of all, with this program in hand you can be free from masturbation and live a more positive life as well. Some of the basic steps a person can do in order to stop masturbating is to free yourself from temptation. Avoid watching pornographic materials that can give you the urge to masturbate as well. Getting professional help as well as guidance from your loved ones can certainly be one good option as well. This will give you the right motivation as well as inspiration that can make you free from your hidden sexual desires . In time, this can bring you absolute freedom and more wonderful opportunities that can change your life for the best.