We Explain the Options and Give You Hope

If you feel like you’re drowning in debt, there are solutions for you. There is hope for you to pay off your debts and get your life back.

My wife and I found $2400 a month we were blowing. Once we saw it on paper our solution was obvious.

William G.
Suffolk, VA

Dr. Blakeslee saved my marriage. We thought our marriage was over. All we did together was fight – about money. By the time we finished [coaching] we realized we were eating out $400 a month, wasting $250 a month on insurance we didn’t need and just blowing through money on credit card interest.

Philip B.
Chesapeake, VA

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  • Reduce your total payments by 50% or more
  • Pay bills according to a plan that eliminates debt
  • Save thousands in interest, fees and penalties
  • Get out of debt faster than you might think
  • Start sleeping better at night
  • Stop worrying about calls from debt collectors
  • Start living a normal life again