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If your credit is less than perfect, you need to be aware that there are legal and ethical ways to repair your credit and raise your credit score.

Having a good credit rating is necessary for many of life’s situations. If you do not have a good credit score, you could face difficulty insuring a car, obtaining a home mortgage, renting an apartment, getting utilities, and even getting a new job. Today, a good credit score is more important than ever before. Many find they cannot obtain or maintain a government security clearance without a good credit history.

A lot of people have interpreted Dave Ramsey, when he states that he does not have a FICO score, to mean that your FICO score doesn’t matter – because it is just an indicator of how you interact with debt. This does not change the fact that your credit score will be checked for mundane purposes, like turning on a cellphone or opening a checking account. Once you finish all of the baby steps in Financial Peace University and you are building wealth, you can get by without a FICO score. You can put a deposit down for your cellphone plan or your utilities without a problem.

Operation Care is different from the big “box store” credit repair companies and certainly different from the fly-by-night credit repair websites; we are owned by a group of Dave Ramsey trained Financial Coaches and Counselors. We don’t just fix your credit report and raise your credit score – we walk with you through the process of building a cash flow plan, paying off debt using the Debt Snowball method, and building wealth.

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